Project Gladius build post 1-Thunderhawk cockpit and crew

Well, the work has begun and glue has been used.

I have cleaned, prepared and bathed the parts for the cockpit. The main body took the most work and the rim to the access ladder needed straightening. I checked the fit with the fuselage parts. The cockpit fitted well, but the top/front fuselage will need some work. The nose section looks to be a good fit.

I found that one of the Chairs had a slight miscast on as a result the mounting peg was too big to the hole. I cut it off and used some brass rod to fix this. This was the first application of glue to the kit! Easy to sort, but I have a feeling that this kit might hold no end of such challenges.

The 2 crew were assembled and I have added 4 shoulder pads from the bits box. I have thought about the crew a lot. Would they be techmarine pilots or regular crew? I have an issue with ever single crewman on every tank being a techmarine. They are supported be quite rare! So I have decided that any thing smaller than a landraider or raven will be crewed by the correct type of marine. (Heavy support choice will be crewed by devastators, fast attack by assault, everything else by marines.) this means that the 2 crew will be painted red and have the techmarine shoulder pads on the right shoulder. The left will be 2nd company marking. I chose to have the both holding the controls and will position the both to looking at the Centre console screens.

The wall sections fitted well, but the left side needed a bit of straightening. Then some liquid green to fill the gaps. Over all this was quite easy, but took 2 hours work.


Next up will be the main fuselage. This is going to hard. It has some nasty scaring on the lateral lines that is in between the rivets. Cleaning this will be a challenge. The scar has raised parts of it up by around 1mm. That’s a lot to smooth over. I’ll blog about it once it’s done.

Till then, see you all later.


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