Project Gladius build Blog 5 Canards

The front wings, also called ‘Canards’ are a core part of the overall look of the Hawk, but they are big parts with smaller mounting lugs. The join is very weak and will break easily. I decided to pin them with 2 pins each side. I also need to ensure they are spot on with the alignment. I decide to use normal dressmaker’s pins keeping the head visible on the internal bulkheads. I drilled through using a hand drill the aligned the canards and drilling in from the inside out to mark the spot. I then drilled in a down 10mm to get a good part of the pin inside the wings. Once mounted I used Liquid green to fill the gaps and cleaned the area up. I then used a Hair dryer again to make the alignment perfect.

20140220_195451 20140220_201838 20140220_180620


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