Project gladius parts list

Hi all,

So it’s time to start thinking about the Thunderhawk. The kit is huge, complex and notoriously badly caste. The mould is 12 years old, so you should expect some warpage. The instructions for the kit is merger 5 pages long for a 109 part kit, and in nowhere near what you get in the most basic kit today. I have decided that the first thing to do is to check every part is here and is OK. Sadly the first thing missing is a parts list! They never wrote one! So, using the pages as a guide here is my Thunderhawk parts list.
Full parts TH

Sheet 1-cockpit
● core controls
● Chair x 2
● Crew x 2
● Controls with arms
● Controls alt
● Bulkhead wall rear/left
● Bulkhead wall rear/right
● Monitors x 2

Sheet 1 cockpit

Sheet 2-interior
● Lower fuselage
● Rear bulkhead
● Front bulkhead
● Ladder
● Stairs
● Bolter rack
● Upper celling
● Nose

Sheet 2 fuselage

Sheet 3-undercarriage
● Front landing pad
● Front landing leg
● Front leg piston
● Left landing pad
● Left landing leg
● Left landing leg door
● Main landing leg pistons x 2
● Right landing pad
● Right landing leg
● Right landing leg door

Sheet 3 Landing gear

front heavy bolter assembly x 2
● Left heavy bolter
● Right heavy bolter
● Upper heavy bolter mount
● Lower heavy bolter mount
● Central support
● Heavy bolter shield
● Targeting array

Sheets 3 Front guns

Wing heavy bolter assembly x 2
● Right heavy bolter
● Left heavy bolter
● Wing heavy bolter mount

Sheets 3 wing Guns

Sheet 4-fuselage
● Cockpit canopy
● front ramp
● Front ramp hinges x2
● Side door x2
● Sensor x2
● Upper fuselage
● Attack wing x 2
● Air brake x2
● Air brake support x2
● Attack wing hinges x4
● Front upper fuselage (not named on sheet)
● Upper fuselage rear (not named on sheet)
● Front ramp hinges x2

Sheet 4 front

Sheet 5-exterior
● Front canards x2
● front canard ailerons x2
● Wings x2
● Engine intake x2
● Main weapon ( turbo laser and battle cannon)

Sheet 4 Wings

● Engine exhaust x3
● Rear fuselage
● Tail plane
● Ailerons x4
● Elevators x2
● Tail fin

Sheet 5

(Additional parts)
● Hellstrike missiles x6
● Pylons x6
● Purity seals
● Aquila Eagles x3
● clear plastic card (for windows)
● Certificate

So that’s the parts. Next up is the prep work. I have decided, some what bravely, to break this process down. I will wash, clean and dry fit the core structure, then do each additional section as an individual project. To this end I have bagged the parts up in the sections as listed. I can just wash, clean and prep each section.

Bagged parts

Well, that’s the plan. Let’s see if it all works. Day one (proper) on this project is coming soon! Look out the next instalment of project Gladius.


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