Toy soliders

I recently purchased a getting started set of millatrum temputus as I always wanted to paint up some of these shock troops. 

But I also wanted to add to my skitarii troops so I needed a theme/reason for why these scions would be allied to my ad mech force. I had seen a few people who have swapped the heads for vanguard heads and that look really effective.  I hit upon the idea of ‘indentured scions’


The forgeworld of Gantz, home to legio preasagius,  the true messengers,  is a wealthy world. Strongly aligned to Mars,  following the red planets support in rebuilding the titan legion. As well as the ruling techpreists the planet is home to a large and wealthy merchant class. While not members of the priesthood,  they are still loyal to the arch magos.  Part of this loyalty is to provide a number of troops per merchant family.  These troops come in 2 forms, the family chattels (worker) (allowing me to add astra militarum troops in the future)  and the 2nd born sons (scions) To serve the magos in this way is a great honour and in return, the family get access to better contracts. The 1st born inherit the family title. 

As the sons of rich families,  they get acess to better weapons,  armour and training.  Some of these scions are rewarded with bionics, a mark of honor on a forge world.  Leading them is a techpreist known as the master of men (count as a commissar, converted from a techpreist enginseer).

They are deployedare deployed to support the skittarii in battle, but take on a more independent role. They often provide theit own transport, filling a gap the skitarii lines with fast advancing troops. 


To convert these scions I needed to make them less stormtroopers and more skitarii.  The head swap was easy, but I wanted more. 

I have converted the back packs to add the top of the skitarii backpacks.  This added the aerials but also removed the blanket rolls. I also added the gieger counters from the skitarii back packs. A useful tool when deploying with vanguard! 

For the sgt and the melta guns I removed the bottom of the back pack aswell. I didn’t need the power pack of the hellguns and this gave me space for the rad cleansers from the skitarii.  I also added spare mech arms to these troops to signify importance. 

As these are not imperial troops, I have removed the aqulia from the guns as well. 


For the painting I have a dilemma.  As they are not ad mech, should they wear the red of Mars?  This gives the option painting  proper allies, different from the main army. As the are from Gantz,I can keep a lot of the colours,  especially the gold, but allows me to introduce new colours. 

In game 

I plan to use these as objective grabbers. The taurox will be armed to kill troops, with the taurox assault cannon and the volley guns. The troops have 2 melta guns for anti armour if needed. The ideas is to race across the board, something the skitarii struggle with, to take objectives. They will decamp from the transport and then camp on an objective  for as long as they live. This is giving the skitarii time to foot slog in support. They cost around 300pts and I will be using the millatrum temputus codex,  treating them as allies.

But wait, you used a whole box of skitarii just for back packs?  

With imminent release of the skitarii forgeworld kits I have saved the rest of the skitarii box set ready for these. Both the new sets have their own back pack, so using them for the scions is not a problem. 


The rise of albion- a 40k campaign

Me and a good friend, Lee have talked about a campaign for ages and we are finally getting around to it. Fought between his imperial guard and my skitarii force, our aim is for 6 games culminating at a 10k game at warhammer world. 

Game 1 is a small 500pts game, then each game escalates.  The winner of each came can stipulate the following game. It’s collaborative process with the game more important than the winner.

The plot of our story is a simple one. The once prosperous agricultural world of albion has hit hard times. A calamity damaged a lot of the farm land making it inhospitable.  The ‘dead zone’ has something living in it. The once loyal guard regiment has found a new ally to help the world survive.

Who are they? Did they cause the calamity? Why is the inquisition suddenly intersted? 

Also on the planet is a small number of skitarii who are protecting the admech priests that tend the massive farm machinery.  Who side are they on and will there links to the Ultramarines be needed?

So that is our campaign.  We both have busy lives, so the games will be spaced out. I am growing my army over the year and lee is working on his new ‘allies’

As we progress I am adding new scenary to my collection as well. I have a pump station, church,  macro cannon and sector imparilis to paint up. Each battle will be closer (and more built up) as the fighting gets close to cities.

I’ll be blogging on each game with Lee and I adding background to the armies and planet as we go.

Till then watch the dead zones, something is lurking. 

The rise of albion game 1

The flyer tried to Jinx, but the autocannons raked across its hull. The small craft shuddered with the impact and small fires broke out where the heavy shells punched through.

The young courier clutched the data bundle.  The wax seal on the dark red canister was stamped with the symbol of the inquisition and holy oils had anointed the canister.  Their aromatic scent being over powered by the smell of burning wiring.  As acrid smoke filled the hold, the courier realised the danger and activated the emergency transistor on the base of the canister.

“Brace, brace, brace” the pilot shouted over the intercom. As he prepared for the shock of an impact, the back of the craft exploded and the lander shock to the left. The nose started drop and the engine started to strain.  The craft was losing altitude, heamorging smoke.

The impact shuck the courier in his harness, debris flying around the cramped cabin space. It was only a matter of time till something hit him ending his short life. The craft started to disinteregrate and on landing it shattered into shrapnel.

The courier was thrown from the craft, his life ended as his body hit the rocky ground. Still clutched in his hand was the data cylinder, his last act was to clamp his bionic arm around the it. Securing it with his dying breath.

Across the valley the skitarii of Gantz 31-23-alpha monitored the impact. With the efficiency of a well oiled cog the recovery team was dispatched and the investigation as the weapons used to down the craft began. Those responsible would want to recover evidence to, so the recovery team went armed for war.

To the west the patrol of 1st Albion regiment. Orders had been received. The data held in the craft must be recovered.

Game 1-intercept the courier.


Game 1 is a 500pts skirmish. The crashed lander has essential data that the albion 1st wanted. A small skitarii force, was in the area and saw the crash. They were despatched to investigate.

The mission played was relic over a 6×4 board. The relic was a data cylinder that contained the secrets of albion, discovered by a covert inquisition team. The guard of the 1st Albion regiment wanted it back, the skitarii having no idea what it contains wanted the knowledge. To add to the game, Lee had written the text of the message but I could not see it till I captured it with my skitarii.

Our plan for the game was to keep the armies a patrol forces not full combat units. So we keep them troop heavy with only light vehicles.

1st Albion. (Lee-imperial guard)

Lees list was a veteran heavy army 2 squads of vets supported by a command squad in a chimera. Supporting this was full squad of sentinel (Armoured) the force was an independent force self sustainable and ready to go to any fight. For his warlord, Lee got preferred enemy:skitarii for the warlord and his unit.

Skitarii (paul)

My army was a simple army to choose I only had a small force painted. So I took most of it! This was 2 vanguard units (10 with 3 arc and warlord and 7 with 2 plasma),10 rangers in 1 squad with 3 aquabus and the dragoon.

The skitarii got to deploy first, but with small armies, grand tactical plans aren’t really on the cards! I deoyed each unit in a long front with the central position taken up by the warlord. The dragoon was on the left flank.

The guard again held nothing back. They matched the skitarii deployment with the warlords facing each other. The most important deployment was in the left. 10 vets with an auto cannon set up in the woods just off center and took up a good defensive position to their left was the sentinel squad.

Lee was about to seize the initiative when he discovered that all skitarii have scout! The army surged forward in a hurry to take the relic. Rolling to seize the initiative, Lee failed the skitarii would start the campaign with the first shots!

Turn 1
This was my 1st ever use of this army and mistakes are bound to be made. We joked abut having a whole army with new model luck, but I think it worked in my favor.


The army surged forward in to weapons range and speed of the Martian troops took lee by suprise. Off to the left the rangers fired 1st killing a few vets in the trees. They went to Ground and mist were saved. In the centre the arc guns of the vanguard were in range of the chimera. Rolling 3 hits the tanks was in danger, but the 3 6’s on the heywire rolls was really unexpected. With arc of lightning flying from the hull, the machine died. 1st blood to the skittarii!

Wish confidence I boasted about the massive charge range of the dragoon and how lethal it was in combat. Firing the snap shots from a missile launcher, Las cannon and autocannon the dragoon dodged the incoming fire, but miss timed it’s charge. Failing to make the 7″ charge.

*since the game I have learnt that you can’t charge from scouting. As the charge had no impact on the game this didn’t matter to much.

In reply the comand squad advanced with 3 flamer weapons towards the vanguard. The other units took aim at the nearest units and let rip.

They killed 6 skitarii and I totally forgot the FNP rolls. All the leadership tests were passed. The skitarii warlord took a wound from the flamers.

The sentinel opened fire on the dragoon at full BS. The Las clipped the walker, but the Insense cloud saved it.

Turn 2
The central vanguard took the objective and we’re all in range of the command squad. The vanguard on the right also came into range, but had taken a few casualties in the previous turn.

Firing was brutal. The small vanguard killed the 10 vets on the right. The vanguard in the center killed the command squad and wounded the officer. The rangers finished the commander off, slaying him.

The dragoon made his second charge taking a glancing hit from an autocannon on the way in. In combat he killed the 1st sentinel with now damage in return.

The guard, staggered by the onslaught, still stood firm and avenged the fallen commander. The autocannon killed the skitarii warlord and the various other weapons killed a few more. The squad was down to its last 3 troops. But they held their nerve.

Combat saw another sentinel fall for no damage I return.

Turn 3 and 4
With the guard down and under gunned it was a matter of time till they all died.

The vanguard with the relic to the cargo out of the line of fire. The rangers and other vanguard mover in to a short ranged fire position and killed the vets. Not even the cover could save them.

This was followed by a few rounds of combat between the dragoon and the sentinel. By turn 4 the last guard had died, but the death of the dragoon was on the cards as the last attack of the Armoured sentinel just failed to glace the armour of its erstwhile cousin.

Game over-winner skitarii

The game ended with a clear skitarii win. The guards guns were silent and the skitarii took their prize.

Unbeknown to the followers of the machine god, the 1st Albion had got a final transmission off and their commander knew were the skitarii would go. All eyes turned to pumphouse 72. Could the data be recovered before it was sent to the inquisition? Would the small skitarii hold the pump station? Only game 2 will answer these questions.

Game one was lots of fun. The skitarii firepower took us both by suprise and the mid range killing field is a scary prospect. I made mistakes with them but all told, I liked using these new killers. The skitarii have the data cylinder and the message. What is on the coded disc.

Reaver blog 4-getting ahead.

With the main body done only 3 tasks remain.  Head, crew and weapons. The head and 4 ‘human’ crew were done together.

The head is in 2 parts. Top armour and the rest. The rest is in several parts assambled using super glue very little weight sits on this part so normal glue is fine.  I pinned the the neck joint for extra strength.


To keep the top armour in place I used 4 magnets. It only needed some help to stay in place, so it was easy to use small magnets. They are 3mm x2 mm  disk neodymium magnets.


The top armour was painted the same as the rest of the armour,  but I had found a nice image of true messengers titans with bisected head colour so I went blue and white for the head. The symmetrical pattern is a standard design on imperial titans so it’s a nod to the old classic design.

The head itself is single blocky part with 1 panel glued on. To this are 4 pipes and the crew. They 3 crew were treated as individual  models for painting. The rest of the head was easy to paint.

The ‘eyes’ (multiple lense clusters’) are awesome parts. I really enjoyed painting these. In the kit is a perspex sheet to make the covers.  I have never seen a reaver that has used these and I did not break a tradition.

Once painted the crew were glued in and then I jb welded the neck in place.

The head adds so much to the model, the extra time spent paining it added to over all look.


Once done it was on to the mighty techpreist.  This is a great model this is almost totally hidden. But I did it anyway! Build wise, the techpreist is really fiddly. The arms are very fine with a small joint. The are so thin they bend while being painted. He was painted in the colours of my skitarii force from forgeworld world Gantz, home of my titan legion. My aim is to build a small force of admec to support the titan and for an up coming campaign. 




Next up the weapons. 

Reaver blog 3-Outer torso

With the legs done, it’s on to the main torso.  Parts wise there aren’t many,  but they are huge. The are a mix of large single plates and the hull. My aim was to paint them in bits then assemble them. I kept the white/grey as the primary colour, with the blue as the accent.

The hull is made into 2 large sections that needed painting.  The front has the shoulders, forward hull and interior. The rear has a solid block of the rear armour and back of the interior.

Assambling the front section is a mere 4 parts. 2 Hull and 2 shoulders. The shoulders were pinned with same brass rod as the legs. The jb weld was used to bind these. On to this are 5 armour plates. 2 shoulder, 2 cowl parts and a massive top part. The top hull is not be glued into place. The rest, due to their size are jb welded into place.


The beauty of these parts is i could work on them individually. This allowed the build to be manageable.

In between the legs and torso is a 2 part waist and this has (more) pistons. This was treated as a separate part. For the waist armour, I went with the blue. This increase the colours nicely balancing the white.


The main ‘block’ of the front armour was done in the same way as the legs, with armour in blue. I did the interior at the same time, but I added extra details to this as well.

Speaking of which, the sides of the interior also got done. They are odd parts but suprisingly fun to paint. The include the arm gun sevitors. These poor wretched creatures are great fun. They remind my of the film the chronicals of Riddick. All twisted and pained.



One issue I found with the airbrushed paint is that it is very soft. To combat this I used Vallejo matt varnish applied via the airbrush. This allowed me to ‘build’ layers were needed.


The trim took an age to get rights, largely due to the scale of each part.


The big rear section was built in 8 parts. The main back part is in 3 parts, then 4 void sheilds and the engine cover.


The engine cover and sheild generators were easy to paint, the big back section is an odd part.


It is essentially 3 different parts of the titian. The back of the interior, the engine section and the rear armour.


I painted the engine and rear section together. Once finshed I varnished it, masked it off and did the blue of the armour.




I also maged up the sockets for the weapon pipes and the carapace weapon mounts.

Once all the parts were done,it was back to assambling. It was all stuck together with jb cold weld for the strong bond. Next task is the head and crew.

Once finshed I added some detailing with the titan decal sheet.

Project blog reaver #1

my last attempt to do a blog on big project didn’t really work. This time, I will be less ambitious. I will let you know how it’s going rather than a step by step. I will also share anything new I learn and any tips I get from other warmongers. 

I started on the legs and  I cleaned up all the legs parts. One lower leg section was miscast so fw sent me a replacement. The rest of the legs were ok. After smoothing them over, I washed them. Someone  had suggested using fairy power spray befor the traditional soak. This has worked wonders and you can feel difference. It’s great to be working with such massive parts again, but it does throw up challenges. 

I was pleased with the results and now on to sub assembly. I pinned the 2 hip parts using 2mm brass rod as a lot weight goes through the joins. For glue, I am moving away from super glue for the big joins, and using a 2 part epoxy resin. This will take longer to cure, but will form a much stronger bond. I have tried a few test pieces and the bond is incredible!  I used jb cold weld. It is very strong! Cost was around £5 from Amazon. 




The upper legs are set in slight stride to help balance and I wanted a more shooting pose so less leg action is better.  

On a quick I have found that my twin long ranged option is called ‘goth’ pattern, and it suits my idea very to have a cool name for the pattern. 

A big part of the legs are all the Pistons, and these will go on last. Everyone says this a nightmare, so not looking forward to this. Thankfully, none of the legs are magnatized, so that’s one task I don’t need to worry about. But there are a lot of them, the toe, ankle, knee, and hips all have Pistons. They need to be trimmed to fit the pose once the legs are set. 

I have made a start on the feet. Cleaning and prepping them. The 8 toes are all Sorted and I have done the toe Pistons. The process was difficult. As the leg position move the feet position, each piston is cut to length. I did these 1 at a time, gluing them into to, but not the ankle armour. This means each toe can be painted separately. The toes are all different. You get 4 ‘side’ toes, then a front left, front right, rear left, rear right. The ankle armour above the toes is also different, front, rear, inside and out. The larger leg Pistons on the to of the armour plates all move and are easy to position. This is areal godsend! Again the ankle armour is not yet attached for paintings. The hip and knee Pistons are easy to set, the hip ones needing more work. 

The leg painting schedule looks a lot of work, but actually should be easy. 

Parts list for painting-legs

Main legs

4 external leg armour plates

8 ankle plates

8 toes (inc 16 Pistons)

2 knees

Groin plate. 

The air brush will get through the these in a hurry, but the trim will be a pain. I want old look to the trim, so I will use a brass base, shaded with both nuln oil and earth shade. The new retributor gold and finish with necron compound. The test peice works really well. The metal areas will also get a antique looks, dry brushed necron compound over a black base, washed in earthshade and re dry brushed, then sepia wash and dry brushed. This gives an nice old metal look, that isn’t rusty. 

Lexius Jobo, the messenger of the truth

I have bought myself a reaver Titan and I am starting to plan this mammoth project. Like last years thunderhawk, this will push my abilities and I want to do this thing justice.  

My plan is for a member of legio peagarus, a close ally of the ultramarines. Famed for the long ranged war fare, this ancient legio was at calth, and fought during the Hersey along side the 13th. After calth, the legio, now much reduced slowly rebuilt. Still a shadow of its former glory, but still holds its former values. Rather than the mass killing and destruction, they prefer the surgical strike, leaving the planet they are attacking as a viable world, once they leave. 

My Titan will match their colours, blue, white and gold, so it will match the marines well,  but I want to reflect the ancient nature of the order. My plan is make the substructure look old, with the new plates clean and Crisp, cleaned and repainted after each mission. This old and new, light and dark, will add the presences of the model, but will stretch my painting ability. To aid this I am investing in a new iwata revolution airbrush and I hope this project will improve my airbrushing skills. 


Weapon wise, I have looked at lots of other people’s work and the consensus is 2 different weapons, but I wanted to promote the long range precision shooting of the legio. So I have 2 volcano cannons. These will be magnatized up (using really big magnets) I also noticed lots of people don’t use the power pipes for the weapons I want add these, but have a feeling that there is a reason for this! 

I will aim for a striding pose, similar to one on the fw website, agian this will be difficult, and the balance is important. 

So that is my plan for the Newly named Lexius Jobo. (Jobo is my wife’s old nickname, and she let me spend £620 on a model!)

The big dilemma 

ok, I have a decision to make and it’s killing me. I am in a position to get a warlord Titan from an unexpected financial windfall. Like most imperial players and painters, the warlord is the ultimate challenge and addition to any army. But here is the thing, I am tempted not to.

Why! People will ask, it’s a fething warlord Titan! But look at the alternatives for the same amount of cash?  Plus I have to store the damn thing, my cupboards aren’t big enough to hold it! Here in my internal arguments for and against.


  1. It’s a warlord fething Titan!
  2. It’s the biggest painting challenge I will ever face. (This for me a positive thing)
  3. I love the model. The detail is stunning! The defensive weapons, the rear hatch, the way the leg armour it designed, it’s stunning. 
  4. In game it’s so OP it’s hysterical!


  1. Don’t think any of my regular opponents will ever have enough to fight it, so it will rarely get used (if ever)
  2. I have no idea where to store it. The hawk is a pain to store already!
  3. I will need to spend around £100 to get the additional tools I need to build it! (New airbrush need)

The alternative view

If I don’t get the warlord, what’s the alternative? Well, I want to paint a Titan, it’s one of those thing I have always wanted. It been a dream of mine, that will now be a reality. I like the warhounds, but I love the reaver. So I’d get the reaver with a mix of weapons. (Gatling blaster, volcano cannon and missile pod) I’d also get a warhound inferno cannon to convert up for the carapace mount. I’d also get the new airbrush and the additional bits to assemble it. This would still leave over £500 spare. Using gifts for geeks, I’d get an imperial city. (Sector imperialis, 4 imperial sectors kits, 2 Aquila shrines and 3 other buildings. 

The advantage of the reaver, that at 1450 pts it’s usable in an average game (ok bit of a git to use it, but do able) and it is beatable. My opponent will struggle but, with 4 voids, 18 hp and av 14, it can be killed. (Hard, but kill able) the warlord however is 2850 (2750+weapons) has av15, 6 voids, 30 hp and armoured cemerite (no melta  rules) is damn hear impossible for non Titans to harm. 

I have always wanted a city fight board, but get distracted and buy more marines. This time it’s a real possibility. I would make up some intact buildings and some ruins, to allow for a mix of options. I am planning a 3 story admin building, a full imperial church and a pumping station, along with a host of smaller block buildings. 

Painting wise, painting the reaver is still a huge challenge. It actually has more parts than the warlord (240 vs 171) and has more interior to paint. Painting the city will be huge task as well. 

So you can see the dilemma. The warlord is the ultimate painting experience, but what to do afterwards. The reaver/city idea is more practical, but who needs to practical if you have a warlord? It’s a head vs heart dilemma. One thing is certain. Something big is coming! 

My next blog will be about me cartwheeling around having bought a Titan. Then panicking about building/painting. Till then, see you across the battlefield. 

Since you been gone…

ok, it’s been a while since my last blog, but I have been busy. Real life has been do that thing where it gets in the way, but it’s also presented an opportunity.  Work on our home has continued and we are now 6 weeks in to a 6 week build, so basically half way!  We think it will take another 8 till we can move home. This has reduced my gaming and painting, but I still got some work done. 


My last blog was on the additional 2 captains and these are finished. Next up was the completed land raider command tank. I still need to finish off the driver, but wanted a change. I have finished my 6th company champion and returned to painting veterans. I have made a start on my vanguard on foot. 2 are done with a 3 rd started. I am loving the poses, and the are coming on well. They were built befor the new codex, so have limited weaponry. 



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