Sunday update 160214

It’s been a great week for me. This is only a quick update this week. I have posted a few longer blogs this week if you want to read more.

I managed to paint all the terminators and stick to a plan! That’s a first for me. The squad looks great and I am really pleased. Sadly, that’s all I managed to paint, but hey, it’s another squad finished!

I had a great game with lee. It was guard vs ultramarines. A full battle report is coming in the next few days. We tweeted out using the tag #batrep and we got lots of great feed back. The live tweeting slows the game down, but it was lots fun, almost like having people cheering us along. The game was great with some real cinematic moments and it was one the best games I have played.

I got loads done on project gladius and I am starting to get a feel for this kit. It has a long way to go.

I also made a start on my ‘slimline’ stormraven. I call it a slimline as I am converting the top to make it lower. This is tie them into the raptor/eagle. I am dropping the turret for a smaller/lower turret. The big air vent on the back is lower and set further back. Adding a converting plate from a razorback to add some top details. I have started this now as I intent to use the interior as test for the hawk. My normal interior is an ultramarine blue, but I need it lighter for the detailed interior of the hawk, hence a test will needed first. The early work is looking ok, but it’s got a way to go and I need to decide on weapon options and source a turret.

Anyway, as I said it’s just a brief update. Till next week, see you across the battlefield.




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