Sunday Update 05/01/14

Hi and welcome to 2014!

First Sunday update of the new year and in keeping with Last year, I am way off Project!

I started to prepare the 2nd centurion for Paint, but I got a reminder that the Outlander Open is in 2 weeks with the submission date for the WIP photos was this week. that mean I really should start it! my 40K entry was easy, a Finecast version of INQ Torqumada. However, for the Fantasy I really fancied pulling out all the stops. largely as I am not know for my Fantasy models.  the idea is throw a curve ball into the mix. below is the basic start for the project. 



I managed to get at least one model finished and I did a load assembly work too. I have finished the Battlscape. got say, this is a very overlooked kit. basic to build and paint, its a great scenery piece. its a weird thing to build. It was also a chance to try out the Typhon Corruption. one of the new technical paints and it works well. I went for a thinned wash in multiple levels all over the Rhino. The Blood angels Rhino was painted as if new, inc the Decals, then ‘distressed down’. This worked well and I am quite pleased.


I had an order from Gifts for Geeks so this is mostly assembled. I have add an Ironclad Dread and the rest of the 2nd devastator squad. the total list of assembled and waiting for paint is now over 40 models. This could take me awhile. 



2 thoughts on “Sunday Update 05/01/14

  1. I especially like the lean and angular look of that corner of a building in you first photo. Something sinewy and discordant about it, like something out of a dark fairy tale or Tim Burton movie.

    I’m excited to see it all painted up!

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