Sunday review 020214

Well, that’s been another week of wargaming for you!

Painting comp results came in and I didn’t win! I lost to a good friend, Norbert, who’s model was excellent. Really impressive. I like to win, but I don’t mind losing a good game or tough competition. Norbert is a worthy winner.

I have made a start in the Thunderhawk, it is just too tempting. I amout each step, under the title ‘project Gladius’ (Gladius being Cato sicarius’s personnel Thunderhawk) I’ll not mention it too much hear as you can read the full blog on the project elsewhere.

Ironclad Dreadnought

In the mean time, the ultramarine work continues. The ironclad is nearly done and I have even marked up the scout squad 3. This was a job that had not got around to yet. They look pretty good, but I need to add the other 5 to be totally happy with squad.


Next up, if I can keep my hands off the Thunderhawk will be to finish assembling the assault squad and running tactical squad. I have ordered in some more legs and I hope to have these done for the end of the week. The assault marines are the 2 squad and will be armed with plasma pistols. I have never worked out why they can’t have more weapon options? I think it’s the GW policy of it must be in the kit or they have it. This would mean a new assault marine kit and I don’t thing they are a good seller. (As they have limited options)

Anyway, that’s it from me for the week. Till next time, see you across the battle table.



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