Who leads the Soulless?

When creating a new force, the core force is always the HQ and 2 troop Choices. For me the HQ choices sets the tone for your force and should be the coolest model in any army. Now I could go off on one about the use of named Characters and how I feel they are wrecking the small game, but that would become me whinging and I will try to keep this blog positive.

So, if i am not going to whinge, what is the point of this post I hear you ask? well, the Necron have 2 basic choices for your HQ. They are both fairly similar in options, both have great stats lines and while the Destroyer is clearly the tougher of the 2, the loss of the Royal court marks this a hard choice when selecting your leader. So here are my thought on choices , So first off who are the 2 lords?


As the codex describes them-“Of all the Necron Lords, the Overlord is by far the most powerful and dangerous. At his command are uncountable legions of Necron Warriors, terrifying war machines and a vast array of devastating weaponry that could shatter entire worlds given half the chance. When he marches to war, the Necron Overlord does so with the surety of victory – he has cogitated and calculated every possible outcome in the ensuing conflict and formulated strategies to ensure that everything goes to plan. Only the most unlikely situations can outfox him and only the most potent foes have any chance of beating him in combat. Weapons glance off his armour or simply pass straight through him as he shifts in and out of reality. In return, his own attacks are brutally meticulous as he severs heads, shatters armour and pulverizes his foes with every swing of his ancient blade. Should a Necron Overlord rise to the position of Phaeron, and ruler of an entire sector, then few will have the strength to stand before his might.”

The Overlord is the basic leader. on foot with a good mix of weapons. He has a few options not open to the Destroyer lord, the 2 most important are the Command Barge and the Royal court. These can be game changers. Now I don’t want to get it to the royal court at this time, but they are a major player, the Crypeks in particular are huge in impact games wise.

Destroyer Lord

Again looking at the Codex it describes them as “Destroyer Lords are the most maniacal of their kind. This is chiefly because they retain far more intellect than baseline Destroyers, and can bring all of this fearsome intelligence to bear in their pursuit of galactic conquests. Destroyer Lords remain worthy of mention as something truly horrific. Where others kill for pleasure, or in service to some malignant god, Destroyer Lords pursue their bloody crusade simply because it is their chosen course.”

Now the big difference other than the Stats line boost, the big change is that they are Jump troops. This gives you a major Boost speed wise Its worth mentioning that this also makes them Bulky troops, only an issue if you plan on using Nightscythes as a transport. The other major bonus is that they hate everything. This allows you to re roll any 1 to hit AND to wound. With a s7 warsythe, this means wounding on 2s the norm and you can re roll1s. The odds are really stacked in your favour.


Now you get nice of weapons and both get a similar list, however we all end up with the same weapon. Bit lets look at the options.

Staff of light

the basic weapon of the overlords and free exchange of the destroyer. its a ranged weapon, S5 Assault 3 but is AP 3, so its great to pop the odd power Armour wearing model.

Hyperphase sword

Just a long name for a power weapon. And no, its not a poweraxe. (They have FAQ’d it) so its an S5 ap3 weapon.

Void blade

a basic weapon but gains ectopic strike and rending, Not a bad choice, but as the warsythe is AP1 with Armourbane, its just out classed. Neither lord has enough attacks to make this an army killer but it can be fun.

Gauntlet of Fire

Now here an odd choice. it gives your lord a flamer and an AP5 melee weapon.


at a mere 10pts for the overlord and the standard weapon on the destroyer this is by far the best weapon in the list. At +2 to strength and ap1 its a character killer. With armour bane its a tank killer as well. They other choices pale in comparison to the warsythe and I don’t know any lords that would go to war with out one. Its a no brainer.


Res orb

Again another must have. it upgrades your res roll to 4+ if you using him alone or with Cryptek units then don’t bother and don’t forget that while on the Barge, you can’t use it.(you can’t attach to a unit if your in a dedicated transport.) otherwise, this is a key piece of wargear.


Only Available to the Overlord, This Upgrade make the him and his unit relentless. now, changes to the 6th ed has made this less .effective and a costly choice. normal. I won’t even look at this, however there are 2 good uses.

1-Attach him to unit of Wraiths with Transdimtional beamers and you can move and fire them.

2- If your gonna be very aggressive Then Put him and a unit Immortals/Warriors into a Nightscythe. you can move 36″. Get out and still fire normally! Hows that for a scoring unit?

Phase shifter

Again Overlord only, but its 4+ inv save. Its expensive, but a must if you facing lots of AP2 weapons.


a nice little way to use up your last few points. this helps if you ‘die’ but not a game changer but still not bad.

Sempiternal Wave.

In 6th Ed, this is a no brainer. makes all those great Power weapons useless.

Tesseract Labyrthinth

This is a great little trick and at 20 points, its worth a go. one use only this is an exile weapon. it does not kill its target, it ‘removes them from play’ so NO saves of any kind and eternal warrior does not stop it. the test is against the remaining wound, but it can be used on Monstrous Creatures. a nice little surprise.

Tachyon Arrow

This 30pts item gives you a one shot s10 AP 1 weapon! range, infinite! a nice way to pop the stray tank?

Mindshackle Scarabs

My favorite choice. its a nice trick that is a must when facing close combat units. the ability to take control of the opponents lord is great. the look on the face of your opponent is worth the points alone. for those that don’t know, in combat 3d6 vs Leadership if you loose, then the Necron player controls your Model. I always Challenge as this has a number of benifits. First, you get to make the Opponent attack himself, which is fun, but you also don’t get struck back and you’re not to worried by your dismal initiative.


For the overlord you get 3 possible options as a transport. The destroyor lord can use the nightsycthe if you join him to a unit with one. He can’t use the other 2!

Command barge

It’s option turns your lord in to a hunter/tactical reserve. Raging across the table using hit and run attacks.


Now, lets start this right, necron flyers are a bit good. The. Do scythe is over the top and the death ray is broken. Doesn’t stop me using it, but yes, I know it’s broken. The night scythe is better and is great transport. The invasion beam is the best delivery system and is the fastest deployment tool in the game other than deep striking.

My preferred tactic is to mount my lychguard, a cryptech and an overlord in a night scythe. Dump them behind the enemy and make them turn to face them. Then the gun line shoots them in the back. They are very tough and can survive the attention. If they get ignored, then your opponent will pay the price. It’s hard to stop this attack and by using the doom scythe as well all the AA gets thrown at that first, then, to late they realise the danger.

Resurrection arc

On the surface this seem a great transport unit for a lord, however, you can only transport 10 models and the regeneration rolls can take the squad size above its original size. Due to this, it is best attached to big unit, rather than by put 9 warriors and you overlord in as a transport. As its 10pts more than the night scythe, just go with the that instead. Nothing wrong with a large units, over lord and arc slowly marching Across the board. With a res orb, they would be very hard to destroy and would be a great scoring unit. However, you can use a Lord as well, saving your lord for more dangerous roles.


And the winner is……. Well its mot that simple. Both are great and both will make a mess. They are very similar and you can’t really go wrong with either. For me the Royal court is the decider. If you want be sneaky then the overlord is the only way to go.My list will flick between both and it will affect my choices on the rest of the list. The only constant is wargear. It’s a no brainer. War scythe, mind shackles scarabs, res orb and weave every time.  If their are points left, then I will try some of the fun Items.


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