Toy soliders

I recently purchased a getting started set of millatrum temputus as I always wanted to paint up some of these shock troops. 

But I also wanted to add to my skitarii troops so I needed a theme/reason for why these scions would be allied to my ad mech force. I had seen a few people who have swapped the heads for vanguard heads and that look really effective.  I hit upon the idea of ‘indentured scions’


The forgeworld of Gantz, home to legio preasagius,  the true messengers,  is a wealthy world. Strongly aligned to Mars,  following the red planets support in rebuilding the titan legion. As well as the ruling techpreists the planet is home to a large and wealthy merchant class. While not members of the priesthood,  they are still loyal to the arch magos.  Part of this loyalty is to provide a number of troops per merchant family.  These troops come in 2 forms, the family chattels (worker) (allowing me to add astra militarum troops in the future)  and the 2nd born sons (scions) To serve the magos in this way is a great honour and in return, the family get access to better contracts. The 1st born inherit the family title. 

As the sons of rich families,  they get acess to better weapons,  armour and training.  Some of these scions are rewarded with bionics, a mark of honor on a forge world.  Leading them is a techpreist known as the master of men (count as a commissar, converted from a techpreist enginseer).

They are deployedare deployed to support the skittarii in battle, but take on a more independent role. They often provide theit own transport, filling a gap the skitarii lines with fast advancing troops. 


To convert these scions I needed to make them less stormtroopers and more skitarii.  The head swap was easy, but I wanted more. 

I have converted the back packs to add the top of the skitarii backpacks.  This added the aerials but also removed the blanket rolls. I also added the gieger counters from the skitarii back packs. A useful tool when deploying with vanguard! 

For the sgt and the melta guns I removed the bottom of the back pack aswell. I didn’t need the power pack of the hellguns and this gave me space for the rad cleansers from the skitarii.  I also added spare mech arms to these troops to signify importance. 

As these are not imperial troops, I have removed the aqulia from the guns as well. 


For the painting I have a dilemma.  As they are not ad mech, should they wear the red of Mars?  This gives the option painting  proper allies, different from the main army. As the are from Gantz,I can keep a lot of the colours,  especially the gold, but allows me to introduce new colours. 

In game 

I plan to use these as objective grabbers. The taurox will be armed to kill troops, with the taurox assault cannon and the volley guns. The troops have 2 melta guns for anti armour if needed. The ideas is to race across the board, something the skitarii struggle with, to take objectives. They will decamp from the transport and then camp on an objective  for as long as they live. This is giving the skitarii time to foot slog in support. They cost around 300pts and I will be using the millatrum temputus codex,  treating them as allies.

But wait, you used a whole box of skitarii just for back packs?  

With imminent release of the skitarii forgeworld kits I have saved the rest of the skitarii box set ready for these. Both the new sets have their own back pack, so using them for the scions is not a problem.