Army update

It has been ages since it have I have blogged and a lot has happened since my last post. I though I would go through what’s still to paint and why.

7th ed
The release of the 7th edition of Warhammer 40k has left me looking at my army. I have always thought the army as lacking anti tank. The changes to the vehicle damage table mean that the Lascannon is now a much more valuable weapon. I have added one to tactical squad 6 and the storm raven. I have finally added landraider as well. This gives me the fire-power to kill a tank. I would like to add a stormtalon with las cannons soon as well, but funds prevent this.

New units
I have been building more than painting of late. I am not happy with the blue of my recent units as the don’t match the older units. While thinking about this I have add lots to the ‘to be painted’ pile. In total that stack now is rather large.

2 full tactical squads
Land raider
Land raider redeemer
Land speeder storm
Full devasator squad
5 man sternguard squad
Full terminator squad
Reclaimed raven
2 sternguard

For me that’s quite a lot. The reclaimed raven was my old Grey knights raven, that never got used. I have stripped it, removed the lighting rig and converted it to the same ‘low profile’ of my other raven. I have chosen to go with an assault cannon turret and the missile launcher. This will make it better vs horde armies.

The 5 man sternguard squad is full converted from bits and is a lot less flashy than my other sternguard squad.the new squad is my anti tank unit. Having 2 melta guns and a few melta combi guns.

The terminator squad is the much vaunted 1st squad, 1st company and so it needed to look right. The squad is converted from deathwing knights and assault terminators. I have added extra bling with Forgeworld shoulder pads.

So that’s the project. It’s a fair old stack and I will try to stay on target. As long as gw don’t go and release something awesome. Till then, see you across the battle table.