The Marking of the 6th

After a funny discussion on Twitter about my pending heresy it thought look at the squad markings of the 6th company bike squads for my ultramarines.

Now, conventional wisdom is that all bike squads are assault squads and as such, they have the crossed arrows marking. That’s codex yes? the 6th reserve company who are all tactical squads should be marked as such. (Single arrow pointing up)

But according to the codex, 6th company also have access to all the bikes, allowing for the whole company to be bike squads. So, by that definition, I should have tactical squads on bikes? Some, however, believe this is heresy and I am I being sent off to the inquisition tomorrow.

If that is confusing, try looking at the 7th! Stormtalon with tactical marines crew. That would cause such nerd rage!

While discussing the 6th company, I need to consider the command squad colours. The trim is of course orange, but what about the helemets? I think they should be white as all command squads are vetrans? You just know I’ll get comments for having veterans on bikes! Can’t wait to see them argue that one.

This leads me on to a bigger heresy. My plan is to run the 6th company as white scars. I know this wrong, but I have a logic to my heresy. The ultramarines are the most flexible force. They would change their tactics when fighting on bikes and being 6th company they would train to use different skills when deployed on mass on bikes. The ‘practical’ and theocratical’ different. Gaming wise, the ultramarine chapter tactics are of virtually no use. Most weapons in the army are twin linked, all are relentless, and it’s only the assault doctrine that. Would be useable, and only then to grant fleet for 1 turn. The White scar rules however, are all bike friendly. When using these bikes as part of a wider force, I will of course use the ultramarines CT.

Till next time, see you across the battle field.


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