The best possible defence


My playing style is fairly aggressive when it comes to Warhammer 40,000. I play an assertive game and the sternguard units fit my playing style. And that’s what this post is about. Currently I have the 5 sternguard from the old metal box set. Armed with 5 bolters, one of which is a combi-melta. The sgt has a power fist, that is less than useful.

Now, the emperors finest should never be considered as disposable, that’s how I currently use my 5 sternguard. I drop them behind the enemy lines in a drop pod turn 1 and kill any AA unit. They usually die by turn 3, but in that time my opponents will have turned his lines. In the meantime, my main event, the flyers, arrive to kill the opposition. By the time the sternguard fall, it’s to late and the game is mine. Now, that’s how I use a combat squad, but now I have 10 of new plastic SG, I have to find a new use. I think I will start off with using them the same way and see how it goes.

This leads me to the armaments. Now, you have so many options and the new kits have most of them included. Now I have a simple plan . The ‘main event’ of the stern guard is the special ammo. Anything that takes them away is a waste of points. I don’t use any special or heavy weapons, but I do like my combi weapons. I keep them to a minimum as, like I said earlier, are disposable, so I have to keep the points low. I am going to build them with 4 combi options. 2 with flamers, 2 with melta. This adds 20 pts to the total. The sgt for the same reason only get a power weapon.

So here is my list.

SternGuard List (Ultramarines) 285 points

10 Sternguard Veterans (250)
2× combi-flamer; 2× combi-melta; power armour; boltgun; bolt pistol; special issue ammunition; frag grenades; krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines).

Space Marine Sergeant
power armour; special issue ammunition; frag grenades; krak grenades; power weapon; boltgun. And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics.

• Drop Pod (35) BS4·FA12·SA12·RA12·HP3
storm bolter. Vehicle (open-topped); Transport Capacity: 10 models or 1 Dreadnought or 1 Thunderfire Cannon; Inertial Guidance System; Immobile; Drop Pod Assault.

So thats the Plan, I like to keep it simple and cheap. there are other places to sink the Points, usaly, from Forgeworld!


I let you know how they get on.

till later, see yo across the battle table.


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