The rending of Cato sicarius

We need to talk about cato. Now, don’t get wrong I am a big gw supporter, and try hard to avoid the hate, sometimes I fail. (Insert deamology rant here) but I must say they dropped the ball with the Cato Sicarus model. For those that don’t know, he is captain of the 2nd company and the most likely successor to calgar. He is a dynamic figure, leading from the front, his battle hardened troops would follow him into the eye of terror it’s self if he needed them to. He is always where the fighting is thickest, killing warlords, kicking ass and carving his name into the pages of history. So, what do gw produce for this 41st millennium Acton hero? A sweeping hero with masses of movement? A leaping angle of death? Or The most static, ridged and dull spacemarine ever!


Don’t get me wrong. The sculpt is great, the detailing, the cape, the strange quiff of hair, all done really well, they are just to compact. The model lacks the energy of the fluff. More stoic leader than interglacial action man.

So, what can done? Well here is my attempt to convert this static model into an action pose.


1- the core elements.
To make this conversion, I needed a finecaste Cato model. The core elements that I needed are:

Head, sword scabbard, right shoulder guard, ultramar symbol from left shoulder, chest and frontal armour and his back pack. (All harvested from the orginal kit. This is the only time that fine caste is the best!


To this I needed the old plastic commanders torso back (with its cape), running legs (vanguard legs work best) a plasma pistol and relic blade.

I have bought him 2nd hand off eBay (£5.50!) I set to work harvesting the parts I needed. 2 hours of clipping, trimming and shaving later, I had the core parts. Cleaning the back of his loin cloth and guard was hard, but it managed to get it done using my rotary tool. I also used this to hollow out the top neck area so the head would fit and bottom of the body so the legs fitted.

For the arm I have again used vanguard arms with the raised right arm working really well. To mount the legs I had to remove the armour on the back. This was then filled with green stuff. There was a horrible gap around his waist, so I filled this with green, then used various bits to disguise it. Sternguard ammo belt worked well as did the vet icons from the commander. On the right hip the sword scabbard fitted perfectly.

For his base I wanted something to movement. Using the end of Valkyrie missile pod, I designed something he is leaping off, with his movement being off center while he is shooting to left. This makes him more dynamic. To add to this I bent his banner corners back, and tried to bend the edges of cape. For this I used a hair dryer. I got the resin and plastic hot the carefully bent it back.

I have tried to keep the paint as close as possible to the orginal. This will again highlight who it is meant to be. The base looks rusty to help show the glory of Cato in contrast.


I decided to paint up the cape as what I Call a star cape. Which is surprisingly easy to do. I just painted the cape in teh normal fashion for a dark blue cape. Masked off the rest with blue tac. I the took an old tooth brush dipped it into Cremite white. on a spare bit of paper I flicked off the access. I then flicked it on to the cape. I then painted the bigger stars layering thinned Ice white up to Pure white. 


So he is done, I want him to his to flow and passion of a hero, I think I got it and now he’s ready to lead the charge!



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