Necrons-The Court of the Fallen King

My Necrons force, known as the Court of the Fallen king is my current army. below are some picures of the Army.

Scarabs Overlord Destroyers WIP Fliers 1 WIP Fliers 2 Lychguard 1 Lychguard 2 Lychguard 2 Lychguard 4 C'tan shard 1 C'tan shard 2 C'tan shard 3 1500 pts vs Marines 1356168681388 1356172133357 1356174495945


2 thoughts on “Necrons-The Court of the Fallen King

  1. These look amazing!! How did you do the white? I can tell it’s an off-white and then white edge lined, but could you share the details of that? I’d love to replicate on mine, with my own twist of course 😉

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