The birthday skirmish 

My local club, the Rugby outlanders, has a great membership and I am happy to be part of it. A great gaming club is hard to find, but also hard to maintain. Membership changes, attitudes creep in and the games change. Locally we all work hard to maintain this club and the efforts of the organisers really pay off. 

As several club members have birthdays in May and June we are having a club outing to warhammer world, Nottingham. The day will be in 2 parts, a visit to new halls and a game on the imperial city board. (All booked !)

The game has been organised by me and lee Bedford (@ratinabun on Twitter), and is a format we call ‘skirmishhammer’ the rules are a stripped down version of the old 40k in 40 mins, designed to be fun, while constraining the options. This stops power play and levels the armies. Here are the rules. 

-1 force each, no allies, formations (unless unavoidable) 1000pts

-armies can be unbound, but only to be fluffy

-no named characters

-no vehicles (anything with an AV score) or monsterous creatures, bikes or fliers

-no fortifications

-game is play to kill points. I kp for wiping out a unit, 2 for firstblood, 2 for slay a warlord, (3 for a team captain)

-5 players per team with a captain each (lee and I) team are chosen randomly. 

-turns are timed! 

As you can this starts to limit options, but also allows for the units you don’t normally get to see make an appearance. We have played this game a few times and it’s fast and fun. With 5k per side, all infantry, it will be an epic clash. I know several players are feverishly painting new units or brining new life to older units! 

For me my ultramarines are going mob handed and I have. Added a new 10 man squad to add a fresh tint to the force. I have nice fluff based list and it’s going to be fun force to use. 

Look out on Twitter for updates, I will be tweeting live from the game on the @outlandersGC feed on the 7th June from around 2. 


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