Sunday update 08-12-13

The big build is well under way, here is quick update on the progress!

Scouts with shotguns are done! (Ok, the bases need to be finished)

Regular terminators are built, based and undercoated. I am not 100% sure about the posses! but they will stand out from the crowd.

Assault terminators, 5 are built but I have decided to add forgeworld shoulder pads, so they will have to wait to get painted.

Terminator librarian built, based and undercoated. Again I wanted a forgeworld pad, but I bought 1 on eBay. The delivery was really quick, so it’s all sorted!

Sternguard, assembled, based and undercoated, these will be the next squad to get painted.

Tactical squad 4 I have assembled the 1st 4 and the next one will be done this week.

Ok, so that’s the update for this week. Next weeks goal, real life allowing, is to get blue coat finished on the sternguard and the regular terminators done. Well that’s the plan. The centurions are very tempting to build, I must resist and try to focus on painting this week.

Till then, see you across the battle table.


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