Project gladius blog 7 interior paint

Time to finally paint some of the thunderhawk! The interior is very detailed, but sadly the design means most of it is hidden. I decided to spend some time painting the while kit, despite the fact most of this work will never be sen other than in the following photos! I went for a grey interior, fairy utilitarian in nature. This scheme will be used on my storm raven as well. I used brass rather than gold for the trim, again to look more ancient but maintained, rather that a holy relic. The paint took a few days but it came out ok, them I re assembled the interior and gluing it to the bottom hull. Next step is the full assembly of the super structure and then filling in any gaps.

Copy of 20140224_203147 1394441854438 1393878638073 20140310_205006 20140310_204833 20140310_204820 20140310_204806 20140310_204759 20140310_204755 20140310_084925 20140310_084912 20140310_084845 20140310_084837 20140309_210340 20140303_202914 20140303_184049 20140303_184023 20140303_082149 20140224_203147 20140224_203118 20140224_074429 20140224_074412 20140224_074357


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