Arise My Pretties!

Many of you know I have chipping away at a new army. Let take me this chance to talk about how I paint my armies. For those who don’t know I a painting Necrons.  This is the 12th army I have painted, so I know a thing or two about assembling armies. I hope to share some secrets and talk you through my new army. I am not a great painter and I don’t do the whole Golden daemon thing, but I believe that you should always paint you forces and that it adds to the hobby. I always aim to make the force coherent and try to add the personal touch to an army. I think this hobby is great because of the Freedom to express your artistic nature, while still representing the forces you choose.

So first off, why Necrons? There are loads of reasons to choose a new force, but the core has to be that you like the models. After all you’re going to paint them! I have been working on my Ultramarines on and off for over 3 years and I have around 5000pts finished, so I wanted to go for something that was both not in power armour and not from the imperium. When starting a new force,  try to consider what your regular opponent plays. I have regular games Vs Space marines and I have fought Dark elder a lot of late, so I want to find something new. After trawling through the White dwarf, twitter and the Web, I decide to give Necrons a go. I had always planned to paint a purple army and this was my chance. Now the observant of you looking at my pics will notice a striking White army and not the aforementioned Purple Force. A funny thing happened on the way to painting this force and I ended up with the White scheme.

This army is a striking force to look at. I have avoided the GW schemes this time and in another blog, I will repost my thoughts on Painting Ultramarines, but for now let’s just say that it can be a real challenge to paint a known force, but the freedom of  your own force is fun to.

Now my regular opponent had a small Necron Force and for a good price offered to sell them to me.  I had a plan for a force nothing like the one he had, but I thought it was worth a go and when I saw the destroyers, I changed my ideas. I ended up with a core of 24 Warriors, some Scarabs, some old Metal Tomb spiders and Wraiths. I also got a shed load of destroyers (11 in total) this lead me to design a list based around the destroyer curse. I formulated the idea of what my force was based on this principle and the Court of the Fallen king was born! The back story of my force is the falling of the King Azmek. Taking a hit to the Ankh on his chest from a space marine bolter, his regeneration circuits failed to regenerate this minor damage and the loss of his scared symbol drove him mad, he adapted his body and became a destroyer lord. While not the normal path of the Destroyer curse it adds depth to the army. You will notice that the Ankh on his Chest does show the damage. His replacement was his lieutenant, Mazdka, now known as the Young Prince. He has taken full advantage of the madness of the King is now the Power behind the Throne.

In game terms  if I am Playing a destroyer force, then the King leads them with the big killy things (a-barge, D-arc and So on) get used, if the Price is leading, then a balanced infantry heavy list is used.

The paint scheme was pure trial and error. I tried a Purple and gold test piece, using a Stippling Brush. My aim was to get a living surface, similar to the Vorlons from B5. While it was ok, I did not like it, so I tried using Denhb Stone. To contrast against this, I used Brassy Brass. A heavy wash of Earthshade over the Brass gave it depth. The green contrasted well against the Bone look and the Scheme is set. I have never been a huge fan of the green rod and as none of the new range use it, I decided to paint then so I can pull the army together as it grew.

My recipe for the Bone white is very simple.

  1. Airbrush a basecoat of Denhb Stone (now called Ralkath Flesh)
  2. A thin wash of earthshade into the deep Crevasses
  3. Tidy up with a thinned coat of the basecoat
  4. Mix the Basecoat with a bit of White (4:1) and water it down this is applied along the edges in stips about 3mm wide
  5. Add more white to make it 50/50 mix, again keep it thin. This is painted on in strips around 1 or 2 mm (that’s about the width of a detail brush)
  6. More white to make it 4/1 (nearly pure white) and edge highlight
  7. Using pure white, hi-light the corner edging and points of interest

That’s it. I can crank out this in about 30 mins and an infantry model.  The Vehicles are a similar, just with a few more levels of hi-lights.

I will some ideas on my Green in another post.

So, that’s how I ended up with a Necron Army. I have started gaming with them and I am built up an idea of how the work. They are fun to use and I have has some successes. (Ok, they have won every game) they are not the most balanced of forces and the rules tend to favour them. I am not aiming for a power list, but trying to build a fluff based army. I have a good mix of troops and I am just having fun with these.

My full list so far is

The fallen King-A destroyer Lord

The Young prince-Overlord with a lord and Cryptek

5 Lychguard

10 deathmarks

24 Warriors

5 Scarabs

11 destroyers (1 heavy)

1 annihilation Barge

1 Doomsday Barge

1 Night Scythe

1 Doom scythe

That’s the full list so far, but I have 24 warriors and 20 Scarabs still to paint.

After that I have a cunning plan for something a bit special, but that is a secret for now. I also have a forge world kit that needs some blue paint.

See you all from across the Table.Image


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