Post battle Report imperial Guard Vs Necrons 1750

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Today, 16th March 2013, Lee Bedford and I fought a 1750pts game of 40k at Warhammer world. Now, I am not going to do a full Batrep, as there is way too much to tell, so here are the Hi-lights with some comment as we go. I posted my List yesterday if your interested.

The mission was the Emperors will played as a  vanguard Strike. The Necrons got first turn and the Guard failed to steal it. we played on a 6×4 boards with quite a bit of block scenery.  My plan was simple, to a sweep in from the right and pin his forces in one corner. The use of lots of Tesla and Gauss Cannons will sort out the killing bit.

initial Set ready for war

initial Set ready for war

Lee Set up with a heavy concentration is the far left with 3 tanks, (2 Basilisk and a Hryda) and a lot of men. I was expecting this, but the Hydra has a fearsome rep and I felt this could be an issue. He also had a agies Line, but had not bought the AA gun. To his left he placed the rest of the Army, this was mainly guardsman, but also had a chimera and his Demolisher. we both camped on an objective, so the game started at 3VP each. it could all rest with the secondary objectives. Lee had done his home work and did not keep any in reserve, stopping my Deathmarks from sneaking around in hyperspace.

My first turn killed off the odd guard with me nearly killing his sentinel Squad. First Blood would have to wait. Lee’s First turn was a barrage of Fire that took down Quite a few Necrons, Including 2 Destroyers.  The highlight for me was the Demolshiser hitting my poor Annihilation Barge. needing 3’s to glance, he rolled a 2! That little skimmer survived yet another near miss! I swear it has a SEP sheild! (someones elses problem-From the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy). I am sure Lee was less than impressed.  Second turn saw both of my Fliers turn up. (insert evil laugh here)  Lee had not fought these before and had a minor surprise when the Death ray spoke. By this point in the battle the deathmarks start a dual with a squad of Auto cannons on a rooftop. for the rest off the game these 2 squads shot like hell at each other, but neither did and real damage.  Turn 2 also saw the Scarabs munch through a Chimera, dumping  poor old Yarrick out with bit of shocked look on Lees face. after Chomping the Armour down to 2 on the Back, it was a sure fire bet that it would blow up. this did lead to yarrick and a shed load of troopers swatting them in combat.

My Scarab bases

Out on the Right Flank, i Lined the fliers up, but kept outside the 48″ range of the Hydra guns. This stopped him shooting one of them down. the Death ray and 2 Tesla destructors took out a huge chunk on men and also took a hull point off the Demolisher they killed a full command squad and claimed First blood. else were the destroyers picked of the last sentinel. The return Fire took out more Destroyers and the occasional Warrior. Yarrick and the surrounding squads, now near to the center of the board killed the Scarabs, but had been slowed down. the Basilisk to aim on the A-barg and scored a direct hit! Again he rolled a 1 to Pen! its luck held out, still undamaged. It truly is the Little barge that could!

the death ray speaks!


Turn 3 saw the arrival of the Necron Overlord, with Cryptek and Lychguard. It was a nifty trick of mine to add the Cryptek to the Lychguard unit as part of the royal court (not an an independent Character) and the to assign the Overlord to squad as an IC. giving me strong, but expensive unit Demolisher destroyed by Gauss flayers, the Fliers destroyed his tanks inside the agies wall and the arcing Tesla made a real mess of the 20 strong unit of Guard. I rolled 10 hits with the Tesla on the Hydra, sealing its fate. the far left corner of the board was slowly being emptied of troops and the imperial Casualties were mounting. so to were the Destroyers, with all 9 dead with turn 4. 4 were killed in combat, despite the poor guards need 6’s to kill them. they still showed real determination and pulled the insane killers from the sky. Will the victory was short lived, they made the Metal bastards pay for it.

By the end of turn 3 Yarrick had charged the Overlord and a bit of a scuffle broke out. within 3 turns of combat both had died and the Overlord stood over the dead corpse of the old commissar. only the ever living rule had saved the Overlord  and the Moral victory goes to Yarrick.  The Damn machine just did not stay dead! Sadly when it came to it, his iron will let him  down, needing 3’s to get back up, he rolled a 2 and the old hero died at the end turn 4.

By now the outcome was clear, but the result was still close. it was 5:4 to the Necrons. both Warlords had died, so we awarded the ‘slay the warlord’ to both sides. both had an objective and only the First Blood made any real difference. Sadly the objective was held by an Auto cannon team who were also the last Imperial troops on the Board. a 5th turn would see them wiped out and the Necron domination would be complete.  With 2 scoring units near to his deployment zone a tantalizing 7:1 victory was on the cards with the guard being Tabled. with random game length, the battle ended here and the plucky auto cannon crew locked and loaded for one last stand.


here is the last remaining humans lined up against all the remaining Necrons.

here is the last remaining humans lined up against all the remaining Necrons.

This was a great game with the Guard putting a valiant effort, but ultimately falling to the xenos firepower of the Soulless killers. the Deathmarks survived, but ultimatly failed to live up to expectations. the Lychguard slaughtered lots of guards but did make their points back. the death of yarrick to the Overlord was sweet, but it was close. My MVP would be the A-barge for its survival. at 90 points this is a must in any necron force. the Fliers and the Doomscythe in particular deserved the MVP, but they only did what they were supposed to do.  With no shots at them for the whole game, they really did survive unscathed.

So what did this game teach me?

1-Basilisk are scary from along way away, so get close.

2-Demolishers are scary up close, stay far away.

3- When moving in for the kill, think Tesla! 3 times I hit my own troops with Arc hits. no damage, but that was pure fluke. Bad movement on my Part.

4-Lee is still one of the most generous gamers I have ever played. it is always a great game, even when it’s sliding away from him, we still have a fun time. I hope I am as gracious when getting mauled.

So that was today’s Game. Had a great game and I can’t wait until next time. My Luck cant hold out much longer and boy does lee deserve a break on his dice rolls!

Here are the 2 armies in full laid out for a group shot.

Here are the 2 armies in full laid out for a group shot.


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