Scouting ahead

20131201_202752I said yesterday that my next phase of recruiting for the ultramarines was well under. The 1st new squad will my scouts with shotguns. Now I know they don’t have a press and to honest, I am struggling to find a place for them in my list, but as next year I am planning a campaign vs imperial guard. I hope to have scope to try some less competive, but more fluffy lists. These will get used in this campaign and I hope may even start to use them in the league list as well.

Scouts with Combat knives

My current scout force is 20 strong. 10 with combat knives and bolt pistols and 10 with bolters. In the mix are a missile launcher and heavy bolter. The sets in the squad have a power fist and a power weapon respectively. I have changed the standard paint palette for scouts to a dark tone. The cream has been replaces with black and any metal has been dulled down to be more scout like. I have tried to deep them dark and stealthy, but when your chapter logo is a big white U, it’s kinda hard to keep to this idea. I have always struggled with the normal decal on scouts as it’s to big for the curved shoulder pads. The forge world sheet of ultramarine decals however has much better ones that work well.

Scouts with Bolters

I find that Scouts are hard to use in 40k. They don’t fit well in to the tactical lists and the current build is for more armour not less, however, I want to try to change that. In the new year I hope to start using them as scoring units. Just camp them on an objective. The bolters will work well with this but the combat variants are bit harder use. The shotguns are bit of an in between option. I can use them to hold the line and the 10 shots from a 55pt unit is ok. Keeping the sgt as cheap as possible the unit can be cheap scoring unit or a quick insertion force, infiltrating up to the front to distract. They will never be as good as the awesome wolf scouts, but they can impact on my plans.

Painting wise I have decided to convert up the sgt to look more vereran. The arm holding the gun was replaced and using green stuff re sculpted to a be holding it straight out. Using the shoulder pad from the heavy bolter it was easy to cover my poor attempts to sculpt the arm. The hand holding the gun took a bit more work, but it’s not to bad. And as always, a well placed purity seal, Can make a huge difference.

Scout Sgt  with Shotgun 1

Scout with Shotgun 1

Transport wise, the change for the land speeder storm into a dedicated transport is a great move and now they are cheaper it’s awesome. I have always loved the model but could never justify it’s place in the army, however I have always wanted paint one up. I have one in the stack to paint and I can’t wait to get around to paint it. The Scout force will be much improved with the addition of the skimmer and it will look great.


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