Sunday update 020314

It’s been quite a week at work so work on project gladius has been slow. Need to start off by say a huge well done to lee, (@ratinabun on twitter) his Lego iron maiden went supernova on miniature monad this week with over 1200 re tweets! Madness I tell you. His project is film some ‘live’ maiden tracks using stop motion on a fully working stage. The guy is a slightly mad genius.

For project gladius, my thunderhawk, I have managed to finish the cockpit completely now and the top roof is done. Work has stared on the inside of the main body, with the nose section walls done.

Also completed is the landing gear assembly and this turned it to a total pain. I could not get the thing level and, being very slightly anal about these thing, this took me a while to fix.

I got some work done on the pilots as well, but these need to be finished. I have ordered the acrylic rod for the base, but I am still thinking about the main body of the base. It needs to be really strong, but I want it to be clean. This is taking some planning and any ideas are greatly appricated.

On the hobby front of course is the realise yesterday of the knights and the announcement of the codex: imperial knights. I caved in and I have ordered 2 of these beasts and the codex. To do this I have sold my imperial guard. This army was on the shelf and not getting any love. If I still had it when the codex is released, you know I would slide off target.

I have decided to try the airbrush out on the knights and using k’oosh from Babylon 5 as the core of an idea, house verdan’s core house colours will be a mottled green. I am also going to base the metal using Vallejo airbrush paint. (Gun) this is a new challenge for me and I have bought a couple of Vallejo air paints to play with.

So, that’s me for the week. I have spent enough this month already and I have more to paint. I will try to finish the interior of the thunderhawk this week, but then I will do the 2 knights. I am planning on doing both at the same time, to help me them match. What could possibly go wrong?

Till next week, see you across the battle field.




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