Since you been gone…

ok, it’s been a while since my last blog, but I have been busy. Real life has been do that thing where it gets in the way, but it’s also presented an opportunity.  Work on our home has continued and we are now 6 weeks in to a 6 week build, so basically half way!  We think it will take another 8 till we can move home. This has reduced my gaming and painting, but I still got some work done. 


My last blog was on the additional 2 captains and these are finished. Next up was the completed land raider command tank. I still need to finish off the driver, but wanted a change. I have finished my 6th company champion and returned to painting veterans. I have made a start on my vanguard on foot. 2 are done with a 3 rd started. I am loving the poses, and the are coming on well. They were built befor the new codex, so have limited weaponry. 




New units 

I have added another 5 vanguard with jump packs. This time built with the new space marine codex. 2 have lightning claws, 2 have power weapons and the last one has a power fist. These guys will bulk out the squad to 10, bringing my 1st company to  around 70% complete!


I aslo found some cheap assault marines, so I have added these to squad 8 from 2nd company. This company is complete, bar transports and I slowly want to add these. 1 want to replace 1st squad how ever as the never get used due to paint work needs redoing. 


All the new squads are on 32mm bases and I want to slowly add all the army on to these.

Big decisions.

In the midst of the work at home we have come into to some money. Not a huge fortune, but enough to get a nice big forgeworld model. Or I can add lots of new marines? It’s a hard choice! I will let you know which way I go, but one thing is sure, new shiny is coming!

Till next time..


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