Lexius Jobo, the messenger of the truth

I have bought myself a reaver Titan and I am starting to plan this mammoth project. Like last years thunderhawk, this will push my abilities and I want to do this thing justice.  

My plan is for a member of legio peagarus, a close ally of the ultramarines. Famed for the long ranged war fare, this ancient legio was at calth, and fought during the Hersey along side the 13th. After calth, the legio, now much reduced slowly rebuilt. Still a shadow of its former glory, but still holds its former values. Rather than the mass killing and destruction, they prefer the surgical strike, leaving the planet they are attacking as a viable world, once they leave. 

My Titan will match their colours, blue, white and gold, so it will match the marines well,  but I want to reflect the ancient nature of the order. My plan is make the substructure look old, with the new plates clean and Crisp, cleaned and repainted after each mission. This old and new, light and dark, will add the presences of the model, but will stretch my painting ability. To aid this I am investing in a new iwata revolution airbrush and I hope this project will improve my airbrushing skills. 


Weapon wise, I have looked at lots of other people’s work and the consensus is 2 different weapons, but I wanted to promote the long range precision shooting of the legio. So I have 2 volcano cannons. These will be magnatized up (using really big magnets) I also noticed lots of people don’t use the power pipes for the weapons I want add these, but have a feeling that there is a reason for this! 

I will aim for a striding pose, similar to one on the fw website, agian this will be difficult, and the balance is important. 

So that is my plan for the Newly named Lexius Jobo. (Jobo is my wife’s old nickname, and she let me spend £620 on a model!)


The big dilemma 

ok, I have a decision to make and it’s killing me. I am in a position to get a warlord Titan from an unexpected financial windfall. Like most imperial players and painters, the warlord is the ultimate challenge and addition to any army. But here is the thing, I am tempted not to.

Why! People will ask, it’s a fething warlord Titan! But look at the alternatives for the same amount of cash?  Plus I have to store the damn thing, my cupboards aren’t big enough to hold it! Here in my internal arguments for and against.


  1. It’s a warlord fething Titan!
  2. It’s the biggest painting challenge I will ever face. (This for me a positive thing)
  3. I love the model. The detail is stunning! The defensive weapons, the rear hatch, the way the leg armour it designed, it’s stunning. 
  4. In game it’s so OP it’s hysterical!


  1. Don’t think any of my regular opponents will ever have enough to fight it, so it will rarely get used (if ever)
  2. I have no idea where to store it. The hawk is a pain to store already!
  3. I will need to spend around £100 to get the additional tools I need to build it! (New airbrush need)

The alternative view

If I don’t get the warlord, what’s the alternative? Well, I want to paint a Titan, it’s one of those thing I have always wanted. It been a dream of mine, that will now be a reality. I like the warhounds, but I love the reaver. So I’d get the reaver with a mix of weapons. (Gatling blaster, volcano cannon and missile pod) I’d also get a warhound inferno cannon to convert up for the carapace mount. I’d also get the new airbrush and the additional bits to assemble it. This would still leave over £500 spare. Using gifts for geeks, I’d get an imperial city. (Sector imperialis, 4 imperial sectors kits, 2 Aquila shrines and 3 other buildings. 

The advantage of the reaver, that at 1450 pts it’s usable in an average game (ok bit of a git to use it, but do able) and it is beatable. My opponent will struggle but, with 4 voids, 18 hp and av 14, it can be killed. (Hard, but kill able) the warlord however is 2850 (2750+weapons) has av15, 6 voids, 30 hp and armoured cemerite (no melta  rules) is damn hear impossible for non Titans to harm. 

I have always wanted a city fight board, but get distracted and buy more marines. This time it’s a real possibility. I would make up some intact buildings and some ruins, to allow for a mix of options. I am planning a 3 story admin building, a full imperial church and a pumping station, along with a host of smaller block buildings. 

Painting wise, painting the reaver is still a huge challenge. It actually has more parts than the warlord (240 vs 171) and has more interior to paint. Painting the city will be huge task as well. 

So you can see the dilemma. The warlord is the ultimate painting experience, but what to do afterwards. The reaver/city idea is more practical, but who needs to practical if you have a warlord? It’s a head vs heart dilemma. One thing is certain. Something big is coming! 

My next blog will be about me cartwheeling around having bought a Titan. Then panicking about building/painting. Till then, see you across the battlefield. 

Since you been gone…

ok, it’s been a while since my last blog, but I have been busy. Real life has been do that thing where it gets in the way, but it’s also presented an opportunity.  Work on our home has continued and we are now 6 weeks in to a 6 week build, so basically half way!  We think it will take another 8 till we can move home. This has reduced my gaming and painting, but I still got some work done. 


My last blog was on the additional 2 captains and these are finished. Next up was the completed land raider command tank. I still need to finish off the driver, but wanted a change. I have finished my 6th company champion and returned to painting veterans. I have made a start on my vanguard on foot. 2 are done with a 3 rd started. I am loving the poses, and the are coming on well. They were built befor the new codex, so have limited weaponry. 



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