Project Gladius build blog 3-Winging it

Back on to the Build of Project Gladius.  Today I need to mount the Wings ans the Ailerons. The wings are big, heavy solid bits of Resin.  I have decided to pin them to increase its strength. They have 2 lugs underneath that sit into the reciprocal groves on the Lower fuselage.  The lower engine cowling meets the body in 2 cut out parts of the lower fuselage. Sadly both wings appear to have shrunk a bit and no longer fitted in to these cuts. I had to trim both to make them fit and used the Lugs as a guide.  


Once this was done I drilled a 3mm hole in the Fuselage each side using the hole for the Stand as a guide. I wanted the Support pinning to become the end stop for the base. For the Pinning I used 3mm brass tubing, proving that everything on this kit is bigger! This was a simple task, but I had to use a cordless drill to drill the matching holes on the Wings. To make the lining up easier I fitted one wing in place and the used the end of the rod to make up the point to drill. To do this I threaded the rod through the fuselage to help line it all up. I took a while triple checking the alignment of the Lugs, wings and fuselage. They do say measure twice and Drill once and this is a good case to prove this point.


20140218_193805 20140218_193817 20140218_193821

Once drilled I hit a snag in that the fuselage has these end plates that cover the mounting point and the wings have to be mounted at a slight angle to get it past these. It took a while to do this with the Brass rod in place, but I managed it. The wings have shrunk a bit and these will need to be filled with Green to get a solid look. I have not glued the wings yet as I think it will make painting the interior better. At 17” wide, they will get in the way whilst painting.

20140219_182243 20140219_183147

To finish off the wings I cleaned and mounted the Ailerons. This was simple task. Each wing has 2 sets. As this went so well, I knocked the Tail together as well. This was easy and needed very little work.  the Next task for the wing is the hard points for the Missiles, but I am still pondering on magnetizing the Missiles so I will leave these for a while. I might get some FW bombs in the near future to give me the Full list of options. I will do all the guns as a side project later.


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