Project Gladius build Blog 6 Top cannon mounting and top Fuselage

I have done lots on the Project today, but not much to say about it, so it’s a short update. It was all very simple stuff and the kit at this stage is not causing me any real headaches.

20140220_180719 20140220_192129

I decided to assemble the Top fuselage into a single part. I used the Fuselage front, rear and Top and glued them together. I spent a long time getting the top seam right. I then cleaned up the 2 main guns. These fit really nicely and the original idea was use magnets, however, it do think I need to and so I just pinned them with the same 3mm brass tubing as the wings. I did the same for both making it easy to swap the Guns over. I also sorted rears section, just cleaning it up. I will mount this part once the interior is done. I have also cleaned up the cockpit section. So its ready for the glass. Not a task I am looking forwards to!I have added the doors, top equipment and the attack wings.

I can now do a full dry fit of the whole fuselage, so here it is in all its glory! Still some tiding to do, but its nearly ready to break down and Paint the interior.

20140221_203648 20140221_203625


Sunday update 24/02/14

Not much say this as I have published 5 project gladius posts this week. The build is going well and the dry fit is done! I managed to get some painting done and the interior is coming along well. The 2 crew and the raven pilot all got done as well.

In the hobby world everyone is getting all very excited about the knights, the new kit from gw. Consensus in Is all very positive and this kit harks back to the days of epic. It great to see gw finial pull a massive surprise and let’s hope the great feed back they are getting will spur them on. I hope they will finally stop the one army only per month thing and start to mix it up a bit?

I am very tempted my self, but at £85, I can’t justify one. Yet. I will add one, but I’ll have to wait. I like the idea of a painting project that allowed you to just go wild. This kit and the nature of the houses means I can go anywhere with the colour scheme. That will be fun. I am very tempted to sell off the imperial guard to cover the cost of one!

So, that’s this week In the hobby for me. Next week I hope to get the whole interior finished on the thunderhawk. I’ll take a break from it once this is done and try to get sternguard finished.

Till next week, see you across the battlefield.

Project Gladius build Blog 4 Interior

Only a quick update today as I have done lots done, but was all very simple stuff.


With the Externals done it time to build the interior. All the parts fitted well and only slight work was needed. The rear bulk head needed some work to get it straight as did the upper panel. I have not glued the top panel to make painting easier. Sadly you’ll never be able to see it. I have noticed that the access in to the upper deck is way too small for a marine to get through. I have no idea how marines get around this level of the Vehicle. The rear seats are also too small!

20140218_223238 20140218_221832 20140218_221654

As the interior went well, I decided to clean up the reaming wing parts and the front Canards. The Engines were really easy to sort and the canards are just as easy as the tail section. Next up will be the Main gun and Mounting the Canards.


Project Gladius build Blog 5 Canards

The front wings, also called ‘Canards’ are a core part of the overall look of the Hawk, but they are big parts with smaller mounting lugs. The join is very weak and will break easily. I decided to pin them with 2 pins each side. I also need to ensure they are spot on with the alignment. I decide to use normal dressmaker’s pins keeping the head visible on the internal bulkheads. I drilled through using a hand drill the aligned the canards and drilling in from the inside out to mark the spot. I then drilled in a down 10mm to get a good part of the pin inside the wings. Once mounted I used Liquid green to fill the gaps and cleaned the area up. I then used a Hair dryer again to make the alignment perfect.

20140220_195451 20140220_201838 20140220_180620

Project Gladius build blog 3-Winging it

Back on to the Build of Project Gladius.  Today I need to mount the Wings ans the Ailerons. The wings are big, heavy solid bits of Resin.  I have decided to pin them to increase its strength. They have 2 lugs underneath that sit into the reciprocal groves on the Lower fuselage.  The lower engine cowling meets the body in 2 cut out parts of the lower fuselage. Sadly both wings appear to have shrunk a bit and no longer fitted in to these cuts. I had to trim both to make them fit and used the Lugs as a guide.  


Once this was done I drilled a 3mm hole in the Fuselage each side using the hole for the Stand as a guide. I wanted the Support pinning to become the end stop for the base. For the Pinning I used 3mm brass tubing, proving that everything on this kit is bigger! This was a simple task, but I had to use a cordless drill to drill the matching holes on the Wings. To make the lining up easier I fitted one wing in place and the used the end of the rod to make up the point to drill. To do this I threaded the rod through the fuselage to help line it all up. I took a while triple checking the alignment of the Lugs, wings and fuselage. They do say measure twice and Drill once and this is a good case to prove this point.


20140218_193805 20140218_193817 20140218_193821

Once drilled I hit a snag in that the fuselage has these end plates that cover the mounting point and the wings have to be mounted at a slight angle to get it past these. It took a while to do this with the Brass rod in place, but I managed it. The wings have shrunk a bit and these will need to be filled with Green to get a solid look. I have not glued the wings yet as I think it will make painting the interior better. At 17” wide, they will get in the way whilst painting.

20140219_182243 20140219_183147

To finish off the wings I cleaned and mounted the Ailerons. This was simple task. Each wing has 2 sets. As this went so well, I knocked the Tail together as well. This was easy and needed very little work.  the Next task for the wing is the hard points for the Missiles, but I am still pondering on magnetizing the Missiles so I will leave these for a while. I might get some FW bombs in the near future to give me the Full list of options. I will do all the guns as a side project later.

Sunday update 160214

It’s been a great week for me. This is only a quick update this week. I have posted a few longer blogs this week if you want to read more.

I managed to paint all the terminators and stick to a plan! That’s a first for me. The squad looks great and I am really pleased. Sadly, that’s all I managed to paint, but hey, it’s another squad finished!

I had a great game with lee. It was guard vs ultramarines. A full battle report is coming in the next few days. We tweeted out using the tag #batrep and we got lots of great feed back. The live tweeting slows the game down, but it was lots fun, almost like having people cheering us along. The game was great with some real cinematic moments and it was one the best games I have played.

I got loads done on project gladius and I am starting to get a feel for this kit. It has a long way to go.

I also made a start on my ‘slimline’ stormraven. I call it a slimline as I am converting the top to make it lower. This is tie them into the raptor/eagle. I am dropping the turret for a smaller/lower turret. The big air vent on the back is lower and set further back. Adding a converting plate from a razorback to add some top details. I have started this now as I intent to use the interior as test for the hawk. My normal interior is an ultramarine blue, but I need it lighter for the detailed interior of the hawk, hence a test will needed first. The early work is looking ok, but it’s got a way to go and I need to decide on weapon options and source a turret.

Anyway, as I said it’s just a brief update. Till next week, see you across the battlefield.



Forge World Anphelion Base – Finished !

The Painting Bunker

Well, its done.  What a mission it was too.  I have to admit, I’m quite pleased with the finished product.  I don’t know about you, but often when I’m half way through a project I get disheartened because I think its not going to turn out the way I want.  The temptation to not persevere  is high.  On many occasions with this project I was in that place.  However experience has now taught me to keep going.  As they say, when you’re going through hell, don’t stop!

I actually finished this several weeks ago.  In that time, I’ve probably had about 10-12 games on it.  Its loads of fun to play on.  Having actual buildings, not ruins on the table is fun.  It throws up some interesting challenges.  The other unique aspect to playing on this board is that we use the Zone Mortalis rules from Horus Heresy Book 1…

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Project gladius build blog 2

It time to get some more work done on my Thunderhawk. The build is a complex one and today’s work was to try to get to first full dry fit. It was all about cleaning the big bits, sorting any warpage and, if time allows look at mounting for wings.

Today’s parts will be the lower fuselage (the HUGE bit) upper fuselage, (front and rear) the nose section and the wings.

One of the big issues with kit is what I call “scaring” on several parts. Mainly the big bits, this seems to be a casting issue. As you can see on the photos, it’s a step on the side of the some of the part, about 1mm deep, running in an uneven line. This is not a casting or mould line, but it’s a real pain.

Scaring on upper front hull front

Scaring on upper front hull front

Scaring on lower fuselage

Scaring on lower fuselage

To clean these scars I have found that I need to scrap with a sharp edge of a modelling knife. Once it’s fairly smooth I then use a medium grade emery board. I then polish it off with a fine emery cloth (sometimes known as Wet and Dry Paper). This smooths the surface for painting.


Dry fit on the front fuselage
The top front of the fuselage is made of the nose section and the upper front fuselage. The 2 parts fit together onto the lower fuselage. I found that they did not meet and I tracked the problem to the upper fuselage. It had a slight warp at the front.

20140214_164458 20140214_164444

Now, we all know that the easiest way to bend a warped forge world part right? Soak it in hit water and bend it straight. I. tried it it but it didn’t work. After looking around, I found people using hair dryers to straighten thicker resin parts. I tried it out and it worked out ok. I re shaped the upper fuselage. The fit is much better, and will now only need some small filling. As this is quite a obvious part of the kit, it needs to be perfect.

Once this was done I cleaned up the front end. The front end was a bit of mess, but it cleaned up pretty good. I dry fitted the front ramp and I had to straighten the front hatch aperture. This was easy to do and it worked well.

20140214_165401 20140214_164732 20140214_171714 20140214_171725


Lower fuselage


Next up was the big fuselage part. This is a monster part. It as 3 areas of scaring. These were hard to clean as the rivets got in the way. It cleaned up ok. Next was the bravest think I have ever done.

The thunderhawk kit does not have any mounting for a flight stand. Now I want this in the air and I am planning on making a custom stand. I think a 15mm acrylic rod will hold the weight. It’s hard to know until I can mount the full kit. Taking a power drill with 15mm hole bore to a £400.00 kit gives you shakes. I measured up location, twice to be sure. My plan was simple. I will fit a thick brass rod that passes through the fuselage. Supporting each wing. I will sheath the central brass rod with heat shrink, (normally used in electronics). I will cut a grove into the top of the acrylic rod. This will help protect the top of the rod and hold the model in place.

20140214_182023 20140214_182031

Once the hole was drilled I started on the wings. This was an easy task. Both had scaring on the leading edge. It was a simple task to clean them up, but once I tryed to fit them I found the alignment a nightmare. This task is going to be a challenge. So for now I am calling it quits.

20140214_185823 20140214_185836 20140214_185847

That enough for today and time to clean up. The study now looks like a resin bomb has gone off. Better get the vac out. All in all, the kit is coming along well. The core fuselage lines up. The nose fits and worst of the scaring is behind me.


Here is the wip shot to end the day.

WIP Dry fit 1

Till next time. When me and the Wings will have a fall out.

1st Albion Regiment gets a Veteran Squad


The new year painting continues with the completion of my first Veteran Squad for my Imperial Guard Army!


I have had these excellent miniatures for over a decade and have never done anything with them other than box them up and lose them in the loft!  Now they have been given the 1st Albion Regiment colour scheme and they are a great addition to the army.

They have been completed just in time for their first battle too as I shall be taking on my old friend Paul Collett (@ozrax to those in the know) with his Awesome Ultramarines army on Saturday 15th February.

Here’s hoping that they don’t suffer from the New Miniature rule that usually plagues my new stuff first time out!

Saturday also sees the first outing for Lord Chelmsford, my Company Commander and the newest Sentinel to join my army!

Any way!  More new stuff to…

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