Unboxing the Macro Cannon

I have been given a Aquila Strongpoint  as a Christmas gift from my wife. she is very good at feeding my Plastic Crack habit and she puts up with my hobby like a stoic trooper.

the Opened Box

The Wall of Martyr kits are a break away from the normal GW work and they a a quick way to add loads of scenery into your battles. with the addition of the Strong hold assault book you can now add these to your regular games as part of your army. the ‘Aqulia Macro Cannon’ is the biggest of the kits and is HUGE! When I opened the box I was surprised by the contents and this is a real departure for GW. In fact it reminded more of a Forgeworld kit. you get 2 large bits, the Turret and the main building and 4 zip lock bags each containing a number of large parts. for a kit of this size it only has 56 part! it is worth noting that unlike normal kits you can make it in both versions (the turret sits over the Missiles) but you don’t get any other options! You can upgrade it by adding up to 4 heavy bolters, but you don’t get these in the kit which is a little disappointing.  the only decision is to add the steps or not. With the steps in place its a stand alone model. Without them, you can fit it into the WoM stuff. I have chosen the first option.  largely as I want to use it as an objective in games and thus the stand alone  option works so much better for me.  Also in the box are the Rules for both Layouts which is a departure for GW. Give away the Rules?  Its a nice touch I thought.

Main elements

the model is less assembled and more ‘clad’ in the external parts. The Wall has blank sides and you stick the panels onto this. you then add the Buttress and doors.  Sadly 2 of the antenna had broken on the Buttress, but this will be an easy fix.

Clading Bag 1 Cladding Buttresses

The turret and main gun are assembled separately and fit on the top with now glue required. this allows for the turret to be moved or removed to expose the 7 missiles below, converting it in to a Vortex Missile Silo.

Turret Bits

To paint this will be a challenge. Its hard to break it down to smaller than 2 big bits and it will a big thing to try to hold while painting. I am relishing this challenge and I can’t wait to make a start. Prep wise, the mould lines are virtually non exisitant and it took me about 45 Mins to Prep this for assembly.  Compare that to the Stompa, a similar sized model, which took a week of prep alone!

Side plates

All in all, I would say this is a good kit.  Fast to assemble, but challenging to paint. In games It will be a scenery piece more than a part of any army, but we have a few Apoc games planned for 2014, so it will get to fire in anger. With my Thunderhawk, it will be great to roll out 2 Super heavies!






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