Tesseract Ark-A review

Today I felt like reviewing a model. Now I have never done this before, so bear with me. I have just brought a Necron Tesseract Ark form Forgeworld.

From Imperial Armour 12-The fall of Orpheus, the Ark is a new heavy support choice for the Necron Army. As Forgeworld describe them

“The Tesseract Ark is one of the most powerful Necron war machines encountered on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium, and so sophisticated is its design, it can be manufactured only by the most adept of Crypteks. Built around a contained singularity torn from the heart of a dying star, in battle the Tesseract Ark can siphon the destructive energies of this captured star-fragment and unleash them in a variety of terrible ways. Most notably, the armoured bulk of the Tesseract Ark is surrounded by a gravitic distortion effect, a potent defensive mechanism.

So lets talk about the kit. This is what I call a hybrid kit, its part plastic and part resin. For your £55.00 you get the back end of the Ghost ark kit and 16 resin pieces. The model is all about the stumpy emitter array at the front. This 6 piece kit is a fun piece to build and it sits together well. It’s easy to assemble without the need to attach it to the model, making painting it easier. Like many Necron models, it easy to build subassembly parts that fit together post painting. I have left mine in 3 big sections. These are the front hull with the Teslas cannons, the control section and side hull and the rear assembly and seating. The driver and the side thrusters are also separate.

The crew is the same as the Ghost ark, but with a funky new head. This is a great head and I was so tempted not to use it. I loved the Single Eye and crown that I have not seen before other than on the Crypteks.  I have never liked the pointing hand so this has been converted. I have also swapped out the ‘pipes’ with thin guitar wire. This makes the fit smoother. The kit will hang together well and I can tac it together with blue-tac.

As always with Forgeworld, the devil is in the detail. Now, this casting is fairly simple and smooth.  The big front single is well cast. It had the odd air bubble, but for a huge item, it OK. The head, Main gun and all the side pods are all perfect. Only the side guns needed a bit of straightening. A bit of warm water later and it’s sorted.

Prepped Tesseract Ark

The Prep was quite hard. All the long edges on the core piece took about 3 hours to get the way I wanted. It can be hard to sort the sides it took a mix of Liquid Green and emery boards to get it smooth and the rounded edges, curved edges and the counter sunk holes were all very difficult to sort, but worth it in the end.

The Singularity chamber

Games wise, the rules are interesting. The Armour is 12 all over, but it gets Quantum shields, making it 14. With 5 hull points, it’s a tough old thing. Rules wise its open topped, heavy, tank and a skimmer. The singularity chamber is the main weapon, but you 2 tesla cannons (not Twin linked) not a bad AA weapon.  The Chamber has 3 modes, a Heavy AP S7 gun, a S3, Ap3 Flamer that has Fleshbane (wounds all infantry on 2+) and Seismic lash weapon. It’s a S5, ap4 mini Deathray. As well as Armour bane it gets a ground lash, all units hit are treated as being in difficult terrain. As well as the shooting bits, you also get a 5++ save and weird gavational effects that effect combat against it. That’s the positive side; however the loss of the singularity chamber is a bit of an issue. It can sort of well, erm, blow it to kingdom come! Its can destroy the whole model and anything else around it.

So what can I say about this kit? Well I like it. It’s a bit funky and just a little odd. The look is good and not a normal GW model. It’s only the pointing arm that I don’t like, but that’s sorted. In game it will be fun, but for 250 points I am sure it will work out. All in all, it’s a great model.

On to the painting this fantastic model. The painting this was harder that I thought. I painted it 9 parts. The 4 jets, the main gun, the driver and the 2 main body parts. The paint scheme looks good on this kit its a weird thing to paint. I went for a taller stand so it looks a bit different.


Finished Ark 1 20130622_181713


6 thoughts on “Tesseract Ark-A review

    • I have had many successful games using the ark. The solar flare version of the weapon (s7, ap2, blast, heavy 3) is the bane of every thing. Think of it as 3 plasma cannons that don’t get hot. It slaughtered a drop pod marine army. It’s very tough with 5hp and basic armour of 14 with shield up, so It normally survives a game. The only time it died was when a canifex charged it, but, most vehicles die when that happens

      The partial shredder and seismic lash have been useful, but it’s mainly the solar shot that wins the day. It rapidly became the most hated vehicle at our club! My view would be go for it. Don’t forget it has a 5++ save and it’s a ‘heavy’ this means you count as stationry for firing, so I always move it. (Reduces the impact of close combat)

      • It’s worth the £55.00. It’s a big solid model. Points wise here the list I use it in, that won every game.

        The Court Of The Fallen King 1500 V3 (Necrons) 1,502 points
        HQ 180 points (12%)
        Necron Overlord (130) WS4·BS4·S5·T5·W3·I2·A3·Ld10·Sv3+ warscythe; mindshackle scarabs; sempiternal weave. Ever-living; Independent Character; Reanimation Protocols.
        • 1 Cryptek (50) WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I2·A1·Ld10·Sv4+ Harbinger of the Storm (voltaic staff; lightning field; ether crystal). Ever-living; Reanimation Protocols.
        Troops 412 points (27%)
        Alpha One Protocol Alpha (12 Necron Warriors) (156) WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I2·A1·Ld10·Sv4+ gauss flayers. Reanimation Protocols.
        • Night Scythe (100) BS4·FA11·SA11·RA11·HP3 twin-linked tesla destructor. Vehicle (Flyer); Transport (15 models); Deep Strike; Invasion Beams; Living Metal; Supersonic.
        Alpha Two Prtocol Beta (12 Necron Warriors) (156) WS4·BS4·S4·T4·W1·I2·A1·Ld10·Sv4+ gauss flayers. Reanimation Protocols.
        Fast Attack 395 points (26%)
        5 Canoptek Wraiths (235) WS4·BS4·S6·T4·W2·I2·A3·Ld10·Sv3+ phase shifter; 2× particle caster; 5× whip coils. Jump Infantry; Fearless; Phase Attacks; Wraithflight.
        4 Necron Destroyers (160) WS4·BS4·S4·T5·W1·I2·A1·Ld10·Sv3+ 4× gauss cannon. Jump Infantry; Preferred Enemy (Everything!); Reanimation Protocols.
        Heavy Support 515 points (34%)
        Annihilation Barge (90) BS4·FA11·SA11·RA11·HP3 quantum shielding; twin-linked tesla destructor; tesla cannon. Vehicle (Open-topped, Skimmer); Living Metal.
        Doom Scythe (175) BS4·FA11·SA11·RA11·HP3 death ray; twin-linked tesla destructor. Vehicle (Flyer); Deep Strike; Living Metal; Supersonic.
        Tesseract Ark (250) BS4·FA12·SA12·RA12·HP4 tesseract singularity chamber; 2 tesla cannon. Vehicle (Open-topped, Skimmer, Tank, Heavy); Living Metal, Tesseract Implosion.

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