What a corking idea

So with my adventures in the world of square bases underway, it time to think about bases.

I want my based for my Ogres to make them stand out while still keeping it  cheap. My idea was rocky and as i am not needing many, something a bit flash.  The answer was easy really.  Cork bases!


I have seen some great cork bases and everyone says that they are not hard to do. So I have dived in with both feet. The principle is easy. Layer cork matting/tile/board to look like rock.  In practice this is very simple.

Cost wise, 4mm sheet of cork in an A3 sized roll (ish) cost £4.99 this enough for a the whole army.  The ogre kits have lots of spare bits to add depth at no cost.

1-stick bits of cork to the Base, layers are used to add height.
2-distress the edges to look less uniform. This also hides the layers.


That really is it. The real skill, that I lack, but am learning, is to take this very simple technique and make it something special. Adding some spare bits you can build these up quickly.  Extra layers of cork adds height and gaps can form crevices and holes.


As you can see, I am picking this up quickly.  It’s messy but lots of fun.  I can see each ogre on one of these and they give me a way to add a subtle hierarchy.  The higher the base.  The higher the rank!

Painting wise, I wanted brown bases, but a cold stone for the rocky crags. I used ‘the fang’ and ‘fenris grey’ for the stone. I will then add some static grass and some foliage to make them more intersting.  All this is from the bits box, so no extra cost!

So that’s my plan. Should add to the look of the army and increase its wow factor.  Not sure how to do this for the monsters and warmachines of the army. I might go totally over the top for the thundertusk and  make it a huge rocky outcrop!

The ironblaster will a hard choice. Might have to be on a basic Base.  We will see if and when I get one!

Well that’s it for now. See you all across the battlefield! 


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