For the Choppa? (or how to convert Ork Warbikes aka american Chopper)

One of my favorite models is the Ork Warbike, but some time you just need more. Enter stage left the Nob Warbikers! one of the most spectacular unit in warhammer 40k! with a stat line to die for, more saves than Dante hiding behind a rhino, and just cool looking! nothing strikes fear quicker than these suped up killing machines.

One Problem. It one of the Kits GW haven’t made yet. Now I know you can make Nob bikers from the kit, but this is more like the Squad leader, rather than the mega killer unit.

Solution? Forge world kits or Major conversion time! As an ork player, the first choice is attractive, but the second is the one for me.


Now I could blog on about the conversion, but I will just focus on the ‘chop’ section of the conversions.

Quick history lesson-the term chopper is from the States, where bikers ‘chopped’ the frame of bikes, often at the neck, just below the Handel bars, increasing the ‘rake’ of the forks, which then were extended making crazy looking bikes. Add a fat back tyre and small front wheel and your off.This sounds easy on the ork Bike kit, buit it can present a few issues. I think I have found a solution and below is the ‘How I do it’, discovered this by trial and error. I would welcome any feedback.I have never done a blog like this before, so lets give it a go.


OrkWarbike Kit (inc the bases)

Plactic rod (2mm) (metal is fine)

Plastic Tube (4mm) (make sure the hole is 2mm and the smaller Rod will fit inside it snuggly)

plastic box section or tube (5mm)


Craft knife

Drill Vice with 2mm and 1mm bits


green stuff

Craft file

Blue tac

Basic Prep

Clean up the plastic kit in the normal fashion, Glue the wheel and front mud Guard/Armour together. Cut 2 lengths of 2mm plastic rod to equal lengths about 4mm longer than you want the forks. ( i usually go for about 22mm, leaving the forks about 18mm long) you can extend them as much as you want, but don’t forget the longer the forks, the more the handle bars will drop, making harder to mount the rider.


Stage 1 ‘Da Chop’

The First cut is deepest, but is also the most important. Cut the front forks off the bike. All 3 bikes have brake cables, I find it easier to cut just behind these between the forks and the fuel tank. Glue the 2 halves of the bike body together. trim off the Brake cable, After all what will you Nob bikers do with Brakes?


It’s now time to cut the forks. It is essential to keep both ends of the forks. Cut the wheel end first (the Brake hubs). This reduces the risk of the bit flying off. One the Bikes also has springs on the forks (the one with the track unit at the back), these will need to be trimmed off. the section of removed forks can be discarded. trim the 4 parts to ensure they are smooth. Don’t forget the parts are ‘handed’ the same hub must be matched to the same ‘tree’ (the top of the forks that where handle bars sit) Don’t smooth off the back of the ‘trees’ you will get sort this later. you need the extra plastic while assembling the trees later.


Stage 2 ‘Lock and Load’

The next step is to drill the 4 parts. I start with the 1mm drill bit, drill at the center each part, where the fork used to join part. then swap to the 2 mm Bit. Drill about 2 mm down, you don’t need to go to deep as the conversion is fairly strong.


Once drilled out, glue the 2mm Plastic road into the brake hubs. ( i always check the fit first). cut 2 lengths of Plastic Tube (4mm) the same length (about 4 mm shorter than the plastic rod). Trim the ends down to match the ends of the 4 parts. The top section will be at a 45 degree angel, the hub end on 2 bikes is flat and the other is angled about 45 degree angel. It is a bit of trial and error to get the correct match, but it does not have to be perfect.

Slide plastic tube over plastic rod and the Check the fit. you can trim it down some more and if there is a small gap, don’t worry, you can fill it with Green stuff latter.

While this is drying take the 2 ‘tree’ ends and the glue them to the face plate. this will not only strengthen the top of the forks, but will also align the forks ready for gluing.


While all the parts are drying, cut a small section of the plastic box section or tube, about 4 or 5 MM and trim one end to a shallow angel. this is glued to bike section, where the forks once sat. you don’t need to worry too much about the angel as you will need to shape it later. the ‘flat side of the box section should be against the tank. the angle show be with the widest section at the bottom. slopping upwards to the top of the model. Glue the Bike to the Base at the rear wheel, placing a small ball of Bluetac under the frame. use this to ensure that model is sitting level. (use the guns a guide to gauge this)


It is essential to allow this dry. this will form a key joint on the model. while this is drying, you can go back to working the fork. gather the forks, wheel, mud guard and the ‘trees’.  check all the parts fit and are the same length. You can trim the tubing down to match. or drill the top holes out if needed. once you are happy with the balance, glue the forks to the trees, making sure you get them the correct handed sides (just remember the break disc’s go at the front.) Glue the wheel in place before the glue dries. while still malleable, balance out the forks making sure they are straight.


You can then add the front Mudguard. This will strengthen the assembly, ready for the model to completed. While this drying finish the model assembling the rest of the bike, adding guns and exhausts. This will be important later as the lines can be effected when you add the forks.

Once all the Parts have dried you need to smooth off the backs of the ‘trees’ you are then ready to assemble your Choppa.


Stage 3 ‘Dis bit goes ‘ere..’

Now sit the forks on the front of the Model to check the lines. If the forks sit ‘off’ the box section, just file the box section down to fit. It is really important to check the fit of the model. Try it with the rider in the place and the handle bars stuck on using bluetac to hold it all together. Make sure the bars are not to close to face of the rider. You can resolve this by sliding the forks forward, don’t over do it, as you may end up with the handle bars out of reach of the arms.


Once you are happy glue the forks to the frame and front wheel to the base. use some bluetac to support the wheel. let this dry fully.


For my Nob bikes, i add 2 Stormboyz rocket packs, giving the model a true feel of speed.

Stage 4 Add the Nob.

Once dry, You need to add the rider. This can be a pain, but can make or break the Model. I have found the best way is to put the legs on the seat. Trim one end of the handle bars off, matching which ever arm you are using to hold the handlebars. The Nob arm that comes with the Bike kit is best. Bluetac the handle bars to the bike. Glue the Body to the legs, and the arm to the Body. Now glue the arm to handle bars. while all the bits are still setting you will be able to manipulate the model to line up. the shoulder may not line up. again, Green stuff can rescue this! I usually finish off with shoulder pad to cover any untidiness.


Let this all settle and dry. Once dry neaten up and fill and gaps with green stuff. finish of the rider.

Thats It!

I tend to mix the units weapon. so I will be creating 3 with Klaws, 3 with ‘uge choppas and 3 with Choppas. one of the choppas will also have a Waaagh banner (+1 ws to the squad). The last will be the Pain boy (Feel no Pain to the whole squad and they can then take Cyborg bodies, 5+ invulnerable save) the 10 strong squad costs rumbles in at a whopping 505 Pts!

I hope this was of some use. while this is How I do it, I am sure there are many ways to approach this problem and you can find all sorts of other ideas on the web.

Let me know what you think of method and if you use them The please send me pics!

By for now, but remeber- Red uns Go faster!


The Random musings of an Ultramarine Player

So for years I have bemoaned the use of special character is small games of warhammer 40,000. I am reading the ‘fall of damnos’ book at the moment and it maybe softening my views a bit.

The story is that of the 2nd company of the ultramarines (the ones that I am painting) led by Cato sicrius and assisted by tigirius the chief librarian. These 100 marines drop into the centre of a necron tombworld and have to fight from the start to gain a foot hold on the world of Damnos. The imperial citizens of the world look to the marines as saviours, but the marines are more focused on the destruction of the necrons.

This is the second of the ‘spacemarine battle books’ I have read. The other was ‘rynns world’ an ork vs crimson fist book.

Now it’s fair to say that the black librarian books are not the most challenging to read and are not likely to Win the man booker prize, but they are what they are, great books by great authors on a subject that the readers love. the spacemarine battle books are written as the game is played and are fast paced books that flow from skirmish to skirmish. They flesh out the units from the game and the rules, like pinning and cover saves. Each books looks a Famous battle from a particular chapter.

So back to my original point, should we use the unique characters in a small game. I still feel that the answer is no, but this book has some great examples to prove me wrong. In one chapter the captian leads 3 tactical squads into a necron war cell cloaked by a cloak of darkness. It describes what in game turns would be a short game, but is really well paced and is a great piece of writing from nick kyme. This sort of scenario is where a named character in a small game would be great. I this case rather than just a straight game, you could recreate the game. Played as night fight game, with the necrons just using wraiths and a single lord tooled up as the stormbringer.

These unique games can be great fun and are a great use of the characters. I feel this is the point of the spacemarine battle books. To inspire games and to relive the glories of the books. A lot of the younger gamers seem to miss this part of the hobby. It’s not all about the most powerful unit or the best army. It’s not even about the winning or the losing it’s about the game. This is wargamming as roleplay or re enactment. I love this style of game and it why I play ultramarines. Well, it one of the many reasons any way. this style of game harks back to the 3rd and 4th editions of the game. I know that the 6th will be more hobby focused. I hope it wrecks the meta game for more of a cinematic feel. The best out come will be a game that can be both, but that’s unlikely. Lots of changes in the rules are about the change of this or the addition of that, we should be asking will it make the game more of wargame and less of Board game focused on what you take. I want to see the game flow, the cinematic moments of a lord vs captain  hordes of orks not covering under a force bubble carried by a mek, I want to the wolves in a feral charge, the angles descending from
Heaven and slamming in to the alien horde, lead not by the lord of death, but by a captian of the lesser orders. Maybe even, a fun grey knight army lead by an unnamed chapter master and with out any henchmen. Or is that asking to much. In the end what I want is for wargamming to be a fun way to spend an afternoon with some friends and then a hearty discussion at the pub. Is that too much too ask?

Anyway it time for me to add the 2nd company and to build on the legend of the heroes of Damnos. See you at the wrong end of a bolter!

Who leads the Soulless?

When creating a new force, the core force is always the HQ and 2 troop Choices. For me the HQ choices sets the tone for your force and should be the coolest model in any army. Now I could go off on one about the use of named Characters and how I feel they are wrecking the small game, but that would become me whinging and I will try to keep this blog positive.

So, if i am not going to whinge, what is the point of this post I hear you ask? well, the Necron have 2 basic choices for your HQ. They are both fairly similar in options, both have great stats lines and while the Destroyer is clearly the tougher of the 2, the loss of the Royal court marks this a hard choice when selecting your leader. So here are my thought on choices , So first off who are the 2 lords?


As the codex describes them-“Of all the Necron Lords, the Overlord is by far the most powerful and dangerous. At his command are uncountable legions of Necron Warriors, terrifying war machines and a vast array of devastating weaponry that could shatter entire worlds given half the chance. When he marches to war, the Necron Overlord does so with the surety of victory – he has cogitated and calculated every possible outcome in the ensuing conflict and formulated strategies to ensure that everything goes to plan. Only the most unlikely situations can outfox him and only the most potent foes have any chance of beating him in combat. Weapons glance off his armour or simply pass straight through him as he shifts in and out of reality. In return, his own attacks are brutally meticulous as he severs heads, shatters armour and pulverizes his foes with every swing of his ancient blade. Should a Necron Overlord rise to the position of Phaeron, and ruler of an entire sector, then few will have the strength to stand before his might.”

The Overlord is the basic leader. on foot with a good mix of weapons. He has a few options not open to the Destroyer lord, the 2 most important are the Command Barge and the Royal court. These can be game changers. Now I don’t want to get it to the royal court at this time, but they are a major player, the Crypeks in particular are huge in impact games wise.

Destroyer Lord

Again looking at the Codex it describes them as “Destroyer Lords are the most maniacal of their kind. This is chiefly because they retain far more intellect than baseline Destroyers, and can bring all of this fearsome intelligence to bear in their pursuit of galactic conquests. Destroyer Lords remain worthy of mention as something truly horrific. Where others kill for pleasure, or in service to some malignant god, Destroyer Lords pursue their bloody crusade simply because it is their chosen course.”

Now the big difference other than the Stats line boost, the big change is that they are Jump troops. This gives you a major Boost speed wise Its worth mentioning that this also makes them Bulky troops, only an issue if you plan on using Nightscythes as a transport. The other major bonus is that they hate everything. This allows you to re roll any 1 to hit AND to wound. With a s7 warsythe, this means wounding on 2s the norm and you can re roll1s. The odds are really stacked in your favour.


Now you get nice of weapons and both get a similar list, however we all end up with the same weapon. Bit lets look at the options.

Staff of light

the basic weapon of the overlords and free exchange of the destroyer. its a ranged weapon, S5 Assault 3 but is AP 3, so its great to pop the odd power Armour wearing model.

Hyperphase sword

Just a long name for a power weapon. And no, its not a poweraxe. (They have FAQ’d it) so its an S5 ap3 weapon.

Void blade

a basic weapon but gains ectopic strike and rending, Not a bad choice, but as the warsythe is AP1 with Armourbane, its just out classed. Neither lord has enough attacks to make this an army killer but it can be fun.

Gauntlet of Fire

Now here an odd choice. it gives your lord a flamer and an AP5 melee weapon.


at a mere 10pts for the overlord and the standard weapon on the destroyer this is by far the best weapon in the list. At +2 to strength and ap1 its a character killer. With armour bane its a tank killer as well. They other choices pale in comparison to the warsythe and I don’t know any lords that would go to war with out one. Its a no brainer.


Res orb

Again another must have. it upgrades your res roll to 4+ if you using him alone or with Cryptek units then don’t bother and don’t forget that while on the Barge, you can’t use it.(you can’t attach to a unit if your in a dedicated transport.) otherwise, this is a key piece of wargear.


Only Available to the Overlord, This Upgrade make the him and his unit relentless. now, changes to the 6th ed has made this less .effective and a costly choice. normal. I won’t even look at this, however there are 2 good uses.

1-Attach him to unit of Wraiths with Transdimtional beamers and you can move and fire them.

2- If your gonna be very aggressive Then Put him and a unit Immortals/Warriors into a Nightscythe. you can move 36″. Get out and still fire normally! Hows that for a scoring unit?

Phase shifter

Again Overlord only, but its 4+ inv save. Its expensive, but a must if you facing lots of AP2 weapons.


a nice little way to use up your last few points. this helps if you ‘die’ but not a game changer but still not bad.

Sempiternal Wave.

In 6th Ed, this is a no brainer. makes all those great Power weapons useless.

Tesseract Labyrthinth

This is a great little trick and at 20 points, its worth a go. one use only this is an exile weapon. it does not kill its target, it ‘removes them from play’ so NO saves of any kind and eternal warrior does not stop it. the test is against the remaining wound, but it can be used on Monstrous Creatures. a nice little surprise.

Tachyon Arrow

This 30pts item gives you a one shot s10 AP 1 weapon! range, infinite! a nice way to pop the stray tank?

Mindshackle Scarabs

My favorite choice. its a nice trick that is a must when facing close combat units. the ability to take control of the opponents lord is great. the look on the face of your opponent is worth the points alone. for those that don’t know, in combat 3d6 vs Leadership if you loose, then the Necron player controls your Model. I always Challenge as this has a number of benifits. First, you get to make the Opponent attack himself, which is fun, but you also don’t get struck back and you’re not to worried by your dismal initiative.


For the overlord you get 3 possible options as a transport. The destroyor lord can use the nightsycthe if you join him to a unit with one. He can’t use the other 2!

Command barge

It’s option turns your lord in to a hunter/tactical reserve. Raging across the table using hit and run attacks.


Now, lets start this right, necron flyers are a bit good. The. Do scythe is over the top and the death ray is broken. Doesn’t stop me using it, but yes, I know it’s broken. The night scythe is better and is great transport. The invasion beam is the best delivery system and is the fastest deployment tool in the game other than deep striking.

My preferred tactic is to mount my lychguard, a cryptech and an overlord in a night scythe. Dump them behind the enemy and make them turn to face them. Then the gun line shoots them in the back. They are very tough and can survive the attention. If they get ignored, then your opponent will pay the price. It’s hard to stop this attack and by using the doom scythe as well all the AA gets thrown at that first, then, to late they realise the danger.

Resurrection arc

On the surface this seem a great transport unit for a lord, however, you can only transport 10 models and the regeneration rolls can take the squad size above its original size. Due to this, it is best attached to big unit, rather than by put 9 warriors and you overlord in as a transport. As its 10pts more than the night scythe, just go with the that instead. Nothing wrong with a large units, over lord and arc slowly marching Across the board. With a res orb, they would be very hard to destroy and would be a great scoring unit. However, you can use a Lord as well, saving your lord for more dangerous roles.


And the winner is……. Well its mot that simple. Both are great and both will make a mess. They are very similar and you can’t really go wrong with either. For me the Royal court is the decider. If you want be sneaky then the overlord is the only way to go.My list will flick between both and it will affect my choices on the rest of the list. The only constant is wargear. It’s a no brainer. War scythe, mind shackles scarabs, res orb and weave every time.  If their are points left, then I will try some of the fun Items.

Arise My Pretties!

Many of you know I have chipping away at a new army. Let take me this chance to talk about how I paint my armies. For those who don’t know I a painting Necrons.  This is the 12th army I have painted, so I know a thing or two about assembling armies. I hope to share some secrets and talk you through my new army. I am not a great painter and I don’t do the whole Golden daemon thing, but I believe that you should always paint you forces and that it adds to the hobby. I always aim to make the force coherent and try to add the personal touch to an army. I think this hobby is great because of the Freedom to express your artistic nature, while still representing the forces you choose.

So first off, why Necrons? There are loads of reasons to choose a new force, but the core has to be that you like the models. After all you’re going to paint them! I have been working on my Ultramarines on and off for over 3 years and I have around 5000pts finished, so I wanted to go for something that was both not in power armour and not from the imperium. When starting a new force,  try to consider what your regular opponent plays. I have regular games Vs Space marines and I have fought Dark elder a lot of late, so I want to find something new. After trawling through the White dwarf, twitter and the Web, I decide to give Necrons a go. I had always planned to paint a purple army and this was my chance. Now the observant of you looking at my pics will notice a striking White army and not the aforementioned Purple Force. A funny thing happened on the way to painting this force and I ended up with the White scheme.

This army is a striking force to look at. I have avoided the GW schemes this time and in another blog, I will repost my thoughts on Painting Ultramarines, but for now let’s just say that it can be a real challenge to paint a known force, but the freedom of  your own force is fun to.

Now my regular opponent had a small Necron Force and for a good price offered to sell them to me.  I had a plan for a force nothing like the one he had, but I thought it was worth a go and when I saw the destroyers, I changed my ideas. I ended up with a core of 24 Warriors, some Scarabs, some old Metal Tomb spiders and Wraiths. I also got a shed load of destroyers (11 in total) this lead me to design a list based around the destroyer curse. I formulated the idea of what my force was based on this principle and the Court of the Fallen king was born! The back story of my force is the falling of the King Azmek. Taking a hit to the Ankh on his chest from a space marine bolter, his regeneration circuits failed to regenerate this minor damage and the loss of his scared symbol drove him mad, he adapted his body and became a destroyer lord. While not the normal path of the Destroyer curse it adds depth to the army. You will notice that the Ankh on his Chest does show the damage. His replacement was his lieutenant, Mazdka, now known as the Young Prince. He has taken full advantage of the madness of the King is now the Power behind the Throne.

In game terms  if I am Playing a destroyer force, then the King leads them with the big killy things (a-barge, D-arc and So on) get used, if the Price is leading, then a balanced infantry heavy list is used.

The paint scheme was pure trial and error. I tried a Purple and gold test piece, using a Stippling Brush. My aim was to get a living surface, similar to the Vorlons from B5. While it was ok, I did not like it, so I tried using Denhb Stone. To contrast against this, I used Brassy Brass. A heavy wash of Earthshade over the Brass gave it depth. The green contrasted well against the Bone look and the Scheme is set. I have never been a huge fan of the green rod and as none of the new range use it, I decided to paint then so I can pull the army together as it grew.

My recipe for the Bone white is very simple.

  1. Airbrush a basecoat of Denhb Stone (now called Ralkath Flesh)
  2. A thin wash of earthshade into the deep Crevasses
  3. Tidy up with a thinned coat of the basecoat
  4. Mix the Basecoat with a bit of White (4:1) and water it down this is applied along the edges in stips about 3mm wide
  5. Add more white to make it 50/50 mix, again keep it thin. This is painted on in strips around 1 or 2 mm (that’s about the width of a detail brush)
  6. More white to make it 4/1 (nearly pure white) and edge highlight
  7. Using pure white, hi-light the corner edging and points of interest

That’s it. I can crank out this in about 30 mins and an infantry model.  The Vehicles are a similar, just with a few more levels of hi-lights.

I will some ideas on my Green in another post.

So, that’s how I ended up with a Necron Army. I have started gaming with them and I am built up an idea of how the work. They are fun to use and I have has some successes. (Ok, they have won every game) they are not the most balanced of forces and the rules tend to favour them. I am not aiming for a power list, but trying to build a fluff based army. I have a good mix of troops and I am just having fun with these.

My full list so far is

The fallen King-A destroyer Lord

The Young prince-Overlord with a lord and Cryptek

5 Lychguard

10 deathmarks

24 Warriors

5 Scarabs

11 destroyers (1 heavy)

1 annihilation Barge

1 Doomsday Barge

1 Night Scythe

1 Doom scythe

That’s the full list so far, but I have 24 warriors and 20 Scarabs still to paint.

After that I have a cunning plan for something a bit special, but that is a secret for now. I also have a forge world kit that needs some blue paint.

See you all from across the Table.Image

Post battle Report imperial Guard Vs Necrons 1750

Hi All,

Today, 16th March 2013, Lee Bedford and I fought a 1750pts game of 40k at Warhammer world. Now, I am not going to do a full Batrep, as there is way too much to tell, so here are the Hi-lights with some comment as we go. I posted my List yesterday if your interested.

The mission was the Emperors will played as a  vanguard Strike. The Necrons got first turn and the Guard failed to steal it. we played on a 6×4 boards with quite a bit of block scenery.  My plan was simple, to a sweep in from the right and pin his forces in one corner. The use of lots of Tesla and Gauss Cannons will sort out the killing bit.

initial Set ready for war

initial Set ready for war

Lee Set up with a heavy concentration is the far left with 3 tanks, (2 Basilisk and a Hryda) and a lot of men. I was expecting this, but the Hydra has a fearsome rep and I felt this could be an issue. He also had a agies Line, but had not bought the AA gun. To his left he placed the rest of the Army, this was mainly guardsman, but also had a chimera and his Demolisher. we both camped on an objective, so the game started at 3VP each. it could all rest with the secondary objectives. Lee had done his home work and did not keep any in reserve, stopping my Deathmarks from sneaking around in hyperspace.

My first turn killed off the odd guard with me nearly killing his sentinel Squad. First Blood would have to wait. Lee’s First turn was a barrage of Fire that took down Quite a few Necrons, Including 2 Destroyers.  The highlight for me was the Demolshiser hitting my poor Annihilation Barge. needing 3’s to glance, he rolled a 2! That little skimmer survived yet another near miss! I swear it has a SEP sheild! (someones elses problem-From the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy). I am sure Lee was less than impressed.  Second turn saw both of my Fliers turn up. (insert evil laugh here)  Lee had not fought these before and had a minor surprise when the Death ray spoke. By this point in the battle the deathmarks start a dual with a squad of Auto cannons on a rooftop. for the rest off the game these 2 squads shot like hell at each other, but neither did and real damage.  Turn 2 also saw the Scarabs munch through a Chimera, dumping  poor old Yarrick out with bit of shocked look on Lees face. after Chomping the Armour down to 2 on the Back, it was a sure fire bet that it would blow up. this did lead to yarrick and a shed load of troopers swatting them in combat.

My Scarab bases

Out on the Right Flank, i Lined the fliers up, but kept outside the 48″ range of the Hydra guns. This stopped him shooting one of them down. the Death ray and 2 Tesla destructors took out a huge chunk on men and also took a hull point off the Demolisher they killed a full command squad and claimed First blood. else were the destroyers picked of the last sentinel. The return Fire took out more Destroyers and the occasional Warrior. Yarrick and the surrounding squads, now near to the center of the board killed the Scarabs, but had been slowed down. the Basilisk to aim on the A-barg and scored a direct hit! Again he rolled a 1 to Pen! its luck held out, still undamaged. It truly is the Little barge that could!

the death ray speaks!


Turn 3 saw the arrival of the Necron Overlord, with Cryptek and Lychguard. It was a nifty trick of mine to add the Cryptek to the Lychguard unit as part of the royal court (not an an independent Character) and the to assign the Overlord to squad as an IC. giving me strong, but expensive unit Demolisher destroyed by Gauss flayers, the Fliers destroyed his tanks inside the agies wall and the arcing Tesla made a real mess of the 20 strong unit of Guard. I rolled 10 hits with the Tesla on the Hydra, sealing its fate. the far left corner of the board was slowly being emptied of troops and the imperial Casualties were mounting. so to were the Destroyers, with all 9 dead with turn 4. 4 were killed in combat, despite the poor guards need 6’s to kill them. they still showed real determination and pulled the insane killers from the sky. Will the victory was short lived, they made the Metal bastards pay for it.

By the end of turn 3 Yarrick had charged the Overlord and a bit of a scuffle broke out. within 3 turns of combat both had died and the Overlord stood over the dead corpse of the old commissar. only the ever living rule had saved the Overlord  and the Moral victory goes to Yarrick.  The Damn machine just did not stay dead! Sadly when it came to it, his iron will let him  down, needing 3’s to get back up, he rolled a 2 and the old hero died at the end turn 4.

By now the outcome was clear, but the result was still close. it was 5:4 to the Necrons. both Warlords had died, so we awarded the ‘slay the warlord’ to both sides. both had an objective and only the First Blood made any real difference. Sadly the objective was held by an Auto cannon team who were also the last Imperial troops on the Board. a 5th turn would see them wiped out and the Necron domination would be complete.  With 2 scoring units near to his deployment zone a tantalizing 7:1 victory was on the cards with the guard being Tabled. with random game length, the battle ended here and the plucky auto cannon crew locked and loaded for one last stand.


here is the last remaining humans lined up against all the remaining Necrons.

here is the last remaining humans lined up against all the remaining Necrons.

This was a great game with the Guard putting a valiant effort, but ultimately falling to the xenos firepower of the Soulless killers. the Deathmarks survived, but ultimatly failed to live up to expectations. the Lychguard slaughtered lots of guards but did make their points back. the death of yarrick to the Overlord was sweet, but it was close. My MVP would be the A-barge for its survival. at 90 points this is a must in any necron force. the Fliers and the Doomscythe in particular deserved the MVP, but they only did what they were supposed to do.  With no shots at them for the whole game, they really did survive unscathed.

So what did this game teach me?

1-Basilisk are scary from along way away, so get close.

2-Demolishers are scary up close, stay far away.

3- When moving in for the kill, think Tesla! 3 times I hit my own troops with Arc hits. no damage, but that was pure fluke. Bad movement on my Part.

4-Lee is still one of the most generous gamers I have ever played. it is always a great game, even when it’s sliding away from him, we still have a fun time. I hope I am as gracious when getting mauled.

So that was today’s Game. Had a great game and I can’t wait until next time. My Luck cant hold out much longer and boy does lee deserve a break on his dice rolls!

Here are the 2 armies in full laid out for a group shot.

Here are the 2 armies in full laid out for a group shot.

The trial of the young prince list. 1750pts vs imperial guard.

I am facing a good friend, Lee Bedford tomorrow at Warhammer world. I am trying a new list so here it is. To create my lists I use both battle scribe on android and quartermaster on my iPad. Both are good systems, but the iPad just edges it. Let me know what you think.

Trail of the young Prince (1747pts)
1750pt Necrons 6th Ed (2011) Roster (Primary Detachment)

+ HQ +

* Necron Overlord (Ever-Living, Independent Character, Reanimation Protocols)
Mindshackle Scarabs (15pts) Resurrection Orb (30pts) Sempiternal Weave (15pts), Warscythe (10pts)
* Royal Court (60pts) * Cryptek (25pts) Ever-Living, Reanimation Protocols) Harbinger of the Storm (35pts) (Ever-Living, Reanimation Protocols) Lightning Field (10pts) Voltaic Staff (Haywire)

+ Elites + (515pts)

* 10x Deathmark (190pts) (Deep Strike, Ethereal Interception, Hunters from Hyperspace, Reanimation Protocols) 10x Synaptic Disintegrator

* 5x Lychguard (225pts) 5x Hyperphase Sword & Dispersion Shield (25pts) * Night Scythe (100pts) (Deep Srike, Invasion Beams, Living Metal, Supersonic) Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)

+ Troops + (312pts)

* 12x Necron Warrior (156pts)
(Reanimation Protocols) 12x Gauss Flayer (Gauss Weapon)

* 12x Necron Warrior (156pts)
(Reanimation Protocols) 12x Gauss Flayer (Gauss Weapon)

+ Fast Attack + (435pts)

*5x Canoptek Scarab Base (75pts) (Entropic Strike, Fearless, Swarms)

* 5x Necron Destroyer (200pts) (Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Reanimation Protocols) 5x Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon)

* 4x Necron Destroyer (160pts) (Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Reanimation Protocols) 4x Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon)

+ Heavy Support + (265pts)

* Annihilation Barge (90pts)
(Living Metal, Quantum Shielding)
Gauss Cannon (Gauss Weapon), Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)

* Doom Scythe (175pts)
(Deep Strike, Living Metal, Supersonic)
Death Ray (Death Ray), Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor (Arc, Tesla Weapon)