The even bigger build up

Hi and a merry Christmas to you all.

This year my family have been extra kind and my painting stack has substantially increased. The ‘To paint pile‘ now includes:

Aquila macro cannon
This model is huge! Even if if not being used it will make a great centre piece for any battle. For a plastic kit, the parts don’t come on the sprue. You get possibly the largest single plastic piece you will ever see (the main body of the building is one piece!) and 3 zip lock bags of fairly large bits.

I can see some great mission being fought over this fortification. You just see kill team missions to recreate films like the ‘guns of naveron’ where a stealth team try to destroy the gun.

Imperial entrenchment
The wonderful @ratinbun bought me an imperial entrenchment from forgeworld. I had not really considered this model much before, but getting it in my hands I can see I was wrong. It is stunning and will be so much fun to paint. I feel some what that lee, an avid imperial guard player was thinking about his army using this item in our regular games and I can see his colossus parked behind the sand bag walls. However, like the macro cannon, it could be used as a great objective to seize. I am really grateful to him for this wonderful gift.

Wall of martyrs imperial defence emplacement
This added to my current collection of Wall of martyrs models. I have 2 bunkers, 1 set of trenches and a set of emplacement. These kits have a strange effect on me. The sculpting is poor by gw standards and I should hate them, but I love them. They are fun to paint and work well on the table.

The second emplacement kit is great as it adds symmetry to the collection. ( not that I a bit OCD or anything!) it also means I can make a much bigger entrancement.

This is odd kit. Made up of a wrecked rhino, some dead trees and 2 craters, this will add some difficult terrain that also blocks line of sight. Again it’s a great objective for my games and with my scouts and centurions having ‘move through cover’ it makes for an interesting addition to my scenery collection.

Honoured Imperium
This pack of 3 imperial scenery pieces is a great, if somewhat ecleptic mix. You get the wrecked Aquila, a bit of broken building and the big space marine statue. I have wanted this for ages and I have already built and painted the statue. I was such fun to paint and weather it in. I can’t wait to crack on with the rest of kit. The Aquila is huge and will look great along side my crashed lander. The building part seems a bit random, but it’s a nice bit of cover to paint up. While it doesn’t fit my current collection, I hope to add a lot more wrecked buildings soon, so it’s a great addition to my wrecked city scape.

Space marine captain
I took part in the 2013 warmonger secret Santa and someone has sent me a finecast space marine captain. It’s the master of the relics with the servo skull and combi plasma. Not a model I would have chosen, but it looks a challenge to paint an I needed an additional model for space marine supreme hq for apocalypse games.

As well as the fantastic gifts I have a bit of money and vouchers. These will be invested into more marines and I am focusing on getting my battle company finished. I will add a devastator squad and a tactical squad along side a new dreadnought. I am thinking of adding an ironclad dread as it works well with the centurions with a few modelling nods to each other (siege drills and flamers) and with the addition of the stormraven they are a Death Star unit in the making.

As I have the combat squad from the battle force I can make the devs a 10 man squad. Taking the missile from the new tactical squad I will go for 2 launches and 2 plasma cannons. Mainly because I have 2 lass and 2 heavy bolters in the other dev squad. I will put a las-cannon into the 6th tactical squad. The dev sgt will get the fantastic power weapon arm from the sternguard kit. The iron clad will be armed with dread close combat arm and the seismic hammer. 2 heavy flamers will round off this unit.

So that’s the painting stack. It will take me months to get through this lot, so the bank balance can breath easier. The only thing I need to buy, apart from the forgeworld terminator shoulder pads is black spray. Lots and lots of black spray.

Till then, have a great new year and I hope 2014 bring you much luck (and new tyranids, imperial guard, space wolves, Orks and possibly new blood angles)


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