The big build up.

Ok, I will admit it. I may have a problem. They do say that admitting it is a start, right? In the last few months I have spent some serious money on my ultramarines. I now have a massive task ahead and it’s actually starting to stress me out. I have a simple rule for gaming. “If it’s not painted, it’s not used” I am not a ‘painting nazi’ (a phrase I hate btw) I don’t mind my opponent using unpainted or proxies, it is just I don’t like using unpainted stuff. I play wysiwyg every time and this drives my painting.

Now my problem is such a first world problem. I have over bought and now my painting stack is huge! I need to organise this lot and get some games in. I am expanding the ultramarines and working on my table/scenery as well. i am not a rich man and my local government paycheck does not allow for major purchases on a regular basis, I have been busy on eBay. I have sold lots and I have inherited a bit and my wife let me buy some bits with this as well. Using I saved some cash that I re invested. Suddenly I had loads built up to build and paint. Of late I have added a fireraptor and some wall of martyrs bits. So here is the list and the reasoning.

Wall of martyrs-trenches.
I have 2 bunkers and the encampment already. So I have added the trenches and the will also fit into my christmas list. I have the family for more scenery and the BIG macro cannon kit.

My force already has 6 ‘regular’ terminators. So I have added 15 more. 15 you say I hear you say? Yep, 15. I have bought 10 deathwing knights (2 boxes) and a box of assault terminators. The plan is to add 10 assault terminators, made in the robed bodies of the DW knights. 5 of each weapons option. The stormbolters from the kit also included will be used to make 4 terminators to round off the original squad to 10. The last set of bits will be a terminator librarian.

I love the new sternguard kit so I had to add a full squad. Armed with bolters and the odd combi, but no heavies. The sgt will be armed with a gladius and a mk4 helm, he will scream ultramarine veteran.

Scouts and land speeder storm.
I have added a battle force and this comes with 5 scouts. I have made these with shotguns and added a ls storm to the mix as well.

Tactical squad 4.
I have sold my old tactical squad 4 that were the old AOBR tacticals. A great intro kit but I wanted more. The new squad, from the battle force box will use strenguard bits and I will get some running legs as well to give the different look. The test pieces look great. Armament wise I think heavy bolter and grav gun will work and compliment the current squads well. The sgt will be a vet and have a chainsword. This will give me a cheap sgt to add when facing hordes.

Assault squad/devastator squad.
The 5 man squad will firm the start for the 2nd assault squad for my battle company. I need to arm these with plasma pistols and the sgt will get a power weapon. The last 5 marines in the battle force will be the bubble wrap for my 2nd devastator squad.

I love fliers. They suit my style and they look great. They added the raven to full list this time round and I had to add on. This will be armed with las cannons and it will add some anti armour to my force. Of course all good transports need a cargo.

I have a box of 3 centurions. I know the current trend is for the grav build, but I want assault cents. The hurricane bolters and flamers will make a mess of hordes and the siege drills will kill any tank. If only I had some form of taxi for these slow moving beasts.

I did say I have sold a lot. A few weeks ago I visited Warhammer world and while looking in the hall of miniatures I looked at the 2 monster flyers in the cabinet. That night I made the decision to sell my whole ork force to get one. It’s with great personal pleasure that I have one in the ‘stack’ ready to go. This is a monster kit. The mould is over 10 years old and it has a reputation for being a bugger. But what a challenge! I will not start this until next year. But I will do a daily blog once I start.

So that’s the list. As I said I know I have a problem. I have spent a lot of money. I have a lot of work and at the end of whole project, I will have one hell of a force. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, doing something about it is the second.

I will endeavour to post as I go. First up, the scouts. I have already started these and 2 are done. Full photo blog soon.


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