2nd war for Armageddon animosity gaming.

Yesterday I got invited to attend an event with a group of gamers called ‘animosity wargamers‘ hosted at slayer games. I knew very little about either and this blog is less about the game and more these groups.


I was invited to their recreation of the 2nd war form Armageddon. They needed the boys in blue. Simon, a member of the outlanders invited me to help out. So now I am the ultramarine guy. Simon agreed to give me a lift and we left at some ungodly hour to make the trip to Mansfield.

The game was to be played in a semi apoc fashion. Each ‘battle’ was fought 4,000pts of ork vs 2 x 2,000pts allied imperial. They are a fluff based group so if it wasn’t in the fluff it was out. The imperials we mainly guard and the 3 space marine chapters. Obviously gazkull and Yarrick were there with Dante leading the marines. For my marines, it was a chance to use the thunderhawk! Filled with second company, supported a 1st company squad in a smaller raven.

We arrived at an industrial estate in Mansfield, the home of slayer games. I knew nothing of the venue, other than the staff were a great bunch of gamers. The venue on an industrial was not what I expected, but was genius. Once in side, the shop part is well presented, with a wide range of well priced games. As well as the obligatory gw stands, most other big names were present, but a few I had not seen befor. The store had a couple of nice demo tables an open table area for card games. Dotted around were a few display cases with great painted miniatures in.

I was then shown the big room at back, that was just huge and full of 6×4 tables. Strewn with a mix of terrain for various games. In the centre was a long 4×24 table. The battlefield for our game.


Over the next half hour the various gamer turned up. It was the first time I had met them but the group was friendly and welcoming. Within minuets we were all swapping stories. Animosity is a group that seems to pride itself on a love of wargaming. They are not WAAC, but play the games to have fun. This ethos is very important to them and I can see why. They have sense of camaraderie and were all there to fight this huge battle. It was not the ork or imperial must win or that it was a competitive match. It was just gonna be epic day of wargaming.


Having a chat on the forum before the game, I had soon picked up this ethos. No raging nerd rage, no killer invisible blobs, no cookie cutter list. Just a group trying to pull together a game. Scot the organiser had a vision for this game, but it seemed, with a little cajoling, that the group all pulled together to make this event happen. Some even lent armies to other gamers if their primary force was not right for the setting.



After a mug of coffee and a long natter about the hobby, we were herded into the gaming hall. Broken into 2 sides, scot explained how the day would work. Rather than on long table with massive turns of 16,0000 per side, it would be 4 games played over 4 tables, each table victory adding to the total at the end. Scots deployment plan was inspired! It needs a name, but the ‘scot line’ works for me. Deployment was done diagonally with the short end of one table butting up with corresponding side on the next table. This meant you got ‘wedges’ of imperial , then Orks. While it limited deployment, it a great way to line up a big game.


The plan was first turn up lunch then finish each off from 13.00. Time flew by and the buzz in the room was great. The rules were relaxed and very little rules lawyering was needed. The relaxed atmosphere meant the game was more important than the outcome. The armies were all painted to great standard and slayers tables were nice.


The day was a fantastic day out. I met a truly great bunch of gamers and visited an inspired venue. I have always said how much I hate the tournament scene, but this group has shown me a new collective way to play epic battles. I can’t wait until January and the 3rd war for Armageddon.


Must say thanks to slayer for hosting the event. It’s a novel approach to an independent gaming store that really works for me. The local batch bar did a roaring trade at lunch, but they sold snacks and drinks, so we were well feed and watered.


Thanks all for a great day out. The 13th legion will return soon!