Project Gladius build Blog 6 Top cannon mounting and top Fuselage

I have done lots on the Project today, but not much to say about it, so it’s a short update. It was all very simple stuff and the kit at this stage is not causing me any real headaches.

20140220_180719 20140220_192129

I decided to assemble the Top fuselage into a single part. I used the Fuselage front, rear and Top and glued them together. I spent a long time getting the top seam right. I then cleaned up the 2 main guns. These fit really nicely and the original idea was use magnets, however, it do think I need to and so I just pinned them with the same 3mm brass tubing as the wings. I did the same for both making it easy to swap the Guns over. I also sorted rears section, just cleaning it up. I will mount this part once the interior is done. I have also cleaned up the cockpit section. So its ready for the glass. Not a task I am looking forwards to!I have added the doors, top equipment and the attack wings.

I can now do a full dry fit of the whole fuselage, so here it is in all its glory! Still some tiding to do, but its nearly ready to break down and Paint the interior.

20140221_203648 20140221_203625


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