Sunday update 21/12/13

Ok, so my plan for the week did not go so well. I had planned to finish the Sternguard and then complete the bases on them and the Scouts with Shotguns.


Part one started well and the Squad is finished ( apart from the bases) part two just didn’t happen. Why? well to be honest, the temptation of the Centurions finally got to me! I have assembled all 3 and made a good start on the 1st Cent.


I have gone for the Assault variant, something my army lacks is a dedicated assault squad with some real impact and these fit the bill quite well. The bonus is that as they are Elite, they don’t reduce the number of Flyers I can take. (all the SM flyers are either FA or HS choices)


Weapon wise I feel the 3x twin linked flamers and 3 hurricane bolters will make mince meet on any horde units while the the s9 AP Siege drills will make a real mess of anything bigger. Hitting at I4 they can make a hole in most of the bigger ‘nid, with the exception of the Tyrant.  as they have Armourbane they will goo through most tanks as well.


So how to use them? I have seen the weakness of these marines. they don’t mix well with AP2 weapons! You need to get in close and fast. if your walking them, your losing them. I plan to use a Raven. 3 of them (3 Very bulky models= 9 capacity) will rush in. supported by the Sternguard as detailed last week and they job should get done.  simple. (well, that’s the Idea)

Model wise I love this kit. they are easy to assemble with some large parts, but you can make some sub assembly for ease of painting. pose wise, you get what’s on the box.  To add movement will mean a major conversion, and I can’t be bothered. I like the pose and as i am not going to add to many of these, this is not a problem.


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