A C’tan shard of Truth?

Looking through the Necron Codex and browsing images on the web, it strikes me that the Necron force has a quite a wide mix of troops, painting styles and conversions possiblites. The one choice that seem to lack variety is the C’tan Shard. Now, don’t get me wrong. The 2 models out there are stunning. But how many Black Night bringers and Golden Deceivers will it take for the gaming community realize its missing a trick? (Well the painters anyway) 

Let’s look at what the C’tan Shards are. After the C’tan conned the necrontyr in giving up the living bodies, they led the newly forged Necrons into battle with old ones. Once they had defeated the old gods, the Necrons, turned and attacked the hated C’tan. Weakened from the fight, they could not destroy them utterly, but they could shatter them. The remaining Fragments are call the Shards of the C’tan. These shards are forced into constructs (and this cool bit for Painters) do the bidding of the overlord. These constructs take on the form of the Star gods, but only have a fraction of their power. Still they star gods and the stats line is impressive. With 11 powers to choose from you can tool these up for all sorts of trickery.

Now I know that game wise there are better uses for your points in the Necron army and I am not going to do a whole tactica thing on these I want to focus on the Models. Let’s break down the basics of the C;tan

1-It’s a star god. No one knows how many C’tan excited, what they all looked like or how many shards there are.

2-The Necrons built the bodies that the C’tan then shaped.

3-They don’t follow the laws of physics. period.

So how does this translate into the model world? We let’s face it, by applying the 3 criteria above you can say that the sky truly is the limit. As long as they are on a 40mm base or larger, anything can go. They can be HP lovecraft nightmare given from or a metal monstrosity held together with bale power. They can float over/through anything; they can shape the universe to their will or entropy whatever they touch. As a modeler you can have whatever you like. How about a large version of the Weeping angels from Dr Who? Now with all the great independent miniature companies out there the possibilities are endless.

For me, I am planning a 3 man ‘squad’ they will have very similar look and feel, but will be armed different equipment. (One will have 2 guns, one will have a hand and the third will have a gun and Scythe) I will be using current Necron parts, but the bodies will be converted up. I will be sticking to my green and bone scheme, but it will be very green heavy.

So that’s my thoughts on the C’tan, Model wise and I am sure once I am gaming with one, I will post a few pics and write up about the powers.

Till then, See you across the table. 


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