Sunday update 29/12/13

Wow, last update if 2013! What a year, but more of that later.

Last week, due largely to christmas I have gone totally off project! Still I have got lots done.

crashed Lander

For christmas I got lots of scenery and I have been assembling this lot and painting bits of it up. So far I have finish the statue and wrecked Aquila from the honoured imperium kits and made a start on the battle scape kit. I have also finished the crashed Aquila lander I stared ages ago.

Finished Statue

My scenery collection is starting to take shape not. My realm of battle board is supposed to look like an alien waste land and the scenery I have for it works well in this environment. The battle scape in particular adds to this other world feel. I would like to add more Los blocking stuff, but I need it to fit. I am tempted to add a few citadel woods painted in weird alien colours.

Aquila Finished

Model wise I finished the first centurion and assembled the other 2. I will try to finish a 2nd one next week, but this scenery bug has got me bad.

1st Centurion

I will try to post a retrospective of the year next week to. Until then, thanks for read my ramblings over the year. I may also have game club news to share as well next week.

As always, see across the battlefield!


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