Falling off the Wagon

I really am an addict!. i have tried to avoid GW for 2 months and its not working for me.

Lets start off I with what (still) hate.

-The Current release rate is getting worse. its only 2 months since i started to ween my self of the product, and we have 3 new codex and the rumor mill is pointing at my beloved Space marines!

-The stupid of the rules. this needs no explanation. They are just getting daft and I can’t see how they will fix this one. there are some awful codex out now and it will take a while to change them.

-The endless production machine. the rate of new books, New forgeworld, new Novella, new Games, new everything. its hard to focus. you start to feel like a cash cow being milked.

But despite this, I still love the product. I get real pleasure painting my marines. They are really nice, the product is great, the plastic kits are stunning and the range is phenomenal. I know the what most of things are and this helps me to paint.

So how do get past this? well, I have decide that I am not going to give them up cold turkey, but I am rethinking my hobby. I have loved the new games that I have tried and I am breaking the monopoly on my hobby time/cash. here is my new plan.

-only buy what I want to paint. not competitive collecting.

-No Competitive games, just for fun.

-No allies, just focus on 1 army.

-try to find my enjoyment in the hobby again.

I have found that the Prodos games stuff is stunning and I have started to get some batman stuff, but the 2 big GW releases for me are the new FW stuff and the command tanks. I really don’t think I can resist them!

lets see how this goes?

Ultramarines-Invictarii-1b Ultramarines-Praetorian-1b Vindicator-laser-1 Warhammer-World-Tank


Warzone resurection 1st thoughts. 

It’s been over 3 week since I went into wargaming rehab and I thought I’d share my thoughts on my chosen replacement war game.  As I said I wanted to give warzone ressurection (wzr) a go and so far I am really impressed. I have made some mistakes, but they are due to my old thinking, not the product. 

So what is WZR? The game is a table top wargame at 32mm scale. Played with both miniatures and a deck of cards, it recreates the battles in 27th century. There are 7 factions (5 mega corporations, the holy brotherhood and the dark legion) all fighting in a grimdark future. The games are fought out from small clashes up to large scale battles, but is primearaly a squad based game. To give the game it’s full title its ‘the mutant chronical-warzone ressurection’ which is a bit of a mouthful, so it’s reffered to as warzone. The long title is however important. The game is based in the mutant chronical universe from the 90’s and truly was ressurected by a kickstarter. The company, prodos games, have kept some of the old units and characters who have been updated. They are small organisation producing a high quality product. 


Ok, these models are insane. They have really tried to cram so much detail at a realistic level it’s untrue. (Fingers! No really fingers, not fists, actual fingers)  They are all resin sold at Basic unit level (between 1-5 models) larger packs for bigger models, such as walker are available. Each comes with all the cards you need to use that particular unit and the most basic assembly instructions. (These really need to better!) You can get started box sets to. These have the basic troops, some support and characters. They also come with the cards and 2 d20. The few clam packs I have bought have slip of paper naming the individual who has checked packing. Nice touch! 

They have very limited posablity and are not the easiest to construct. This has been a problem and they are not for the faint hearted, however, the end result are some on the most characterful models I have ever seen. I’ll talk about building them in another blog, but for now I will just say that these are not your mass produced easy assemble kits that I have gotten soft building. These take time but are worth the effort. 

The level of detail is amazing, but in some cases I think they over stretched and the result are some very thin casting. They are easily the quality of forgeworld, but are a fraction of the cost. This biggest walker, standing taller than a contemptor is around £30. The largest kits are around £60, but basic squads retail around £12-£15 mark. Characters are around £10.

As I said, the construction options are limited, but you get all the options for your squads in the box for most units. Upgrade packs are available for those options not in the pack. 


  The brb is a thing of beauty. It is one of the most visually stunning books I have seen. It has a silky cover and is full colour. The art work is a mix of the old ’90s art work, new art and models. Some of the images are line drawings that add a nice touch. The background section is well written, concise but gives a great introduction to the universe. The rules that follow are well laid out. The book comes with a mission section with over 30 mission variables. The book finishes off with all the background and rules for all 7 factions.  This means no codex or army book is needed. Any new units have all the stuff you need to play them in the box. The only real expansions sets are the templates, markers and each faction has a mega card pack to expand your deck. 

The art work through out is stunning and the attention to detail is high. It feels very weighty and is well made. The only issue is my copy has a dusty feel to some of the pages, this appears to be from the manufacturing process. 


The game is set on a grimdark future where 5 mega corporations run the planet. The 4 oldest are based around stereotypical old earth armies. But these are just superficial. Each has its own history , character and look. They are Imperial (British empire), Capitol (USA), Bauhaus (Germany) and Mishima (Japan)

In the distance past technology was corrupted  and used to destroy theuniversity. The 5th is a new corp based on advanced robotics call cybertronic. They use technonolgy more freely than the older corps, ignoring the lessons of the past. 

The final 2 armies are the classic good vs bad forces. The force for good in the galaxy are a religious order known as the brotherhood and are technology and spiritually better than the rest. Their mission is to destroy the dark legion, a force of pure evil. Using both dark arts and even darker technology the ear legion are out to destroy all life. 

The various forces allow you to fight an endless mix of combinations. You can recreate the corp wars or the epic struggle light vs dark. The brotherhood can take the holy fight to the corp or ally with them to fight the legion. This allows for a mix of play that can encapsulate most combinations. 


I am still new to this game, but my first thoughts are quite positive. The company, prodos, seem a great bunch of people. They have taken an old classic and truly ressurected it. If you look for some of the named characters on eBay, you see the old metals and the new resin version. They have answered tweets and quite friendly. They have an active fB page too. My only real grip is the website is a bit clunky, but buying online is done through PayPal. A happenstance is that they are based around 10 miles away from were I live. I love to blag a visit to the factory!