Big bank holiday bash at warhammer world.

may 6th was may Bank holiday here in the UK and it was a great time to get together with friends and have an apocalypse game! We headed up to Warhammer world, Nottingham for a club day out taking with us over 5000 pts worth of 40k! I blogged about the game last week, so here is my first ever apocalypse game report!


The forces.
I am not trying to write up this list as the forces are huge, here are the basics.

Orks-adam and me
Stompa, 2 battle wagons, lots of bikes, lots of boyz, 3 wall bosses
Dark eldar-Norbert vect, lots of skimmers and 2 jet fighters.

Matt and lee-imperial guard. lots of tanks, baneblade, hydra. I understand that Yarrick is in their somewhere.
Jamie-deathwing. Land raider 22 terminators, Including Belial.


We bidded for deployment.
Disorder 4 mins
Order 5
The bad guys go first!

We deployed 36″ in 2 block. The bikes and most of the boyz were on the road, with the Stompa, dark eldar and the lootaz on the left.


The imperials just filled the center with massive block of tanks. The lone land raider looking ominous mixed in with the guard.


Turn 1

The forces of disorder (FoD) started the long march to Fort Pain that was some 48″ away! the shooting phase was some what quite. with NOTHING in range!

The Imperials responded. The deathwing arrived in force. the smaller close combat squad teleported in behind the stompa, they scattered le, the straight into a crater. rolling on the Mishap table, and the FoD were allowed to postion them. We helpfully placed them right at the back! At least things Can’t any worse for the Dark angels? The Big Squad of the Vengeful angles turned up in the middle of the main road.

standing bravely in front of nearly 2000 points worth of Orks. the Dark Angels teleport in.

standing bravely in front of nearly 2000 points worth of Orks. the Dark Angels teleport in.

The rest of the Imperials slowly advanced, with the Deathwing land raider leading the charge on the left. the Artillery opened up, with 2 massive blasts from the basilisk, killing a biker. Using a strategic asset, they called down an orbital strike killing another one. it was finally time for the Big gun to enter the fight.

The Baneblade fired its main gun. the S10, AP1, 10″ ordance shot sailed across the battle in a majestic arc. Sadley, it fell slightly short of the Orks, smashing into the poor Dark Angels! the resulting blast killed 7 of them, including the Master of the Deathwing. Today was not going to be a day of redemption for the Dark angels.

the baneblade misfires, killing 7 Deathwing terms, softening them up for Orks.

The Baneblade misfires, killing 7 Deathwing terms, softening them up for Orks.

Turn 2

Using the Blind Stratigic asset. We Blocked the whole front of the Fort. the bane blade was blined and the poor old deathwing were now isolated.The Fod advance, now with Targets in range! The Poor old Lootz, the only troops on foot ran again. at this rate they will be in range next week some time. the Bikers advanced towards the remaining terminators. the Stompa lined its self with the gate on the left with 3 tanks in line of sight. While it could not fire this turn, it was getting ready to fire. The Dark Eldar advanced towards the Death wing land raider, with enough Dark lances to kill the hulking tank. with the luck of the angles, they are doomed!

Norbet used his Strategic asset to bring his flyers and venom into the fray. the joined the battle on the Right, in the section held by Lees, Guard. Lees Hydra failed to harm the jet fight and in return the poor Basilisk died. on the left, the Land raider was saved by its armored hull.

In the Center, the bikes unloaded massed dakka into the 4 terminators. it was brief and Bloody. At the end of the turn, none survived. The Day of the Dark Angels kept going bad.

The Imps brought on the Valk, blasting at the Dark Eldar fighter. To the left the remaining Dark Angles advanced, killing a ravanger. Blocked by the Blind barrage, the tanks in the Fort lined up for a pop at the Orks next turn.

the Nob bikerz and warbikez kill the last of the big Deathwing Squad.

the Nob bikerz and warbikez kill the last of the big Deathwing Squad.

The Valk arrives!

The Valk arrives!

The ‘relocated’ terminators moved across back of the fort towards the newly arrived Dark eldar, revenge in the dark hearts, the assault squad was too far way to charge, but getting ready to get them next turn. the 2 Orbital bombardment was aimed atr the big biker block, but it scattered off the board.

Turn 3

The mad race up the road reaches the beginning of the end. the Orks are starting to get into shooting range, but with out the Blind barrage, they now faced the Baneblade. Rolling for reserve, Zagsatug arrived, but was delayed due to a mishap. His Cunning Plan would have to wait.

Declaring a Wharrg, the Ork fighter lined up the Guard and the bikes advanced towards the Guard pouring through the breach in the wall. Off to the Left the Dark elder killed the Land Raider, killing more of the Terminators. On the Right the Dark Eldar killed off the Assault squad terminators. Only 4 Marines survived on the entire board.

The Guards took a pounding on the Right from the flyer. lots of shots hit the baneblade and it lost a few hull points, the Dark Eldar jet scoring some great hits. Yarrick showed himself and joined the fray on the right, with the Leman russ Squadron on holding the left. Yarrick took a pop at a venom, but then took a dakka jet o the face and went down.

The Stompa blasted at the tanks in the left door, damaging 3. using the Supa burna, they killed another Terminator.

The Stompa fires at the Tanks in the Fort

The Stompa fires at the Tanks in the For

The Imperials fired back, destroying lots of bikes. the baneblade killing a lot of them. a trukk blew as well, after crashing into back of the bikes. The Terminators killed more Dark Eldar. The Valk tried in vain to kill the Ork Jet.

Turn 4

The surviving bikes choose not fire, wanting to charge the Guard. Sadly they failed to reach the lucky Guardsmen.

After racing away for 3 turns, the Goal is in sight.

After racing away for 3 turns, the Goal is in sight.

Taking a surprising turn to the left the Stompa piled into the Breach. facing the Deathwing. blasting away with lots of shootas. The flyers in the center exchanged shoots, failing to harm one another.

Once more in the breach my green feinds.

Once more in the breach my green feinds.

The main event of turn 4 was the arrival of Zagstug. his cunning plan? To kill the the Baneblade! him and 5 Stormboyz arrived right in front of the fearsome tank. 2 died on arrival and then, the bad boss hurled his ‘surprise’ Vortex grenade. the blast took of more hull point, immobilizing the the tank. charging in he tore the tank apart scoring 2 hits. The tank blew killing the last of the Stormboys and Biker. The Gate was now open! the invasion of the fort was soon to be a reality. behind the walls, the dark Eldar and the Guard slugged it out.

Zagstrug, but no Baneblade

Zagstrug, but no Baneblade

The stompa tried to charge the last of the terminators, but failed. it did however pull the wrecked Land raider out of the way.

the faild charge of the Stompa.

the failed charge of the Stompa.

The imperial turn 4 was a feast of blasting. the rest of the Bikers on the road died. in revenge, they killed Zagstrug. Only the Warboss survived. The last of the Terminators charged and damaged the Stompa, taking 2 hull points and slowing the beast down. in return the Stompa wiped them out. the angels left the battle to the Guard with the complete loss of the allied force. in a show of bravado the Guard on the right charged the Warboss. They tried hard but got wiped out.

Turn 5

The advancing Orks finally breached the Fort. after marching 48″ the Lootaz finally reached the Fort. The Poor buggers sadly did not have a target. The Boyz on the hill advanced towards the Fort, with the Nobz still in their ride.

The stompa and the dark eldar shot up the guard and the Psyco Gattler fired it 36 shots killing 2 chimera, and a hand full of guard. the Dark eldar jet killed a demolisher and the Warboss killed the other.

By now the ranks were thinning on both sides, but the Fight carried on. the Guard blasted away. the Warboss on the bike lost 2 wounds, the Archon failed his first Shadow field save and took a wound. the Valk tried again to kill the Ork flyer. Again it failed.

the view on turn 5

the view on turn 5

Turn 6

Was brief with little left. the Warboss on the bike killed more guard. the returned Yarrick died again, stompa and dark eldar killed more Imperials. the Lootaz fired at the Valk, but failed to harm it.

The Imperials charged back, but died. Yarrick taking a lot of hits from dark eldar as he charged. He died for the second time. turn 6 ended, with yet again, a single Heavy weapon team survived as did a single Chimera.

The Survivors

The Survivors

The End of the Game

The final turn ended a great game. The story of the game flowed nicely. the race up the road was great and the board was epic for this. the destruction caused by the Baneblade was immense and its death was a real moment.

The dark angles had a torride game, but none of it was their fault. the Destruction of the big squad on turn 1 by their allies was just brilliant and i think we will be talking about this for months. the combat at the fort was intense and the Guard bravely fought on.

We have had a great day and as always the venue was great. we missed the food at the bar, but no one complained. the board was great and for such a big game, it made an epic back drop.

Gotta say a massive thanks to Jamie, Adam, lee, Norbert and Matt for one of the best games I have played in. Often with Apocalypse games you can lose sight of the game, but we had a really strong strong story, light hearted fun and such a fun game.

Can’t wait to play another game. Until then, see you across the battle table.


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