Going cold turkey

My name is Paul and I am an addict. My drug of choice is grey plastic/resin and I have been addicted to this for over 25 years. The money spent over the years is ridiculous. The last 5 or 6 years it has even dominated my Christmas presents. No one asks what I want for Christmas any more. I just get GW vouchers and the long suffering wife, Jo, get me a big forgeworld kit. Life has been good, but I need to change. 

It’s easy to say it’s me and not you when you end a relationship, but this time, that’s a lie. I know what has gone wrong in the relation ship and it my addiction that has hidden the flaws from me. Now, I could go into a long tirade about an abusive relationship or a dominate market place. But I am going to take a different approach. My issue has been to blindly follow games workshop for years now, just hope it will get better. But it’s not, if anything, it’s getting a lot worse and the dizzying changes is too much for me now.  For years now, the logical and cinematic nature of wargaming has been lost behind poorly conceived, easily abused and down right daft ideas. For me i think the true start of the slope was the release of the imperial Knights. Since that point the game has slowly started to die for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the imperial Knights kit, it’s awesome, but they have come to prove the mentality of GW. Each new release has pushed the envelope a bit more, then a bit more, then a bit more. To the point now that you create mind boggling death stars that alpha strike you off the table. Seeing baneblades killed by single unit in a turn is now almost normal. This is a total disjoint to the fluff. The humble terminator, in the best armour in the in the galaxy is easier to kill that an eldar jetbike. The abuse of the 2+ reroll is now endemic. The longer it goes, the more the rules abuse creeps in. Now I am not complaining at gamers. It’s not them. It’s the writers that are abusing the rules. 

Case in point-haywire. Until recently, haywire was really rare and only HQ could shoot it. Now units are blasting it off at upto 6 shoots a turn, not elites, basic troops. The mighty land raider is now wrapped in useless armour. A tau transport has better survaviblity than a baneblade.

It’s creep like this that annoyed me and why I want to change. I want to play wargames. I like to recreate battles and I want my heroes to to fight tooth and nail for the objective. I don’t want the outcome predetermined when the list was written. I must say however, I love the back ground. The fluff from GW is great and I will be left struggling without this deep understanding of the universe of my wargaming. This will be hard for me, and I know learning a new history will be very difficult for me. 

Rather than just complain, I think it’s better to just go sort it, so I have made a decisicion that a lot of gamers have made recently.  I am leaving my love of games workshop to one side and leaving my comfort zone. I am gonna take this opportunity to find out what’s out their. I have never spent to much time on other games and I have never really appreciated the scope of the smaller companies. I am also going to take the opportunity to change my painting style. My ultramarines, while nice, tend to be clean. I want to paint a more realistic style, more weathered and aged. This is a new challenge. My current speed of painting is fast. I get a unit done a week, but I think if I slow down, I can make them better. I want to revolutionise my wargaming. For me, this will be hard and like with addicts, I need to go cold turkey. 

To this end I have pulled out of my local league, stepped away from my local club and gone hunting. I hope people will enjoy seeing me struggle. I hope to carry on with posting for miniature Monday and any advice is greatly appreciated. 

I have a plan and I am setting my self some challenges.

1-no new GW for 6mths (ok, paint is not included)*

2-sell all that stuff that is not used.

3-reinvest the money to learn a new game/s

4-develope a new painting technique every month

*obviusly black library is excluded from this! 

I am very fortunate to have great local games store, shadow games, in rugby. They have a treasure trove of games and advice on hand to help me out. Cheers Neil! 

My first foray in the wider world is going to be warzone resurrection. It’s not a huge steep for me. The 32mm resign kits are still very grimdark. Each one like a forgeworld model to work on, but it introduces me to gaming with cards. The book and A starter box set is cheaper than a unit of centurions, so cost is good. 

I’ll pop up some reviews as I go and I want this to be a positive experience. I want to challenge my self and walk a path less trodden. 

So that’s me. A recovering addict. Taking each miniature a day at a time and getting lost outside of my comfort zone. Till then, see you across a newer battlefield.