2nd war for Armageddon animosity gaming.

Yesterday I got invited to attend an event with a group of gamers called ‘animosity wargamers‘ hosted at slayer games. I knew very little about either and this blog is less about the game and more these groups.


I was invited to their recreation of the 2nd war form Armageddon. They needed the boys in blue. Simon, a member of the outlanders invited me to help out. So now I am the ultramarine guy. Simon agreed to give me a lift and we left at some ungodly hour to make the trip to Mansfield.

The game was to be played in a semi apoc fashion. Each ‘battle’ was fought 4,000pts of ork vs 2 x 2,000pts allied imperial. They are a fluff based group so if it wasn’t in the fluff it was out. The imperials we mainly guard and the 3 space marine chapters. Obviously gazkull and Yarrick were there with Dante leading the marines. For my marines, it was a chance to use the thunderhawk! Filled with second company, supported a 1st company squad in a smaller raven.

We arrived at an industrial estate in Mansfield, the home of slayer games. I knew nothing of the venue, other than the staff were a great bunch of gamers. The venue on an industrial was not what I expected, but was genius. Once in side, the shop part is well presented, with a wide range of well priced games. As well as the obligatory gw stands, most other big names were present, but a few I had not seen befor. The store had a couple of nice demo tables an open table area for card games. Dotted around were a few display cases with great painted miniatures in.

I was then shown the big room at back, that was just huge and full of 6×4 tables. Strewn with a mix of terrain for various games. In the centre was a long 4×24 table. The battlefield for our game.


Over the next half hour the various gamer turned up. It was the first time I had met them but the group was friendly and welcoming. Within minuets we were all swapping stories. Animosity is a group that seems to pride itself on a love of wargaming. They are not WAAC, but play the games to have fun. This ethos is very important to them and I can see why. They have sense of camaraderie and were all there to fight this huge battle. It was not the ork or imperial must win or that it was a competitive match. It was just gonna be epic day of wargaming.


Having a chat on the forum before the game, I had soon picked up this ethos. No raging nerd rage, no killer invisible blobs, no cookie cutter list. Just a group trying to pull together a game. Scot the organiser had a vision for this game, but it seemed, with a little cajoling, that the group all pulled together to make this event happen. Some even lent armies to other gamers if their primary force was not right for the setting.



After a mug of coffee and a long natter about the hobby, we were herded into the gaming hall. Broken into 2 sides, scot explained how the day would work. Rather than on long table with massive turns of 16,0000 per side, it would be 4 games played over 4 tables, each table victory adding to the total at the end. Scots deployment plan was inspired! It needs a name, but the ‘scot line’ works for me. Deployment was done diagonally with the short end of one table butting up with corresponding side on the next table. This meant you got ‘wedges’ of imperial , then Orks. While it limited deployment, it a great way to line up a big game.


The plan was first turn up lunch then finish each off from 13.00. Time flew by and the buzz in the room was great. The rules were relaxed and very little rules lawyering was needed. The relaxed atmosphere meant the game was more important than the outcome. The armies were all painted to great standard and slayers tables were nice.


The day was a fantastic day out. I met a truly great bunch of gamers and visited an inspired venue. I have always said how much I hate the tournament scene, but this group has shown me a new collective way to play epic battles. I can’t wait until January and the 3rd war for Armageddon.


Must say thanks to slayer for hosting the event. It’s a novel approach to an independent gaming store that really works for me. The local batch bar did a roaring trade at lunch, but they sold snacks and drinks, so we were well feed and watered.


Thanks all for a great day out. The 13th legion will return soon!


Sunday review

Well, that was a week!

It was the final of the outlanders open and I got to help a new player with a game. I even fitted in some painting

Paint competition
I had 2 models that had won their categories and that meant that I had 2 entries in the final. This is a simple vote off. The entry with the most votes of the 4 get the prise, a trophy and a battleforce/battalion. (No more than £70 in value) which is quite a prize for a small club. My Inq corteze and bugman models both won the catagory. Along side borders ‘hordes’ model and Ellis’s aracnork. The voting was strong with a good turn out

We had our vote, but agonisingly next week will be the prize giving!

I managed to get my latest sternguard finished and I have based up the 1st 6. They got used this week and I am quite pleased with the results. I have made a start on the next model, an ironclad dreadnought. It was fun to build and I am hoping to use this in conjunction with the centurions. Next week it’s back to painting green skins for a while. I have a few to finish off and send to a friend.



1390250824438 1390250635553

I also spent some time on the Ironclad dreadnought. its still got a way to go, but its looking ok so far. this is quite a odd model for me. The dread is not a Favourite of mine and I am yet to see one survive a battle. However, the Cent/Ironclad/Raven mix might just do it. I also need 3 for a full battle company, so this the 2nd and the 3rd will be Ven Dred. I do like the Forgeword dreads and I migh have to add both a Chaplin dread (count as a Ven dread) and the Ultramarine Ven dread.


Big thanks to young Dylan for our game. It was my first game against the new tyranid codex and it was fun game. It was his first competitive game, so I was deliberately soft. The new codex is ok. In the right hands it would be cool. The list for the game is on previous blog. The centurions did well. They all died, after being charged the tyrant. Man that’s a still a bugger in combat. However, they did a serious damage into his horde. I killed 6 gene stealers, 6 warriors, 12 gaunts. Not bad for 4 turns. The fire out put they produced was outstanding. The sternguard did a bang up job. Not only did the 6 man squad take the left flank, but they took no casualties in and the other squad helped to hold the center.

My casualties were light in the face of such a huge hord. The right flank was crumbling on my side, however, my airpower was still up and he had nothing that could hurt them. The end result was an easy win, but that was not the point. The game was a training session and I hope the was ok for him. He learnt the basics and he is now a league member. Following our game he challenged Norbert, our resident dark eldar player ( and boy, can he play dark eldar!) that’s. Brave move for our young player!

20140122_214738 20140122_203410 20140122_201630 20140122_193445 20140121_203856

Well, as I said, that was quite a week. I am of for a lay down and till next week, see you across the battle table.

Bring out the Great Green Steamroller!

It’s league game time again, and  I am facing the might of the imperial guard. Controlled by Matt. This is a reasonable army, but he is currently 12th in the league. He deserves to higher as he is good opponent. We have meet recently, but it was my necrons that defeated him. This time around he has challenged my Orks. This is a new challenge for me as I have not used them in a smaller game for over 8 months!

I have not blogged about my Orks much, but while they are an older army, they are still a great force to game with. They are a speed freak army based a rouge group of evilsuns. The whole force is mounted on one form of transport or another. I don’t use walkers, or big gunz. The core of the army are my bikes. 7 warbikes and 6 nob bikers, led by the red Barun, a warboss on a bike. I have around 4,000 points with 4 trukks and 2 battlewagons. One of the big things missing from the force are flyers. I have a plan for a dakkajet, but like many of my projects, it may never happen. I hope that I will get one soon, but the necrons are my current force and I have forgeworld units coming soon, so I think this might take awhile.

My plan.

I only know one way to play Orks. Fast and brutal! I set up as close to the front line as possible. Turn one is flat out, that should put me 6″ from the opponents deployment zone, as long as they survive the shooting in return, turn 2, declare a waargh, then it is everyone out of the transports and now the whole army is now in the opponents deployment zone and blasting/charging away. The warbikes, will be charging and if possible so will the boys. Any surviving vehicles then support with big shootas. It is not a subtle plan, but effective. I forgo all shots in turn one and this can be hard for me as the necron force is all about shooting.

My list for this game is as follows.

Da Broken Clutch V1 (Orks) – 1,502 points

Warboss (115) WS5·BS2·S5·T5·W3·I4·A4·Ld9·Sv6+
warbike; attack squig; stikkbombz. Independent Character; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

Warboss (95) WS5·BS2·S5·T5·W3·I4·A4·Ld9·Sv6+
power klaw; twin-linked shoota; ‘eavy armour; stikkbombz. Independent Character; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

6 Big Boss’s Nobz (350) WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
3× choppa; 2× big choppa; power klaw; 6× slugga; Waaagh! banner; warbikes. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!
Painboy WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
dok’s tools; ‘urty syringe.

12 Ork Boyz (127) WS4·BS2·S3·T4·W1·I2·A2·Ld7·Sv6+
shootas; big shoota. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!.
Nob WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
slugga; big choppa.
• Trukk BS2·FA10·SA10·RA10·HP3
big shoota. Vehicle (fast, open-topped); Transport Capacity: 12 models, models in mega armour count as 2 models; Ramshackle.

Da Foot Nobz (10 Big Boss’s Nobz) (470) WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
6× choppa; big choppa; 3× power klaw; 10× slugga; Waaagh! banner. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!.
Painboy WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
dok’s tools; ‘urty syringe.
• Battlewagon BS2·FA14·SA12·RA10·HP4 lobba; 3× big shoota; red paint job; deff rolla. Vehicle (tank, open-topped); Transport Capacity: 20 models, models in mega armour count as 2 models.

Fast Attack
7 Warbikers (210) WS4·BS2·S3·T4(5)·W1·I2·A2·Ld7·Sv4+
sluggas; choppas; warbikes; twin-linked dakkaguns. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Exhaust Cloud.
Nob WS4·BS2·S4·T4(5)·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv4+
power klaw; slugga; warbike; twin-linked dakkagun.

3 Deffkoptas (135) WS4·BS2·S4·T4(5)·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv4+ 3× twin-linked rokkit launcha; choppas; deffkoptas. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Scouts; Hit and Run.

I have gone heavy on the nobs this time out and I am running 2 warbosses. This is not my normal list, but I hope to scare the b’jesus out of him. These will kill any of his many tanks. I know he likes his leman Russ tank squadrons, so these are my answer to that. The nob bikers are always great, but I using my 10 nobs in a battle wagon. It’s deffrolla will make a mess of any tanks and I hope to ram this unit straight into his lines. With 3 power klaws they will be my can openers, but will crush any puny ‘umans. It also allows me to have both squads as troop choices. This gives me 3 scoring units. My core worry is his Valkyrie. I have little that can kill it. I need to get my bikes behind it. The S5 assault 3 twin linked should make a real mess of it. My 3 defkoptta should help and that why I took the rokkit lunchas. The twin linked will help, but it could mess up my whole plan. If it drops a troop choice and takes an objective in my deployment zone, that’s 4 vp. A hard thing to solve. My bikes might sort it, but by turn 3 they will have taken some major casualties.

His army
Matt brought a whole new list. Still tank heavy, but using new units and a different plan. As far as I know, this was the core of his list.


Company Command Squad (115) WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld7·Sv5+
vox-caster; carapace armour; lasguns or laspistols; close combat weapons; frag grenades.
Company Commander WS4·BS4·S3·T3·W3·I3·A3·Ld9·Sv5+
laspistol; close combat weapon; refractor field; frag grenades; krak grenades. Senior Officer.
Master of Ordnance WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld7·Sv5+
laspistol; close combat weapon; frag grenades. Artillery Bombardment.
Veteran Weapons Team WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W2·I3·A2·Ld7·Sv5+
autocannon; lasgun; frag grenades.

Primaris Psyker (70) WS4·BS4·S3·T3·W2·I3·A3·Ld9·Sv5+ Lightning Arc; Nightshroud; flak armour; laspistol; force weapon; frag grenades; refractor field. Independent Character; Psyker (Mastery Level 1); It’s For Your Own Good.

Guardsman Marbo (65) WS5·BS5·S3·T3·W2·I5·A4·Ld7·Sv5+
flak armour; ripper pistol; envenomed blade; frag grenades; melta bombs; demolition charge. Fearless; Stealth; Move Through Cover; Hit and Run; Fleet; Loner; He’s Behind You.

9 Sanctioned Psykers (110) WS2·BS3·S2·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld9·Sv5+ Weaken Resolve; Soulstorm; laspistols; close combat weapons; flak armour. Psyker; Psychic Choir; Ultimate Sanction.
Overseer WS3·BS3·S3·T3·W1·I3·A2·Ld9·Sv5+

Veteran Squad (165) WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld7·Sv5+
2× meltagun; heavy flamer; lasguns or shotguns; close combat weapons; frag grenades; krak grenades; flak armour.
Veteran Sergeant WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A2·Ld8·Sv5+
laspistol; close combat weapon; frag grenades; krak grenades.
• Chimera BS3·FA12·SA10·RA10·HP3
heavy bolter; heavy bolter; searchlight; smoke launchers. Vehicle (tank); Transport Capacity: 12 models; Amphibious; Mobile Command Vehicle.

Veteran Squad (150) WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld7·Sv5+
plasma gun; lasguns or shotguns; close combat weapons; frag grenades; krak grenades; flak armour.
Veteran Sergeant WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A2·Ld8·Sv5+
laspistol; close combat weapon; frag grenades; krak grenades.
Veteran Weapons Team WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W2·I3·A2·Ld7·Sv5+
autocannon; lasgun; frag grenades; krak grenades.
• Chimera BS3·FA12·SA10·RA10·HP3 heavy bolter; heavy bolter; searchlight; smoke launchers. Vehicle (tank); Transport Capacity: 12 models; Amphibious; Mobile Command Vehicle.

Fast Attack
1 Scout Sentinel (60) WS3·BS3·S5·FA10·SA10·RA10·I3·A1·HP2
lascannon; hunter-killer missile. Vehicle (walker, open-topped); Scouts; Move Through Cover.

1 Valkyrie Assault Carrier (155) BS3·FA12·SA12·RA10·HP3 lascannon; 2 multiple rocket pods; sponson heavy bolters; searchlights; extra armour. Vehicle (flyer, hover); Deep Strike; Scout; Grav Chute Insertion.

Heavy Support
1 Leman Russ Squadron (435).
• Leman Russ Exterminator BS3·FA14·SA13·RA10·HP3
Exterminator autocannon; heavy bolter; sponson heavy bolters; searchlights; smoke launchers. Vehicle (tank); Lumbering Behemoth.
Commander Pask BS4 Leman Russ Tank Ace; Crack Shot.
• Leman Russ Demolisher BS3·FA14·SA13·RA11·HP3
Demolisher siege cannon; heavy bolter; sponson heavy bolters; hunter-killer missile; searchlights; smoke launchers. Vehicle (tank); Lumbering Behemoth.

1 Hydra Flak Tank (75) BS3·FA12·SA10·RA10·HP3 2 twin-linked Hydra autocannons; searchlights; smoke launchers; auto-targeting systems; heavy bolter. Vehicle (tank).

As is often the case, I did not see his core plan in the list, but it’s variety and width suggested a great game was going to happen.

Mission and set up
We rolled for game and set up. Playing purge the alien over a dawn of war set up. Rolling for warlords, I got master of the vanguard and Matt got Conquer of cities. I got the first turn and set up first.

Sticking to my plan, the 3 defkopttas set up on the hill to left. Then the bikes, battle wagon, nob bikes with the warboss and trukk boys.

Matt caslted up on his right. Deploying the hydra, executioner, 1 unit of vet and the comm squad. the other vet squad in the chimera set up in the foreground of this block. In the center of the table he set out the demolisher and the psykers. On the far left he set up sentinel. Matt stole the first turn and we moved the scout units. The defkopttas raced ahead using the fortress for cover. The sentinel milled about, but stayed on the hill over looking the center of the table.

set up for the Imperial Guard vs Orks

set up for the Imperial Guard vs Orks

First turn
Matt went first and the central block advanced and then he opened up. He ‘cast’ weaken resolve on the deffkopttas. This was followed by him Basting away he killed 2 defkopttas. With ld 2, the last one fled. First blood to Matt! The rest of my army resisted his shooting. I got very worried when the Demolisher hit the battle wagon. But he failed to harm it.

Turn 1 orks vs Guard

Turn 1 orks vs Guard

In return I declared a waargh. The Orks raced ahead, with the battlewagon nobs jumping out. This left them 8″ away from the psykers chimera. The bikes ended 9″ away. The nob bikes and the trukk rushed full speed.

Shooting was brief. I killed 1 guardsman with my battle wagon. I then charged in. The nobs got 9″ on the charge, the bike got 4 and re rolled 5″!

Combat saw the chimera getting wrecked, but not exploding.

Turn 2

Turn 2 and marbo arrived! Placed near the heart of my army, his plan was clear. With little movement, Matt headed on the shooting phase. Again I braced my self for a torrent of imperial fire. Matt did not disappoint. The sentinel killed the trukk, it’s boys bailing out toward the walker, his tanks to right killed several nobs with both warbosses taking a wound. The psykers used weaken resolve on the nob bikes, leaving them with an ld of 2. He the used soul flayer. This cause 3d6-ld wounds on the target unit.. This could wipe the whole unit! No amour or cover saves, but FNP is still ok. I rolled ‘deny the witch’ and passed! Saving my 400+ unit! They were so gonna die in my next turn! he unloaded all his guns and it should have made a mess! I lost 7 of the Nobz, and I was lucky to hang in. The cover from the Fortress did protect the army.

Marbo Pops up!

Marbo Pops up!

In return I contiued to advance. The Warboss left the Nob Bikers, he headed towards the Psykers. The Nob bikers headed around them lining up on the command squad. The warbikes headed for the Demolisher the Warboss on Foot headed towards Marbo. On the right, the Boys headed up towards the lone sentinel. on to the shooting and i started by killing 2 Psykers, the Nob Bikers unloaded on the Command Squad, killing all but the Master of the Ordnance. The death of the company commander gave me ‘slay the warlord’. The Boys then shot at at and took a glancing hit on the sentinel. The Nobz killed Marbo. but not until he had killed one more of the ork Brutes. The Warboss on the Bike charged the Psykers, their overwatch causing a single wound. In combat he challenge the Primus Psyker. Striking first, the Psyker failed to harm the Warboss, but was smashed in return.  The Warbikes killed the Demolisher, the blast taking out more of the poor psykers. tHowever the brave psykers then rolled double 1 on the break test!

Turn 3

In some games the Dice gods smile at you,  in other they don’t. I would have to say that in turn 3 of this game, they sold their souls hook, line and sinker to me. Not just letting him down, but abandoning him wholesale! It was brutal and hash and didn’t think you can be that unlucky!

His Valk turned up and headed for the Boys. The last Chimera advanced and the Vet squad within disembarked. They lined up to shoot the Warbikes and the sentinel moved away from the rushing boyz.

The sentinel Vs the Boyz

The sentinel Vs the Boyz

Matt’s shooting in summary was as followed.


6 Lasguns-No effect

2 plasma-1 hit, no wounds

6 Heavy bolters shots-3 hits, 1 wound, 1 saved.

Vets on the hill-

Master of the Ordance-Missed with the Barrage shot.

Autocannon-1 hit, no wounds.

Pask in the LMR-9 Heavy bolters shots, 4 Autocannon shoots, lots of hits, lots of saves, 1 wound!

Hydra-2 hits, 2 wounds (both on the Warbiker Nob) 2 saves!

Valk-2 rocket pods ‘hit’ 8 covered, 6 Wounds.

6 heavy bolter shots-All miss! (5 x 3’s and 1 x 2)

sentinel- Lascannon Missed.

The total casualty list was 1 warbiker and 6 Boyz!

Close combat saw the Psykers try to harm the Warboss, causing a wound and taking him to 1!, but 3 were killed in return and after a very brave attempt, they finally tried to flee. the Warboss caught and killed them.

Turn 3 from the Last of the Guard

Turn 3 from the Last of the Guard

The orks continued to push the advantage. moving towards the imperial troops, they wiped out both vet squads with shooting. the Nob squad hitting 11 out 18 shoots (needing 5+) to hit! the Battlewagon caused a glancing hit on the Valk and the Boyz wiped out the sentinel. with no targets to charge, the turn ended with out any orks in combat and the game ended. time was running out the result was fairly clear.

The end score was 11-3 to the orks.

My thoughts?

Matt, as always, was great opponent. His list was different and challenging and he loves to experiment.  This good example of this and it makes planning for his army difficult. Some things worked and other did not. Once he dials his plans in, he will wipe the floor with us all! I think he should focus on either long range blasting, or the mech’ advance, the split allowed me to dissect the central element of his force, then line up his tanks on the hill. This divided army lack the cohesion of the orks and my plan to steamroller him was helped by this approach.

His combined psykers where awesome, but needed a bubble wrap unit. The warboss just slaughtered them as a result.

My hopeless use of the Deffkoptta needs to improve. The deployment was poor and they got wiped out as a result, throwing away 2 VP early on. The game was good and I think that I had all the luck. Matt was unfortunate in the extreme in the 3rd turn of shooting, while I rolled high on all my saves. he should have killed a lot more and in Purge the alien, each unit kill is worth VP, he should have had got a better score.

Key learning points

-his Psykers are nasty as hell

-I need to learn to use the Deffkopttas!

-Deny the witch saved my Nob Bikers!

The Gravity Well

Now, I need to apologize to Matt Again! He had his Valk and his reserves on a chair next to the Table. While he went for a smoke, I went to see how the big game was getting on. I clipped the the chair with my heel and the result is shown below

this is damaged to Matts Valk when it fell off the chair

this is damaged to Matts Valk when it fell off the chair

I have never damaged a fellow gamer model before, being very careful with them, but I feel so bad that this happened! Once again Sorry Matt.

So, that’s it. I am still in the lead on the League, but the pressure is mounting. Next up? who knows, till then, see you across the battle table!

Big bank holiday bash!

So it’s a bank holiday here in the UK on Monday and its the Rugby Outlanders trip to Warhammer world. 8 of us are heading over and meeting some friends up there. We have 2 tables booked and the 40k players get to fight at fort pain.

We are playing a 3 on 3 with each player bringing 1500pts each, with each team getting a super heavy. The imperial troops are a marine force with 2 guard detachments. They have access to a baneblade. For the ‘aliens’ two ork players and a dark eldar player. I finally get to use my ork stompa. My 1500 pts are listed below.

Stompa List (Orks) – 2,100 points

Warboss (108) WS5·BS2·S5·T5·W3·I4·A4·Ld9·Sv6+
shoota/rokkit kombi-weapon; warbike; ammo runt; stikkbombz. Independent Character; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

Warboss (105) WS5·BS2·S5·T5·W3·I4·A4·Ld9·Sv6+ power klaw; twin-linked shoota; cybork body; ‘eavy armour; stikkbombz. Independent Character; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

6 Big Boss’s Nobz (355) WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+ 3× choppa; 2× big choppa; power klaw; 6× slugga; Waaagh! banner; warbikes. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!
Painboy WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+ dok’s tools; ‘urty syringe; grot orderly.

12 Ork Boyz (117) WS4·BS2·S3·T4·W1·I2·A2·Ld7·Sv6+ sluggas; choppas. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

Nob WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+ slugga; choppa.
• Trukk BS2·FA10·SA10·RA10·HP3 big shoota. Vehicle (fast, open-topped); Transport Capacity: 12 models, models in mega armour count as 2 models; Ramshackle.

20 Ork Boyz (145) WS4·BS2·S3·T4·W1·I2·A2·Ld7·Sv6+ sluggas; choppas; 2× big shoota. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!
Nob WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+ slugga; choppa; ‘eavy armour.

10 Big Boss’s Nobz (460) WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+ 3× big choppa; 3× power klaw. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!
Painboy WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+ dok’s tools; ‘urty syringe.
• Battlewagon BS2·FA14·SA12·RA10·HP4 lobba; 2× big shoota; red paint job; deff rolla. Vehicle (tank, open-topped); Transport Capacity: 20 models, models in mega armour count as 2 models.

Fast Attack
7 Warbikers (210) WS4·BS2·S3·T4(5)·W1·I2·A2·Ld7·Sv4+ sluggas; choppas; warbikes; twin-linked dakkaguns. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Exhaust Cloud.
Nob WS4·BS2·S4·T4(5)·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv4+ power klaw; slugga; warbike; twin-linked dakkagun.

Stompa (600) Ws4·bs2·s10·front13·side12·rear12·I1·A4 Titan combat weapon; deth cannon coaxial supa gatler; 3× supa rokkit; supa sorcha; 2× big shoot; twin-linked big shoota; big shoota (rear shoota).

The cunning plan

So the plan is simple. The 13 bikes charge forward with the trukk boys. They will advance with the dark eldar. The battlewagon with 2nd war boss and the nob squad Will make up the middle ground with the stompa providing covering fire. The mob of 20 boys will protect the back lines.

The game should be a great and the board is awesome. We are planning a whole day session. The club is a great and the 6 players should lead to a solid game. I am going to struggle with the Orks as I have not used them for ages.

For the Choppa? (or how to convert Ork Warbikes aka american Chopper)

One of my favorite models is the Ork Warbike, but some time you just need more. Enter stage left the Nob Warbikers! one of the most spectacular unit in warhammer 40k! with a stat line to die for, more saves than Dante hiding behind a rhino, and just cool looking! nothing strikes fear quicker than these suped up killing machines.

One Problem. It one of the Kits GW haven’t made yet. Now I know you can make Nob bikers from the kit, but this is more like the Squad leader, rather than the mega killer unit.

Solution? Forge world kits or Major conversion time! As an ork player, the first choice is attractive, but the second is the one for me.


Now I could blog on about the conversion, but I will just focus on the ‘chop’ section of the conversions.

Quick history lesson-the term chopper is from the States, where bikers ‘chopped’ the frame of bikes, often at the neck, just below the Handel bars, increasing the ‘rake’ of the forks, which then were extended making crazy looking bikes. Add a fat back tyre and small front wheel and your off.This sounds easy on the ork Bike kit, buit it can present a few issues. I think I have found a solution and below is the ‘How I do it’, discovered this by trial and error. I would welcome any feedback.I have never done a blog like this before, so lets give it a go.


OrkWarbike Kit (inc the bases)

Plactic rod (2mm) (metal is fine)

Plastic Tube (4mm) (make sure the hole is 2mm and the smaller Rod will fit inside it snuggly)

plastic box section or tube (5mm)


Craft knife

Drill Vice with 2mm and 1mm bits


green stuff

Craft file

Blue tac

Basic Prep

Clean up the plastic kit in the normal fashion, Glue the wheel and front mud Guard/Armour together. Cut 2 lengths of 2mm plastic rod to equal lengths about 4mm longer than you want the forks. ( i usually go for about 22mm, leaving the forks about 18mm long) you can extend them as much as you want, but don’t forget the longer the forks, the more the handle bars will drop, making harder to mount the rider.


Stage 1 ‘Da Chop’

The First cut is deepest, but is also the most important. Cut the front forks off the bike. All 3 bikes have brake cables, I find it easier to cut just behind these between the forks and the fuel tank. Glue the 2 halves of the bike body together. trim off the Brake cable, After all what will you Nob bikers do with Brakes?


It’s now time to cut the forks. It is essential to keep both ends of the forks. Cut the wheel end first (the Brake hubs). This reduces the risk of the bit flying off. One the Bikes also has springs on the forks (the one with the track unit at the back), these will need to be trimmed off. the section of removed forks can be discarded. trim the 4 parts to ensure they are smooth. Don’t forget the parts are ‘handed’ the same hub must be matched to the same ‘tree’ (the top of the forks that where handle bars sit) Don’t smooth off the back of the ‘trees’ you will get sort this later. you need the extra plastic while assembling the trees later.


Stage 2 ‘Lock and Load’

The next step is to drill the 4 parts. I start with the 1mm drill bit, drill at the center each part, where the fork used to join part. then swap to the 2 mm Bit. Drill about 2 mm down, you don’t need to go to deep as the conversion is fairly strong.


Once drilled out, glue the 2mm Plastic road into the brake hubs. ( i always check the fit first). cut 2 lengths of Plastic Tube (4mm) the same length (about 4 mm shorter than the plastic rod). Trim the ends down to match the ends of the 4 parts. The top section will be at a 45 degree angel, the hub end on 2 bikes is flat and the other is angled about 45 degree angel. It is a bit of trial and error to get the correct match, but it does not have to be perfect.

Slide plastic tube over plastic rod and the Check the fit. you can trim it down some more and if there is a small gap, don’t worry, you can fill it with Green stuff latter.

While this is drying take the 2 ‘tree’ ends and the glue them to the face plate. this will not only strengthen the top of the forks, but will also align the forks ready for gluing.


While all the parts are drying, cut a small section of the plastic box section or tube, about 4 or 5 MM and trim one end to a shallow angel. this is glued to bike section, where the forks once sat. you don’t need to worry too much about the angel as you will need to shape it later. the ‘flat side of the box section should be against the tank. the angle show be with the widest section at the bottom. slopping upwards to the top of the model. Glue the Bike to the Base at the rear wheel, placing a small ball of Bluetac under the frame. use this to ensure that model is sitting level. (use the guns a guide to gauge this)


It is essential to allow this dry. this will form a key joint on the model. while this is drying, you can go back to working the fork. gather the forks, wheel, mud guard and the ‘trees’.  check all the parts fit and are the same length. You can trim the tubing down to match. or drill the top holes out if needed. once you are happy with the balance, glue the forks to the trees, making sure you get them the correct handed sides (just remember the break disc’s go at the front.) Glue the wheel in place before the glue dries. while still malleable, balance out the forks making sure they are straight.


You can then add the front Mudguard. This will strengthen the assembly, ready for the model to completed. While this drying finish the model assembling the rest of the bike, adding guns and exhausts. This will be important later as the lines can be effected when you add the forks.

Once all the Parts have dried you need to smooth off the backs of the ‘trees’ you are then ready to assemble your Choppa.


Stage 3 ‘Dis bit goes ‘ere..’

Now sit the forks on the front of the Model to check the lines. If the forks sit ‘off’ the box section, just file the box section down to fit. It is really important to check the fit of the model. Try it with the rider in the place and the handle bars stuck on using bluetac to hold it all together. Make sure the bars are not to close to face of the rider. You can resolve this by sliding the forks forward, don’t over do it, as you may end up with the handle bars out of reach of the arms.


Once you are happy glue the forks to the frame and front wheel to the base. use some bluetac to support the wheel. let this dry fully.


For my Nob bikes, i add 2 Stormboyz rocket packs, giving the model a true feel of speed.

Stage 4 Add the Nob.

Once dry, You need to add the rider. This can be a pain, but can make or break the Model. I have found the best way is to put the legs on the seat. Trim one end of the handle bars off, matching which ever arm you are using to hold the handlebars. The Nob arm that comes with the Bike kit is best. Bluetac the handle bars to the bike. Glue the Body to the legs, and the arm to the Body. Now glue the arm to handle bars. while all the bits are still setting you will be able to manipulate the model to line up. the shoulder may not line up. again, Green stuff can rescue this! I usually finish off with shoulder pad to cover any untidiness.


Let this all settle and dry. Once dry neaten up and fill and gaps with green stuff. finish of the rider.

Thats It!

I tend to mix the units weapon. so I will be creating 3 with Klaws, 3 with ‘uge choppas and 3 with Choppas. one of the choppas will also have a Waaagh banner (+1 ws to the squad). The last will be the Pain boy (Feel no Pain to the whole squad and they can then take Cyborg bodies, 5+ invulnerable save) the 10 strong squad costs rumbles in at a whopping 505 Pts!

I hope this was of some use. while this is How I do it, I am sure there are many ways to approach this problem and you can find all sorts of other ideas on the web.

Let me know what you think of method and if you use them The please send me pics!

By for now, but remeber- Red uns Go faster!