Falling off the Wagon

I really am an addict!. i have tried to avoid GW for 2 months and its not working for me.

Lets start off I with what (still) hate.

-The Current release rate is getting worse. its only 2 months since i started to ween my self of the product, and we have 3 new codex and the rumor mill is pointing at my beloved Space marines!

-The stupid of the rules. this needs no explanation. They are just getting daft and I can’t see how they will fix this one. there are some awful codex out now and it will take a while to change them.

-The endless production machine. the rate of new books, New forgeworld, new Novella, new Games, new everything. its hard to focus. you start to feel like a cash cow being milked.

But despite this, I still love the product. I get real pleasure painting my marines. They are really nice, the product is great, the plastic kits are stunning and the range is phenomenal. I know the what most of things are and this helps me to paint.

So how do get past this? well, I have decide that I am not going to give them up cold turkey, but I am rethinking my hobby. I have loved the new games that I have tried and I am breaking the monopoly on my hobby time/cash. here is my new plan.

-only buy what I want to paint. not competitive collecting.

-No Competitive games, just for fun.

-No allies, just focus on 1 army.

-try to find my enjoyment in the hobby again.

I have found that the Prodos games stuff is stunning and I have started to get some batman stuff, but the 2 big GW releases for me are the new FW stuff and the command tanks. I really don’t think I can resist them!

lets see how this goes?

Ultramarines-Invictarii-1b Ultramarines-Praetorian-1b Vindicator-laser-1 Warhammer-World-Tank


2 thoughts on “Falling off the Wagon

  1. “you start to feel like a cash cow being milked.”

    Then don’t be one. It’s all voluntary at the end of the day – your plan is good. It’s what Ive been doing for years.

    Only buy what you like/want – and remember it’s all for fun anyway. You are in charge not GW. The release rate is irrelevant, the rules are irrelevant and most importantly the need to “win” is irrelevant too.

    Do your hobby – buy what you like, play what you like and ENJOY IT!

    • Simon, your absolutely correct, but if you want to be competitive, such as our local league, you need to keep up with new codexes and supplements. You also need to keep your army up to date. The constant change makes this hard. I am actually getting out our league for that reason. (And the awful codex creep at the mo)

      I agree with just buying what you want and that’s my new approach, It was surprisingly hard not paint GW stuff, the kits are brilliant, the community is great and I enjoy the hobby. It’s all about the balance and I have in the past struggled to maintain a good balance. I think I have it nailed now.

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