Since you been gone…

ok, it’s been a while since my last blog, but I have been busy. Real life has been do that thing where it gets in the way, but it’s also presented an opportunity.  Work on our home has continued and we are now 6 weeks in to a 6 week build, so basically half way!  We think it will take another 8 till we can move home. This has reduced my gaming and painting, but I still got some work done. 


My last blog was on the additional 2 captains and these are finished. Next up was the completed land raider command tank. I still need to finish off the driver, but wanted a change. I have finished my 6th company champion and returned to painting veterans. I have made a start on my vanguard on foot. 2 are done with a 3 rd started. I am loving the poses, and the are coming on well. They were built befor the new codex, so have limited weaponry. 



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2nd war for Armageddon animosity gaming.

Yesterday I got invited to attend an event with a group of gamers called ‘animosity wargamers‘ hosted at slayer games. I knew very little about either and this blog is less about the game and more these groups.


I was invited to their recreation of the 2nd war form Armageddon. They needed the boys in blue. Simon, a member of the outlanders invited me to help out. So now I am the ultramarine guy. Simon agreed to give me a lift and we left at some ungodly hour to make the trip to Mansfield.

The game was to be played in a semi apoc fashion. Each ‘battle’ was fought 4,000pts of ork vs 2 x 2,000pts allied imperial. They are a fluff based group so if it wasn’t in the fluff it was out. The imperials we mainly guard and the 3 space marine chapters. Obviously gazkull and Yarrick were there with Dante leading the marines. For my marines, it was a chance to use the thunderhawk! Filled with second company, supported a 1st company squad in a smaller raven.

We arrived at an industrial estate in Mansfield, the home of slayer games. I knew nothing of the venue, other than the staff were a great bunch of gamers. The venue on an industrial was not what I expected, but was genius. Once in side, the shop part is well presented, with a wide range of well priced games. As well as the obligatory gw stands, most other big names were present, but a few I had not seen befor. The store had a couple of nice demo tables an open table area for card games. Dotted around were a few display cases with great painted miniatures in.

I was then shown the big room at back, that was just huge and full of 6×4 tables. Strewn with a mix of terrain for various games. In the centre was a long 4×24 table. The battlefield for our game.


Over the next half hour the various gamer turned up. It was the first time I had met them but the group was friendly and welcoming. Within minuets we were all swapping stories. Animosity is a group that seems to pride itself on a love of wargaming. They are not WAAC, but play the games to have fun. This ethos is very important to them and I can see why. They have sense of camaraderie and were all there to fight this huge battle. It was not the ork or imperial must win or that it was a competitive match. It was just gonna be epic day of wargaming.


Having a chat on the forum before the game, I had soon picked up this ethos. No raging nerd rage, no killer invisible blobs, no cookie cutter list. Just a group trying to pull together a game. Scot the organiser had a vision for this game, but it seemed, with a little cajoling, that the group all pulled together to make this event happen. Some even lent armies to other gamers if their primary force was not right for the setting.



After a mug of coffee and a long natter about the hobby, we were herded into the gaming hall. Broken into 2 sides, scot explained how the day would work. Rather than on long table with massive turns of 16,0000 per side, it would be 4 games played over 4 tables, each table victory adding to the total at the end. Scots deployment plan was inspired! It needs a name, but the ‘scot line’ works for me. Deployment was done diagonally with the short end of one table butting up with corresponding side on the next table. This meant you got ‘wedges’ of imperial , then Orks. While it limited deployment, it a great way to line up a big game.


The plan was first turn up lunch then finish each off from 13.00. Time flew by and the buzz in the room was great. The rules were relaxed and very little rules lawyering was needed. The relaxed atmosphere meant the game was more important than the outcome. The armies were all painted to great standard and slayers tables were nice.


The day was a fantastic day out. I met a truly great bunch of gamers and visited an inspired venue. I have always said how much I hate the tournament scene, but this group has shown me a new collective way to play epic battles. I can’t wait until January and the 3rd war for Armageddon.


Must say thanks to slayer for hosting the event. It’s a novel approach to an independent gaming store that really works for me. The local batch bar did a roaring trade at lunch, but they sold snacks and drinks, so we were well feed and watered.


Thanks all for a great day out. The 13th legion will return soon!

Go really big or go home!

I finally get to play the big game! While I have played lots of big multiplayer games, I have never had the chance to play a big 1 on 1 game. So the game at Warhammer world will be over 5600 per side. As with all apoc games, the points total is little but a guide. I am taking the ultramarine 2nd company, led by the utterly brilliant Cato Sicarus taking on the Astra millitera, lead by a lord Bromhead, (count as creed). It will be our first game using 7th ed and the 1st time for many new units, including my newly painted thunderhawk!

So, how the hell do you plan for something so big? Well, the normal approach is take the lot and just have fun. Nothing wrong with this, but I wanted to build a ‘fluffy’ army. The game will be for a large bridge. There will be 3 objectives, one at each end and 1 in the middle. The bridge is around 72″ long on a 144″ table. With water either side of the bridge, (that is impassable to all but amphibious or Superheavy walkers) the game will have a strong narrative. The controller of the bridge at the end will win. With a possible 3 points up for grabs and each of us starting near to an objective, just camping is not an option. You gotta fight for your right to be called the victor! Both forces are battle forged, so troops will really matter. My massed flyers are the only things that can’t score the svp!

Here is my list. It’s all spacemarine bar the 2 knights of house verdan, but these are supporting units I the plan. (I know, 2 knights are ‘only’ supporting units! How cool is this game going to be if nearly 800pts is just supporting!)

Glorious 2nd Apoc Force (Ultramarines) 5,720 points

HQ 455 points (8%) (165 points do not count towards limit)

Captain Cato Sicarius (185)
Mantle of the Suzerain; Talassarian Tempest Blade; plasma pistol; Iron Halo; frag grenades; krak grenades, And They Shall Know No Fear; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines); Independent Character; Rites of Battle; Surprise Attack!; Battle-forged Heroes; Warlord Trait- The Imperium’s Sword

Command Squad Mk2 (165)
4× chainsword; 2× boltgun/bolt pistol; 2× meltagun; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; company banner bearer, And They Shall Know No Fear; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Apothecary
power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; chainsword; boltgun/bolt pistol; narthecium, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Tactics; Honour or Death

• Company Champion
power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; power weapon; combat shield
And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Tactics

Techmarine (75)
artificer armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; servo-harness; Techmarines weapons (Chainsword ; bolt pistol), And They Shall Know No Fear; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines); Independent Character; Blessing of the Omnissiah; Bolster Defences

Space Marine Chaplain (105)
Crozius Arcanum; rosarius; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; 2× ranged weapons; special issue equipment (jump pack), Chapter Tactics (ultramarines); Independent Character; Liturgies of Battle; Honour of the Chapter

Space Marine Librarian (90)
Epistolary; pyromancy; force weapon; psychic hood; 2× ranged weapons (bolt pistol ); power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades, And They Shall Know No Fear; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines); Independent Character; Psyker (Mastery Level 1)

Elites 1,105 points (19%)

10 Sternguard Veterans (290)
combi-flamer; 2× combi-melta; power armour; boltgun; bolt pistol; special issue ammunition; frag grenades; krak grenades; special/ heavy weapons list (Heavy flamer), And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Space Marine Sergeant
power armour; special issue ammunition; frag grenades; krak grenades; power weapon; boltgun, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

Drop Pod Mk 2 (35)
storm bolter
Vehicle (open-topped); Transport Capacity: 12 models or 1 Dreadnought or 1 Thunderfire Cannon; Inertial Guidance System; Immobile; Drop Pod Assault

10 Terminators (445)
Terminator armour; storm bolters; heavy flamer; assault cannon; 8× power fist; 2× chainfist, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Terminator Sergeant
Terminator armour; storm bolter; power weapon, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics-(ultramarines)

Ironclad Dreadnought (135)
seismic hammer (built-in meltagun); Dreadnought close combat weapon (built-in storm bolter); smoke launchers; searchlight; extra armour
Vehicle (walker); Move Through Cover

3 Centurion Assault Squad (200)
two siege drills; 3× hurrican bolters; 3× Twin Linked flamers, Relentless, Chapter Tactics (ultramarines), And They Shall Know No Fear, Move Through Cover.

• centurion sergeant

Troops 785 points (14%)

10 Tactical Marines (185)
power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; Missile launcher (Flakk); Flamer, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Space Marine Sergeant
power weapon; boltgun; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics-ultramarines

10 Tactical Marines (180)
power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; Missile launcher (Flakk); Grav gun, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Space Marine Sergeant
bolt pistol; chainsword; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics-ultramarines

10 Tactical Marines (180)
power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; multi melta; Flamer, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Veteran space marine sergeant
power weapon; Bolter, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics-ultramarines

10 Tactical Marines (195)
power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; heavy bolter; Meltagun, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Veteran space marine sergeant
chainsword ; power fist , And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics-ultramarines

Rhino (45)
storm bolter; smoke launchers; searchlight; hunter-killer missile , Vehicle (tank); Transport Capacity: 10 models; Repair

Fast Attack 245 points (4%)

10 Assault Marines (245)
2× flamer; jump packs; power armour; chainswords; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades, Jump Infantry; And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Veteran space marine sergeant
bolt pistol ; thunder hammer; storm shield, And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics-ultramarines

Heavy Support 1,085 points (19%)

10 Devastators (200)
power armour; boltguns; bolt pistols; frag grenades; krak grenades; 4× heavy weapons list (2× heavy bolter; 2× las cannon) And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Chapter Tactics (ultramarines)

• Space Marine Sergeant
bolt pistol; boltgun; power armour; frag grenades; krak grenades And They Shall Know No Fear; Combat Squads; Combat Tactics

Drop Pod Mk 2 (50)
deathwind missile launcher
Vehicle (open-topped); Transport Capacity: 12 models or 1 Dreadnought or 1 Thunderfire Cannon; Inertial Guidance System; Immobile; Drop Pod Assault

Stormeagle Gunship (285)
vengance launcher; twin-linked heavy bolter; ceramite plating; 2 twin linked lascannon, Vehicle (flyer); Aerial Assault; Assault Vehicle; Cemerite Plating, Spirt Of The Machine, Hover; Supersonic; Transport 20.

Fireraptor Gunship (220)
Twin linked avenger cannon; auto cannon turret , Vehicle (flyer); Strafing Run; Spirt Of The Machine, Relic Of Armoury.;

Demios Predator Executioner (165)
heavy conversion beamer; sponson heavy bolters; smoke launchers; searchlight Vehicle (tank)

Contemptor Dreadnought Mortis (165)
WS5·BS5·S7·FA13·SA13·RA10·I4·A2·HP3 twin-linked autocannon , Vehicle (walker); Fleet, Atomic Shields;

Other 1,135 points (20%)

Thunderhawk Drop ship (685)
BS4·FA12·SA12·RA10·HP 9
Thunderhawk cannon; 4× twin-linked heavy bolter; 6× hellstrike missiles; ceramite plating , Vehicle (super Heavy flyer); Assault Vehicle; Cemerite Plating, Hover; Transport 30

Adeptus Stormwing

Stormraven Gunship (200)
twin lascannons; twin-linked multi melta; ceramite plating; hellstrike missiles
Vehicle (flyer); Skies Of Fury; Assault Vehicle; Cemerite Plating, Spirt Of The Machine, Hover; Transport 12 And/or 1 Dreadnought.

Stormtalon Gunship (125)
twin-linked assault cannon; Skyhammer missile launcher; ceramite plating
Vehicle (flyer); Aerial Assault; Escort Craft; Hover Strike; Supersonic

Stormtalon Gunship (125)
twin-linked assault cannon; Skyhammer missile launcher; ceramite plating
Vehicle (flyer); Aerial Assault; Escort Craft; Hover Strike; Supersonic

Detachment: House Verdan (Imperial Knights)
Troops 745 points (100%)

Paladin (375)
titan close combat; rapid firing battle cannon; heavy stubber; heavy stubber
Super Heavy Walker. Fear, Strike down, Smash, Stomp, Invincible Behemoth, Hammer Of Wrath, Move Through Cover, Relentless.

Errant (370)
Titan close combat weapon; thermal cannon; heavy stubber
Super Heavy Walker. Fear, Strike down, Smash, Stomp, Invincible Behemoth, Hammer Of Wrath, Move Through Cover, Relentless.

As you can see, it’s a lot and the points balance doesn’t suggest the care behind the list to make it fluffy! So here us the plan.

2nd company core

The core of my force is the cheapest bit! Numerically the 2nd company is the largest. Made of Sicarus with a command squad, 4 tactical squads, full assault squad and devastators. (1 of each) the Thunderhawk is also 2nd company. Along with a librarian and a chaplain, the 2nd company is a quite large. I have avoided adding extra units such as more psykers or chaplains. The plan is to use them are the core objectives takers. Dropping devs in a pod is a new move for me and I hope to throw a spanner in to his plan and using the chapter tactics will allow for a real suprise.

1st company assault force.
The vetrans of 1st company are in a supporting role. My plan is to pod the sternguard in to his artillery. I am not expecting them to survive, but they will go down in a blaze of glory first. The highly mobile terminators in the storm eagle will fire fight. Deploying as a squad of 10, unsupported, they will smash units threatening the members of the 2nd. The fire raptor will have a similar role, but it will also look to distract from the Thunderhawk.

The anchor force
Any large army standing without support will soon get isolated and broken. To prevent this I am using a solid fire base. 2 knights will act as fire magnets and the paladin in particular will be a primary target. The longer rang of the rf cannon makes in a great support unit. I am also taking a preadator demios with a heavy conversion Beamer as a bit of a surprise package. At 72″ (some near the middle of the board) it will have S10 ap2 large blast. That will focus my opponents attentention! Rounding off this part of the force is a mortis contemptor and techmarine to keep them all alive and in the fight!

The wild card
Just to round off the force I have a adeptus stormwing. Loaded with the ironclad dread, centurions and the librarian, this is my plan to kill his storm lord. The talons will peel off and attack any fliers leaving the raven to focus as a delivery system, straight into his lord of war. That’s 10 S9 ap2 armour bane attacks and then 4 s10 ap2 dread attacks. Should kill it in a turn and the 5 template weapons will fry the passengers as well!

The mission is a go.
Ok, so that the plan, but, I hear you ask, what is he using? Well most of it is easy. 12 tanks, 15 scions, valk, ven, 30 vets, 10 hw teams, around 80 guardsmen, his storm lord and his knight paladin. But, I know he likes to surprise, so, you just don’t know what he will do. I know he has something up his sleeve, he is calling ‘the game changer’ but I don’t what it is. So planning wise I have a big question mark. However, you can plan for what you know and have a reserve just in case! The assault marines have been equipped with both flamers for hordes and a thunder hammer for armour. I will have them in reserve and drop them wherever they are needed most. The plan is set, the boxes are packed and we are ready for the war!

Flight of the 2nd-into the jaws of death. A 5700Pts apoc report

Wow, what a game! Fought out at Warhammer world, lee Bedford and I played out one of the most exciting games of 40k either of had been part of. It’s cinematic feel and epic sweeping moves took the apocalypse format as it was meant to be played. We tried, and in my humble perspective, to recreate an epic struggle for a bridge. Looking like part of wider campaign we set the objective before the game to help forge a narrative.this helped plan the game and the lists we took.

The battlefeild

The forces.
This was an epic clash between ultramarines and imperial guard. Both using the current 7th ed codex and rules.

The 1st Albion army of lord Bromhead.
Lees army was huge! Centred around 2 Superheavy tanks (baneblade and stormlord) was a solid gun line. 6 tanks, with pask in a punisher (Lees favoured unit) 3 basalisk, 3 hydra, 2 large troop blocks, and a host of characters, including Yarrick. In reserve was a host of 10 scions (2×5), 20 vets 2×10), 6 snipers and 2 flyers. We had to expand the deployment zone to fit it all in. To cap off his list the knight ‘pride of Albion’ took his place supporting the storm lord.

2nd company ultramarines
Lead by Cato sicarius, the ultramarine force was dominated by airpower. Central to the plan was a thunderhawk. Supported by 5 other flyers that transported a big part of the force . Taking over half of the 2nd company, 2 squads of 1st comp and a couple of dreads, the army was highly mobile. In support, a pair of house verdan knights and demios pred excutioner.

Deployment and table.
We played on the bridge of J’migan, a 6 x 12 board, the central feature of which was a 4′ long bridge. At each end was an objective marker, with the 3rd in center. The game was simple. Take the bridge. Each marker was worth a single point. Victory was won or lost by taking the J’migan bridge.

Ultramarine Deployment

To speed up deployment, we both set up at the same time. The ultramarines spread out over their 18″ deployment zone, really quiet thinly, with lots in reserve. The guard filled their zone with a sea of men and tanks. Split in to 2 forces, you could see his plan. The bane blade, pask (with 2 other tanks) Yarrick and a large blob of men took the road to the bridge. The storm lord, along with 3 more tanks, the knight and Bromhead took the open ground to the right of the bridge. His 6 support tanks took up places at the back. His deployment took a while, so I went for coffee. To add a small surprise I infiltrated tactical squad 4 w/multimelta on the Aquila emplacement to the left of his deployment. (Using sicarius battle hardened skill)

Imperial Deployment

Turn 1
We rolled for 1st turn and the ultramarines won. My act of this game was to declare devastator tactical doctrine. My first move was to drop some diversionary troops into his army, drop podding with a devastator squad was always going to be a risk, but as they could move and shoot this turn, it was worth the risk. The squad had been split into 2 squads, las cannons in 1 and heavy bolters in the second. My army at the other end of table slowly advanceds, but nothing was in range. The devs and tactical of the diversionary squads took a few shots, killing a hydra and taking a hull point off the 1st bask. This left it unable to shot this turn.

Ultramarine turn 1

Imperial turn 1 was a slow advance, with little shooting. The basalisk took a hp off a rhino, and he also shot at the division force, kill 6 from the tactical squad and 5 dev marines. My plan to divert actually worked. He turned around 3 leman Russ tanks to deal with dev squad and this would effectively keep them out of the game. He also tried some psychic powers, with little effect.

Score 0-0

Turn 2
Turn 2 saw the much anticipated arrival of a Thunderhawk. The massive model flew 36″ and was still pretty much out of range. Along side it came the fireraptor and stormwing, the 1st time I used this formation. It won’t be last either! Only the stormeagle didn’t arrive. Back down at the other end of the table, I dropped in the 2nd pod, this time with 10 sternguard and a 10 man assault squad, split into combat squads. The locator beacon on the first pod was very useful for this deployment. The combined diversionary force now stood at nearly 1000pts. The shooting phase this time was a bit better. The hawk, only in range with the dorsal cannon blew up a single guardsman and took the fists hull point off the storm lord. The knights hit out out their erstwhile brother machine, taking a hull point of the walker.

Arrival of the Hawk!20140607_140109 - Copy

The distraction force ripped into the guardsman, slaying over 20. The sternguard killed off the auto cannon squads, the devs combat squad with las cannons, spinning on the spot took a pot shot at the bane blade taking a hull point. I also charged into the side of a bask with the remaining marine from the dev combat squad near the center of the board. He then spent 4 turns trying to harm it! He took 2 of the 3 hp by the end turn 6!

20140607_123824 - Copy

The guard responded with a slow advance. Both flyers arrived, but lee forgot to roll for reserves on a vet squad and both scions squads. The armour on the bridge took let rip, causing lots of wound. The storm lord opened up at a rhino. I’d love to say the plucky little tank held up, but no. It was shredded. The crew got out ok, but it’s game was over. As in over killed. It was an awesome dice roll from, the 15 s6 hits was great fun for lee to roll, with more than a little look of glee! In the psychic phase, lee shot of a power, killing nothing, but rolled 2 6s. He was killed before Yarrick shot him. The basalisk all took exception to cato’s rasorback, taking a hull point and making it unable to shoot for a turn. For those that have fought his basalisk, you’ll know that by now, all would normally be dead or the targets would be inside the minimum range. On this table however, they dominated the shooting for the whole game.

20140607_131107 - Copy

Score 0-0

Turn 3
Arriving in the 3 turn was the last if the airpower, the stormeagle stuffed to capacity with the terminators. It swept in at full speed, dropping the chance to shoot, but catching up with the rest of the airpower. With movement complete, Every other unit shot at the enemy, slowly whittling down the hull points spread across the board.

The thunderhawk blew up a few tanks, it was finally living up to promise. The marines inside were itching to get on the ground, but the river, that we had decided was impassable, was to wide. By turn 3, the hawk was still 8″ from the other side!

Hi lights from shooting was death of the vendetta and the ending of the last of the hydra guns. (While I didn’t kill the tank, but the maingun was gone! ) The sternguard killed of more troops and the last of missile squads died. In the assault phase the assault squad with flamers charged into the guard, killing 5 of them, including Yarrick! The rest of the squad went off to kill the last of the Leman Russ demolishes. The thunder hammer came into its own, smashing the tank to bits.

20140607_140042 - Copy

Turn 3 for the guard was a mixed affair. Remembering that he hadn’t rolled for his reserve troops. Getting them this turn, they tried to retake his deployment zone. The scions killing not only an assault marine, but also 2 sternguard. His veterans also took a pop shot at 1st company veterans, with no effect. His other vets just jumped out of the Valkyrie taking on the tactical squad blown out of the rhino last turn. Pask and his unit took the first strategic vp of the game!

20140607_141614 - Copy

The storm lord took aim at the hawk, taking off a whole heap of hull points, with 4 left after the turn. The knight took more hp off the opposing paladin. The basilisk killed the demios before it could unleash it’s conversion Beamer. The 2 artillery shots blew it apart with some great accuracy. The shoots, both over 100″ hit, the second earth shaker killing it.

20140607_141634 - Copy

At the start of combat, Yarrick got back up only to die a second time.

20140607_175518 - Copy

Score 1-0

Turn 4
My plan for turn 4 was to start the charging. The Ravens dropped centurions and the ironclad. The hawk was due to drop it’s marine cargo. Sadly, I couldn’t as it was still in the river, so it couldn’t drop into hover mode. Instead, moving 12″ it was now directly over the storm lord.

20140607_152801 - Copy

The knights took the SVP on my side of the bridge and took aim at the pride of Albion. The sternguard at the far end of the table killed a unit of scions, the elites of the 1st company showing the scions what true elites did in battle. Across the board the ultramarines showed their dominance, but the 2 Superheavy tanks still held the ground. The storm lord in particular looking like the king of this battle. I really needed to die! Unloading on the Vulcan tooting behemoth. It still had 6 left and was still in this fight.


His 4th turn had single objective. Kill the Thunderhawk! His forces moved in to position to line up as many shots as possible. His 3 sentinel moved to get a clear shot. Pask and the remaining tank all lined up for a shot and the big blue.

Shooting phase from the guard was so much fun. Unloading almost his entire army at hawk. With 4 hull points left it was close to crashing, but it held on in there. After 65 shots, it was down to 1 hull point. The entire army had fired and only the Baneblade’s main gun was remaining. The 10″ blast s9 shot couldn’t harm the hawk, but it’s coaxial auto cannon could. The dilemma was simple. Waste his main gun shot and target the hawk on the slimmest of chances or stick to his plan and kill some ground troops.

After some thought he picked up the 2 dice for the auto cannon. Needing 6s to hit and not being twin linked , he rolled to hit his 66th and 67th shot. The last of the dice to come to rest was a 6! Rolling to pen, he got a 5! It was done! The fatally wounded hawk peeled to the left, crashing on the river bank. 18 of 20 marines died in the explosion and the cry from lee was simple. “Thunderhawk down!”


Combat saw fights across the board and the battle had, at this point, split into 3 games. In his deployment zone, the vets were unable to charge the sternguard, the combat with Yarrick vs the assault marine finally ended, with Yarrick out for a 3rd time, the rest of that blob of troops killed the last of the assault squad. To the other end of the table, the marine tactical squad struggled to kill off the last of the Valkyrie vets, the flyer having returned to air in pursuit of the contemptor mortis.

After a massive turn for guard, turn 5 would be critical for the game.

20140607_175528 - Copy

Score 1-1

Turn 5
While the attempt to kill the hawk was awesome, it left most of my force un scratched. There would be revenge! The eagle dropped in to hover mode, disgorging the terminators, the other flyers took aim at the storm lord. The centurions lined up to kill the bane blade. The 2 remaining marines from the hawk, a sgt with a power fist and melta gun worked their way back towards the stormlord. The knight paladin took the center of the bridge, it’s errant compatriot taking the other end of the bridge.


Shooting saw everything in range take out the storm lord. The titanic explosion killed a terminator and both surviving marines. The pride of Albion also died knee deep in the mud of the river, a blast into its un shielded flank from the thermal cannon. The mortis dread, taking it’s only shots in the game killed the Valkyrie. Shots that could not hit The stormlord all went into killing Bromhead and the guard commander died in revenge for ordering the targeting of the hawk. The sternguard killed off the kilt vets and the Lascannon toting devs took out a basalisk.

By now the guard ranks were looking thin and combat saw the death of remaining scions. The centurions charged the bane blade, taking the hulking tank to its last few hull points. Killing 2 superheavies in a turn was a good results, but killing a 3rd was beyond even the mighty ultramarines.

20140607_163024 - Copy

The guard, feeling that the battle was lost, tightened their belts and dug in. The last of the troops all took up defensive positions. The only survivor of the exploding stormlord was a mortar team, who facing 9 terminators, still didn’t run. The baneblade killed the hovering eagle, and along with pask killed the paladin knight. The explosion did not affect any troops, but the loss did free the SVP.


Combat saw the final death of the veterans from the valk. The Yarrick again got back up. Despite the losses, this game was still close!

Score 1-1

Turn 6
It was nearly 7 hours after we first arrived. Over 5000pts worth of casualties had been removed, including 4 superheavies. And yet the score still stood at 1-1! Turn 6 really would make the end of this titanic struggle!


With extreme prejudice, all the fliers took up positions to kill survivors, the errant knight surged forward to take the central bridge SVP. Cato’s razorback took the SVP at the marine side of the bridge, it’s command squad and warlord having got out 2 turns ago to try to kill the valk. The command squad now held some ruins on the bank of the river. The librarian supported by the infitrating combat squad (remember them from turn 1? No? Neither did we!) took the SVP on the guard end of the bridge.

The shooting phase saw a clinical removal of threats, the largest of which was pask and his unit. The errants thermal cannon taking both out.

Combat saw the death of baneblade, the explosion kill 2 of the centurions.

The guard had been broken, but still fought on. And in a display worthy of mention, killed Cato sicarus, again with a display of outstanding artillery. A basilisk shot hitting the commander of marines. With Most of his force dead only Yarrick, a wounded basilisk and a few other bits remined. The bridge had fallen, the ultramarines were swarming over the table and the battle was lost. But still, Thunderhawk down!

20140607_174024 - Copy

Final score 0-3, Ultramarine win!

I hope you got a feel for the passion of this game. Such cinematic moments, great movement and real drama. The 2 armies looked great in such numbers. The 6 superheavies were awesome to use, but they didn’t dominate the game. Other smaller units hard their parts in the story. Here are my hi-lights.

20140607_174649 - Copy

-the super accurate basilisk! They really came into their own this game.
-the lone marine trying for 4 turns in vain to kill a basilisk with crack grenades.
-the combat between 7 marines a 1 guard vet that took 3 turns of combat to resolve!
-the only shot from a hydra, a heavy bolter, trying to kill a talon.


The star of the game for me was the battle to kill the hawk. It was such drama and so close, it made the game for lee, and I, despite losing my hawk, really enjoyed the spectacle of the attempts to kill it.

We both forgot bits of army, with both made mistakes, but the game allowed for that. I really enjoy fighting lee in 40k, his approach is to make games as much fun as possible. Both lists were full fluff based, fully painted and driven by the narrative. This drove the game and by focusing the story on the bridge, led to an epic clash!!

Till next time, see you all across the battle table.

Project Gladius blog 9 armed to the teeth

Next on this long list of tasks was the supporting weapons.


Forward heavy bolters.
These were fairly simple, just clean and assemble. I have decided to attach the mounting kits, but not the weapons or the cowling. The allows for some easier painting. The main ‘spindle’ of the guns was a critical part. You need to cut the core to fit, so be carefull, you make it shorter but not longer!

These guns will be able to pivot and the top scanner in free to move.


Rear heavy bolters
Again these are simple case of clean and assemble. I have not glued them to spindle, so the can be raised or lowered. The assembled units will be attached to wings once painted.


Hellfire missiles
These presented a small challenge. The moulding process leaves the excess resin tag running from the 4 jets. These leaves you with square block on the back of the jets. I have used my multi tool to round up the jets and put a small ‘dimple’ in the centre. This was done on all 6 missiles and I luckily had the right sized bit for process. The end result looks so much better.


The mounting of these is quite clever and they don’t need any magnets or glue to hold them in place. This allows be the chance to remove each missile in game to remind me of how many I have left.

20140420_130119 20140420_130107

The weapon systems took me a while to clean and assemble, but it’s fairly simple stuff.


Project Gladius blog 8 hull assembly and gap filling

This is short blog for a painfully long task!

The process of assailing the hull should be easy as I have spent a long time mocking up the hull and shaping it where needed. I used the thick gamesworkshop superglue to assemble the main hull. While expensive, I know from past projects that it’s good gluing heavy resin parts.

Once assembled the main hull, tail and wings all had gaps that needed to be filled. For the larger gaps, mainly on the wings and were the nose meets the fuselage, I used green stuff. I have packed out the gaps to fill them and the the top layer is done with liquid green as the is easier to smooth over. For the rest, I just used the liquid green, mainly where the tail meets the fuselage. This has been a painstaking Process but it’s worth committing the time to get it right.

20140311_162007 20140311_162013 20140311_162018 20140311_191616 20140311_205851 20140311_203445

Project gladius blog 7 interior paint

Time to finally paint some of the thunderhawk! The interior is very detailed, but sadly the design means most of it is hidden. I decided to spend some time painting the while kit, despite the fact most of this work will never be sen other than in the following photos! I went for a grey interior, fairy utilitarian in nature. This scheme will be used on my storm raven as well. I used brass rather than gold for the trim, again to look more ancient but maintained, rather that a holy relic. The paint took a few days but it came out ok, them I re assembled the interior and gluing it to the bottom hull. Next step is the full assembly of the super structure and then filling in any gaps.

Copy of 20140224_203147 1394441854438 1393878638073 20140310_205006 20140310_204833 20140310_204820 20140310_204806 20140310_204759 20140310_204755 20140310_084925 20140310_084912 20140310_084845 20140310_084837 20140309_210340 20140303_202914 20140303_184049 20140303_184023 20140303_082149 20140224_203147 20140224_203118 20140224_074429 20140224_074412 20140224_074357

Sunday update 020314

It’s been quite a week at work so work on project gladius has been slow. Need to start off by say a huge well done to lee, (@ratinabun on twitter) his Lego iron maiden went supernova on miniature monad this week with over 1200 re tweets! Madness I tell you. His project is film some ‘live’ maiden tracks using stop motion on a fully working stage. The guy is a slightly mad genius.

For project gladius, my thunderhawk, I have managed to finish the cockpit completely now and the top roof is done. Work has stared on the inside of the main body, with the nose section walls done.

Also completed is the landing gear assembly and this turned it to a total pain. I could not get the thing level and, being very slightly anal about these thing, this took me a while to fix.

I got some work done on the pilots as well, but these need to be finished. I have ordered the acrylic rod for the base, but I am still thinking about the main body of the base. It needs to be really strong, but I want it to be clean. This is taking some planning and any ideas are greatly appricated.

On the hobby front of course is the realise yesterday of the knights and the announcement of the codex: imperial knights. I caved in and I have ordered 2 of these beasts and the codex. To do this I have sold my imperial guard. This army was on the shelf and not getting any love. If I still had it when the codex is released, you know I would slide off target.

I have decided to try the airbrush out on the knights and using k’oosh from Babylon 5 as the core of an idea, house verdan’s core house colours will be a mottled green. I am also going to base the metal using Vallejo airbrush paint. (Gun) this is a new challenge for me and I have bought a couple of Vallejo air paints to play with.

So, that’s me for the week. I have spent enough this month already and I have more to paint. I will try to finish the interior of the thunderhawk this week, but then I will do the 2 knights. I am planning on doing both at the same time, to help me them match. What could possibly go wrong?

Till next week, see you across the battle field.



Project Gladius build Blog 6 Top cannon mounting and top Fuselage

I have done lots on the Project today, but not much to say about it, so it’s a short update. It was all very simple stuff and the kit at this stage is not causing me any real headaches.

20140220_180719 20140220_192129

I decided to assemble the Top fuselage into a single part. I used the Fuselage front, rear and Top and glued them together. I spent a long time getting the top seam right. I then cleaned up the 2 main guns. These fit really nicely and the original idea was use magnets, however, it do think I need to and so I just pinned them with the same 3mm brass tubing as the wings. I did the same for both making it easy to swap the Guns over. I also sorted rears section, just cleaning it up. I will mount this part once the interior is done. I have also cleaned up the cockpit section. So its ready for the glass. Not a task I am looking forwards to!I have added the doors, top equipment and the attack wings.

I can now do a full dry fit of the whole fuselage, so here it is in all its glory! Still some tiding to do, but its nearly ready to break down and Paint the interior.

20140221_203648 20140221_203625

Sunday update 24/02/14

Not much say this as I have published 5 project gladius posts this week. The build is going well and the dry fit is done! I managed to get some painting done and the interior is coming along well. The 2 crew and the raven pilot all got done as well.

In the hobby world everyone is getting all very excited about the knights, the new kit from gw. Consensus in Is all very positive and this kit harks back to the days of epic. It great to see gw finial pull a massive surprise and let’s hope the great feed back they are getting will spur them on. I hope they will finally stop the one army only per month thing and start to mix it up a bit?

I am very tempted my self, but at £85, I can’t justify one. Yet. I will add one, but I’ll have to wait. I like the idea of a painting project that allowed you to just go wild. This kit and the nature of the houses means I can go anywhere with the colour scheme. That will be fun. I am very tempted to sell off the imperial guard to cover the cost of one!

So, that’s this week In the hobby for me. Next week I hope to get the whole interior finished on the thunderhawk. I’ll take a break from it once this is done and try to get sternguard finished.

Till next week, see you across the battlefield.