Project Gladius build Blog 4 Interior

Only a quick update today as I have done lots done, but was all very simple stuff.


With the Externals done it time to build the interior. All the parts fitted well and only slight work was needed. The rear bulk head needed some work to get it straight as did the upper panel. I have not glued the top panel to make painting easier. Sadly you’ll never be able to see it. I have noticed that the access in to the upper deck is way too small for a marine to get through. I have no idea how marines get around this level of the Vehicle. The rear seats are also too small!

20140218_223238 20140218_221832 20140218_221654

As the interior went well, I decided to clean up the reaming wing parts and the front Canards. The Engines were really easy to sort and the canards are just as easy as the tail section. Next up will be the Main gun and Mounting the Canards.



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