Command and conquer-the new hq tanks

This is a new one for me. Hq choices that are vehicles? Sounds interesting,  but it does throw up a few new questions.

For those that don’t know, warhammer world has a special edition box set, only available at the gw store at whw.  The set is a modified land raider and rhino. The set includes all the rules and back story of the new tanks. Parts wise,  you get a full landraider and rhino kit and an extra sprue of new stuff.


The kit is really nice, presented in a big, lavish box. You get a full landraider and rhino,  2 equipment sprues,  2 sets of new ultramarine decals (not the a4 sheet Just released, but a small a6 card) instructions /rules sheet and the upgrade sprue. The new upgrade sprue is stunning.  The level of detail is great and has some stunning new part. The captain parts in particular are great. It comes with 3 heads, 3 shoulder pads, the best plastic back pack I have seen and some great arms. The vehicle parts are just as nice and ooze details. If you like  your marines blinged up, then this us for you.



These tanks form part the command of a spacemarine force and the landraider is commanded by a captain.  The rhino, known as a primaris is the link up with fleet, hence the huge radar dish, while the landraider excelsior is a mobile hq facility. They act together to coordinate the marine task force.


These tanks are bought as a pair. Costing 400 points for the 2 and taking a hq slot.


They differ from their parent vehicles in some ways, but have the same basic stats. Weapons change a bit, the inclusion of the grav cannon on the landraider being the big change.

The get a load of new rules as shown below, but the real strength is the partnership working. This really supports good  play and it’s not just dump the on the table and the will work.

The tanks offer a mixed bag of uses and genrally fill lots of roles. Both are transports (rhino 6, raider 10) but are really designed for this role.


The Rhino is the best strategical system. Each turn you can bring on a unit from reserves or once a game bring down a massive orbital strike. (S10, ap1, 7″ blast, Ord, barrage). You can also support units with 3 ‘servo skulls’ per game. Each one gives a buff once per game. Defensively you get a twinlinked plasma gun, but remember, the orbital blast must be shot at the same target as the pg. (Unless you give it split fire from the landraider -more later on that) the rhino also gives the landraider +1 to BS making all shots hit on 2+ most being twinlinked.


The landraider is the beast of the pack and is a real game changer. Weapons wise you get the twin lascannons and a grav cannon with the grav amp. It still keeps the spirit of the machine so you can split fire as with normal landraiders.


You get a better save that ignores stunned and shaken results it also gives a 6++ save. Skills wise you can give 1 “unit” from the same detachment one of a list of usr.


You can apply this rule to any unit within 12″ of the raider (18 if you buy a staff of command upgrade for 10 pts). This gives a lot of options that can be game changes and with some thought you can build lists around this. For example you can but a squad of 4 Las cannon Devs and give them skyfire and to make them an aa unit.

You can also allow one squad to fire normally rather than snap fire, even in overwatch. I will just let you take that in. You can make units unchargeable. Grav cents in particular gain from this.

To get some of the some of the buffs you need to stay close to the tanks, making your tactical use of the army, which is something I like.

Game use
As I described there are lots uses but it does leave me with some questions.

First off, how does the warlord work? If I take this as a my only hq are both the warlord? What about slay the warlord do you need to kill both?

Challenges are also intersting. Can you challenge a tank? It gives you few rules questions!

Lots of people are comparing these to the fw command tanks. I can see the links bit they are different. To me these are a better but more expensive option.

These tanks are a great kits and will be fun to build. They are easy to convert up with kits available and the forgeworld tanks are a great start. The damocles is a great version of the primaris, just the plasma guns need be to built.

The landraider is just a blinged up st raider. You would be able to use cent grav cannons to make the new weapon. The captain is easily sorted and add a small radar. Some fantasy banners would make a great rear banner. If you have spare razor back heavy bolter you could easily make this landraider in to a basic version.

It is a shame that these are exclusive releases. They are a great kit and I love the look of them.the additional sprue is a stunning kit. The details are amazing and the kit is well designed.

I am going to take a long time on painting these. I post updates as i go. Till then I hope you found this post of use.

See you all across the battlefield!


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