a Sunday update, so very late.

Totally missed any updates for the few weeks! Work life has been mad, and hobby wise it’s all been a super heavy busy. So what have I been up to?

Project gladius
The big build on my thunderhawk is going well. I have completed the the. Inside and assembled the bodly. I have made a start on the green work, filling the gaps, but it’s a ball ache of a chore. I will blog a full update on this soon.


Imperial knights
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have missed the arrival the imperial knights. This new kit is the the long waited thin edge of the wedge. Finally gw have added a supper to the basic game. No longer just apocalypse or escalation, the arrival of super heavies in the normal game is the beginning of the end for the foot slogger. Gw have wanted to head this way for a while and the riptide and wraithknight were the start. The super sized kits are awesome pieces of work, but can dominate people’s budget. (Ok, rant over for now)

20140421_114029 20140421_114020 20140421_114003 20140421_113938

On the hobby side, the knights are stunning. I love the kits and sold off most of my imperial guard to fund 2 of these hunched behemoths. I planned to use them to support my ultramarines, but to allow my to play with the airbrush for a paint scheme. So house verdan was born.

I have bought some proper airbrush paints from elemental games, what a great service by the way, and this has allowed me to have some fun playing with them. The Vallejo air range is great. The paints are a good quality for what I want and are under £2 a pot.

House verdan are from a heavily forested planet and the camo paint scheme reflect this . I have added different coloured trimming and some free hand blocking to make them stand out. The knight transfer sheet is very good with a much lower over hang on the decals. Only the decal it’s self comes away from the sheet, with none of the clear edging that you normally get.

Ultramarine reinforcements
The boys of the 2 company needed a few changes as I had some units that I just can’t use. Tactical 3 never got used as the triple plasma just never worked for me. I made the following changes:

Sgt from plasma pistol and power sword to combi flamer and chain sword

Plasma cannon to missile launcher

Plasma gun to grav gun


This mix dramatically drops the points value and make the squad more usefull. I Also painted the sgt for assault 2. Again the sgt for assault squad 1 (thunder hammer and storm shield) is to pricey points wise and never lives long enough to be of any use! Sgt 2 gets a power weapon only. I have made him using a mix of vanguard, sternguard and assault marine bits.

It’s no surprise to anyone to say I love my flyers! I love all the current models and the way they play. I am especially fond of the marine flyers and have wanted to add a raven to the force. My only issue is the it doesn’t work well with the raptor and eagle with the large top turret on the top. I decided to make it a slim line version. I trimmed the air intake down by 2cm, and found a slimmer turret, from cheekily named forge planet on the net. The las cannons on this kit were a bit basic, so I swapped them with the forgeworld ones left over from my demios preadator. Paint wise it was the first vehicle I have painted since I moved from the old ‘ultramarine blue’ to ‘atldof blue’ this has resulted in a darker look and the match is not good.. However, it’s still looks good, just a lot newer than the rest of the airwing.

20140421_113544 20140421_113607 20140421_113636 20140421_113647 20140421_113709

Gaming wise, games have been few and far between, but have been great. I fought dark angles for the first time and got a hard fought victory. The centurions really worked form me deploying from the eagle they tore through the dark angles.

20140319_215154 20140319_210842 20140319_210837 20140319_210833 20140319_205313 20140319_205307 20140319_200656 20140319_200328 20140319_200322

I had a great game vs lee Bedford and he pulled a great surprise. He used the imperial armour list-armoured column. That’s 4 leman Russ tanks, 2 basalisk, medusa, knight and a hydra. Not a single foot slogger! As I had Taken 2 knights and a half battle company, it turned into a one sided affair once his tanks started to die. It was still the best surprise deployment I have ever seen and he managed to keep the knight, the pride of Albion, from for 2 weeks! I really enjoy games vs lee and I can’t wait for the next game! Lee has also joined club and got a Stella win in his first game, I think his arrival will shock most other gamers, his tank heavy force is something to behold. Most of your army is useless against them!


So, that’s the last. Couple of months updated. I still have loads to assemble and paint, but the stack has reduced. I think any new purchases will need to be for the gaming board and I am itching to get my hands on imperial armour 2. Knowing me, once I get thus book, more forgeworld tanks will follow. I do feel that my marine lack ground based fire power, the land raider Achilles in particular looks like it will fill a whole in my army nicely.


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