Command and control 

I do like a good project. With the new codex, I am trying to avoid buying loads of new stuff, instead adding models I have always fancied painting. I still have a good chunk of troops to paint, but the odd new model won’t hurt. 

Using this approach I have decided to add two new captains. One from 1st company, the other, the Lord high executioner, captain of the 8th. Both have models available, but for various reasons, are ideal. So, it’s project time and I am converting up both. 

Captain Agman of the 1st company


I have Terminator captain already and he is a great conversion, done a few years ago. Armed with a stormsheild and a Greek style spear (count as a lighting claw). I used loads of scibor bits and he looks rock hard, but in game he’s expensive and doesn’t match the look of my current force. 


Time for a new captain me thinks. I like the captain model in the strike force ultra box set. He would make an awesome 1st company captain, but he is selling for silly money on eBay (£35) and I am not spending silly money on any model! So the hunt was on for a new model to convert. The current range is really good and the current plastics have great movement. I was drawn to the captain in the deathstorm box set. While a blood angle, there was not a huge amount of blood angles iconography. So I needed to change a few bits to make him a bit more regal. Weapon wise, I wanted a gladius for 2 reasons. 1-cost. I wanted a cheaper model, so power weapon and Storm bolter (130pts) 2-I don’t like striking last! In A squad of 5 terms with powerfists/chainfist the extra attacks from a thunder hammer aren’t game changers. The Head was a easy choice. The 1st company leads the veterans., so old and experienced were to of the list. The new ultramarine upgrades pack the perfect head with a bearded face and a laural. I added a ultramarines icon on the leg and the odd purity seal, topped him off with an iron halo from the terminator kit for the classic term captain look and he’s done. Cheap and cheerful will plenty of character. Total cost was £9.25 for the captain, inc postage, and the rest from the bits box. 

Painting I wanted an über regal look. So reds and golds were important. The new legion decal kit, bought for another project, helped as well. I just need to sort the base out. Still playing with ideas for this one. 

Lord high executioner.


GW do a great model for the 8th company commander. I have a a few issues with it, but it’s a nice model. Firstly, it’s finecast. Not the biggest fan of the god awful product. I hate the idea of getting multiple crappy versions till I get a usable model. Secondly, I think it’s a it grim for my army. My ultramarines are ‘glorious’ not ‘grimDark’


I had legs of the of plastic librarian left over and planned to add the torso from the old plastic commander  with a vanguard jump pack. However, then GW teased the new ultramarines upgrade sprue. The torso of that kit was awesome so plans changed. 


I used head that looks like a company champion form the upgrade kit, a shoulder pad and the torso. The arms are just leftovers as are the weapons. The sword and shield combo looked ok so I stuck with that. I know the power axe is ap2, but as said earlier, I hate the I1 rule! I wanted to jumppack to stand out and bought the blood Angels guard jump pack. Leaving the wings on this time, I gave him an angelic look. 


Painting wise, I really wanted to limit the colours. With blue, white and gold being most prominent, with any accents in grey (company livery) this led to a mooted colour scheme that looks quite ‘glorious’  the base was a fun idea. I trimmed the edges off the librarian base and stuck it to a 32 mm bars, green stuff to smooth the join and cove as per normal. This added height and make his stance easy to sort. 


Cost wise I have spent very little. The upgrade sprue was £8, with most of the parts left over. (Head and both weapons used on the 1st company captain) legs, back, weapons and arms all from the bits box and the jumppack costing £3. 

So, there you have it. 2 new captains, total cost just over £20, both unique, both fitting my current force and both fun mini projects. I hope you like them!

Till next time. 


The relocation painting challenge

We are having some work done on the house and it’s going to take around 5 weeks. It is so much work, we are having to move out. They are ripping out floors, walls and windows, so we will be without water, power or heating. We are moving into the inlaws home while they tour the south of France in a caravan. 

So while I am out of the house, my painting will be more of a challenge, but I need something to help me chill out during what is going to be a stressfully time. To this end I have decided to challenge my self to to catch up with a few projects. All need to be ultramarines as that limits the amount of paints I need. I have some units to do and a couple of new bits to add to my army. I am challenging my self to paint the following in 5 weeks. 

  1. Command tanks. (Currently around 5%)
  2. Command squad standard bearer and company champion, both on bikes (around 25% done)
  3. Attack bike (unstated)
  4. 5 vanguard on foot (under coated)
  5. 8th company captain (unstated) (stretch target! Don’t think that I’ll get to this one!)

This challenge will help me to stay focused and to take a good chunk out of my to paint pile! The codex has made me want to add to my armoured force, with stalkers, whirlwind, vindicators and predators all on my must get list. However, I really don’t want to be added any new kits until I have painted what I have! (Ok, pipe dream, but I can try) I also want to move most of the army onto 32mm bases. Not because GW say I must, but because I think they look cooler on 32mm over the 28mm. 

Well that’s my plan. Now you can all sit back and watch me fail spectacularly. Till then, see you across the battlefield. 

Big Mar and cheese. 

one of the biggest changes to marine codex was to finally elevate chapter master calgar to a Lord of war. In addition to his new position, he also gets the buff all ultramarine player have been waiting for. The gauntlets of ultramar (2 power fists with under slung two linked super bolters) have finally lost the unwieldy rule! The means he can finally live up to his true potential. 

On the charge he will now get 6, s8, ap2 attacks fighting at i5. This makes him a beast in combat, added to this, he retains eternal warrior, 2+ armour, 4++ save and the ability to just pick his warlord traits. 

I have both versions of the calgar, but he rarely gets used. To celebrate the changes, I have decided to revisit my version in articifer armour. I was never really happy with his banner and his base needed some work. I have decided to make a new, better back banner rather than fix the current one. I wanted something more personal, but also had the standing he deserves as the chapter master. Base wise, he needed a 32,m base anyway, so I decided to go for a raised up cork base to give him a bigger stance. 


Initially I started with a plastic back banner from the command squad. This was topped with the new standard topper from the new upgrade kit. I added a laural from the terminator kits. I then sculpted some rope to add more regal featuers, to hold this in. Place I used 2 smaller skulls. The loose ends were normally caped off with tassels, however, to reflect his endless war against the tyranid menace, I used a left over claw. With an extra purity seal, the build is done. Paint wise, I went for the star field look I have been using a lot of late. I added the white to enhance the regal look. The central decal is from the legion decal kit. This project failed. 


I wrote the above to show the effort I put in, but it really didn’t look right, so plan be was much simpler. I stuck a topper from the sternguard kit and painted it. This worked really well and I am really pleased with the outcome. Simples really works some times.

The base is a simple cork build. I keep it clean so as not to distract from the model. 

I hope you like my refreshed version of the ultimate space marine. Just for comparison, here is the terminator version. Till next time, see you across the battlefield. 

Hidden gems of the new space marine codex

The new space marine codex has hit the shelves last week. Lots has been said about the big changes, but I think some hidden gems have been missed. Here are my top 5.

Beware of the mighty vanguard

The price reduction bat has hit many units and lots of talk has been about the drop for centurions and terminators. However, with the vanguard, the drop is hidden, but is huge! The unit cost is unchanged, but look at weapon changes. 

Power weapons and lightning claws drop to 5pt. Yes, that’s 5pts for a power weapon! Or a pair of claws for 10pts! That’s a saving on 20pts or the cost of whole vanguard! Power fist and thunder hammers take a 10 points drop each. That makes a huge difference to to the use of these weapons for me. I can see a them make my list more often. 

The heroic intervention rule has also taken a boost. Gone are the challenge rules, in are reroll to charge distance and ignoring disordered charges. That will deal with those pesky tau grenades! 

The stalking horse

To me the stalker in the last codex was a waste, a cool model with poor rules. The new version however improves this. It (finally) gains interceptor. While they drop too heavy 3, they can still split fire (firing 6 times 3 at each target) or are effectively twin linked at heavy 3 at a single target. All shots are now at bs 4. The old robotic slave shots at bs are gone.

They also gain ignore cover when in a squad of 3. This is so cool. Effectively ending jinxing skimmers! A squad of 3 will be a fearsome vs some lighter armies. Tau will still be tough, but elder and dark eldar will come to fear the stalker. 

On your bike! 

The subtle change to the mounted assault rule is quite a fun. In the old rule it was that if you took your captain on a bike, then 5 man bike squads are troop choices. A lot has been made of the fact that now 3 man bike squads, however, a more subtle change is that it’s no longer just captains. Any independent character can take a this option. This mean my mounted librarian will getting an escort!

Holy gladius! 

The ‘basic’ formation is the gladius. You must take a single Demi battle company, (basically HQ, 3 tactical, 1assault, 1 heavy support) and 1 other ‘Formation ‘ (lots to choose from!) will give you the gladius formation and access to 3 chapter tactics. As an ultramarines play, I already get 3, this means in 7 turn game I can use one every turn, and 1 tactic will get used 3 times. (1 for scions of gulliman, 1 for a Demi battle company, 1 for gladius) the tactical tactics allow tactical squads reroll to shooting and assault. That’s effectively twinlinked 30 marines! 

Dread squads

The idea of a squad of marine dreads is tempting. The ven and the basic dread both have take a price drop on the weapons, the ironclad is largely unchanged. All have gain attacks, now having 4 each. Taking advantage of the squadron rules, these can become a real force in the marine army. 

That’s my hidden gems of the new codex. I am still getting my head around the whole new concepts, and the new format. I hope you find this missive of use. I am off to paint up some vanguard! Till next time, see you across the battle field. 

Command and conquer-the new hq tanks

This is a new one for me. Hq choices that are vehicles? Sounds interesting,  but it does throw up a few new questions.

For those that don’t know, warhammer world has a special edition box set, only available at the gw store at whw.  The set is a modified land raider and rhino. The set includes all the rules and back story of the new tanks. Parts wise,  you get a full landraider and rhino kit and an extra sprue of new stuff.


The kit is really nice, presented in a big, lavish box. You get a full landraider and rhino,  2 equipment sprues,  2 sets of new ultramarine decals (not the a4 sheet Just released, but a small a6 card) instructions /rules sheet and the upgrade sprue. The new upgrade sprue is stunning.  The level of detail is great and has some stunning new part. The captain parts in particular are great. It comes with 3 heads, 3 shoulder pads, the best plastic back pack I have seen and some great arms. The vehicle parts are just as nice and ooze details. If you like  your marines blinged up, then this us for you.



These tanks form part the command of a spacemarine force and the landraider is commanded by a captain.  The rhino, known as a primaris is the link up with fleet, hence the huge radar dish, while the landraider excelsior is a mobile hq facility. They act together to coordinate the marine task force.


These tanks are bought as a pair. Costing 400 points for the 2 and taking a hq slot.


They differ from their parent vehicles in some ways, but have the same basic stats. Weapons change a bit, the inclusion of the grav cannon on the landraider being the big change.

The get a load of new rules as shown below, but the real strength is the partnership working. This really supports good  play and it’s not just dump the on the table and the will work.

The tanks offer a mixed bag of uses and genrally fill lots of roles. Both are transports (rhino 6, raider 10) but are really designed for this role.


The Rhino is the best strategical system. Each turn you can bring on a unit from reserves or once a game bring down a massive orbital strike. (S10, ap1, 7″ blast, Ord, barrage). You can also support units with 3 ‘servo skulls’ per game. Each one gives a buff once per game. Defensively you get a twinlinked plasma gun, but remember, the orbital blast must be shot at the same target as the pg. (Unless you give it split fire from the landraider -more later on that) the rhino also gives the landraider +1 to BS making all shots hit on 2+ most being twinlinked.


The landraider is the beast of the pack and is a real game changer. Weapons wise you get the twin lascannons and a grav cannon with the grav amp. It still keeps the spirit of the machine so you can split fire as with normal landraiders.


You get a better save that ignores stunned and shaken results it also gives a 6++ save. Skills wise you can give 1 “unit” from the same detachment one of a list of usr.


You can apply this rule to any unit within 12″ of the raider (18 if you buy a staff of command upgrade for 10 pts). This gives a lot of options that can be game changes and with some thought you can build lists around this. For example you can but a squad of 4 Las cannon Devs and give them skyfire and to make them an aa unit.

You can also allow one squad to fire normally rather than snap fire, even in overwatch. I will just let you take that in. You can make units unchargeable. Grav cents in particular gain from this.

To get some of the some of the buffs you need to stay close to the tanks, making your tactical use of the army, which is something I like.

Game use
As I described there are lots uses but it does leave me with some questions.

First off, how does the warlord work? If I take this as a my only hq are both the warlord? What about slay the warlord do you need to kill both?

Challenges are also intersting. Can you challenge a tank? It gives you few rules questions!

Lots of people are comparing these to the fw command tanks. I can see the links bit they are different. To me these are a better but more expensive option.

These tanks are a great kits and will be fun to build. They are easy to convert up with kits available and the forgeworld tanks are a great start. The damocles is a great version of the primaris, just the plasma guns need be to built.

The landraider is just a blinged up st raider. You would be able to use cent grav cannons to make the new weapon. The captain is easily sorted and add a small radar. Some fantasy banners would make a great rear banner. If you have spare razor back heavy bolter you could easily make this landraider in to a basic version.

It is a shame that these are exclusive releases. They are a great kit and I love the look of them.the additional sprue is a stunning kit. The details are amazing and the kit is well designed.

I am going to take a long time on painting these. I post updates as i go. Till then I hope you found this post of use.

See you all across the battlefield!

The birthday skirmish 

My local club, the Rugby outlanders, has a great membership and I am happy to be part of it. A great gaming club is hard to find, but also hard to maintain. Membership changes, attitudes creep in and the games change. Locally we all work hard to maintain this club and the efforts of the organisers really pay off. 

As several club members have birthdays in May and June we are having a club outing to warhammer world, Nottingham. The day will be in 2 parts, a visit to new halls and a game on the imperial city board. (All booked !)

The game has been organised by me and lee Bedford (@ratinabun on Twitter), and is a format we call ‘skirmishhammer’ the rules are a stripped down version of the old 40k in 40 mins, designed to be fun, while constraining the options. This stops power play and levels the armies. Here are the rules. 

-1 force each, no allies, formations (unless unavoidable) 1000pts

-armies can be unbound, but only to be fluffy

-no named characters

-no vehicles (anything with an AV score) or monsterous creatures, bikes or fliers

-no fortifications

-game is play to kill points. I kp for wiping out a unit, 2 for firstblood, 2 for slay a warlord, (3 for a team captain)

-5 players per team with a captain each (lee and I) team are chosen randomly. 

-turns are timed! 

As you can this starts to limit options, but also allows for the units you don’t normally get to see make an appearance. We have played this game a few times and it’s fast and fun. With 5k per side, all infantry, it will be an epic clash. I know several players are feverishly painting new units or brining new life to older units! 

For me my ultramarines are going mob handed and I have. Added a new 10 man squad to add a fresh tint to the force. I have nice fluff based list and it’s going to be fun force to use. 

Look out on Twitter for updates, I will be tweeting live from the game on the @outlandersGC feed on the 7th June from around 2. 

Project TWV-Tyrannic war vets

With the release of the new forge world kits for the ultramarine so, I am planning a project. I really like the tyrannic war vet models, but a squad of ten you end up with a lot of similar models. So I want to make up a unit of these models that is unique and varied, but also really challenges my skill.

The plan is simple, the delivery however will be complex and difficult.


To make these models I need to mix plastic and forgeworld. So here is my component list

  1. Head- mk4 preator upgrade
  2. Torso-mk4 preator upgrade
  3. Legs-sterngurd legs
  4. Arms-mixed sternguard and tactical squad
  5. Shoulder left-plain plastic basic pad (to take tyranid bits)
  6. Shoulder right-mk3 ultramarine from forgeworld
  7. Weapon-sternguard bolters
  8. Trim-Phobos bolt pistols and pouches
  9. Trophies-various tyranid bits
  10. Chains-1mm fine chain


My plan is to build them mixing FW ultramarine kits with plastic sternguard kits. The arms arms are mixed from sternguard and the plastic. A couple of the tactical arms are held in great firing pose and I wanted to use these.

To really ‘tyranid’ them up I want to add some trophies. This will be a mix of tyranid parts on the bases (32mm) and personal trophies on the shoulders/guns and backpacks. I want these to be subtle and not massive parts, so things like claws, armour plates and bio upgrades will be used. The sgt will have a larger part, maybe even a head?  To attach these parts I an using a fine (1mm) chain. I am not used to using this and it will be a challenge to accomplish this and I need to be careful not end up looking like a chaos marine. I need to keep them clean and use plenty of purity seals. They will be finished off I will use the veteran assault decals from the ultramarine legion transfers.


The bases will be 32mm with a built up cork base and use the ‘nid parts to dress them. I might try to use some hormagaunt claws as the beginnings of tyranid spore towers growing out of the base.


So thats my next big project. I have most of the bits now, some bought, some from the bits box. I am waiting for the forgeworld parts. This project is going to a great fun to build and I need to learn some new skill. The chain work will be great fun to learn. Making the trophies will also be a challenge to keep the clean.

Falling off the Wagon

I really am an addict!. i have tried to avoid GW for 2 months and its not working for me.

Lets start off I with what (still) hate.

-The Current release rate is getting worse. its only 2 months since i started to ween my self of the product, and we have 3 new codex and the rumor mill is pointing at my beloved Space marines!

-The stupid of the rules. this needs no explanation. They are just getting daft and I can’t see how they will fix this one. there are some awful codex out now and it will take a while to change them.

-The endless production machine. the rate of new books, New forgeworld, new Novella, new Games, new everything. its hard to focus. you start to feel like a cash cow being milked.

But despite this, I still love the product. I get real pleasure painting my marines. They are really nice, the product is great, the plastic kits are stunning and the range is phenomenal. I know the what most of things are and this helps me to paint.

So how do get past this? well, I have decide that I am not going to give them up cold turkey, but I am rethinking my hobby. I have loved the new games that I have tried and I am breaking the monopoly on my hobby time/cash. here is my new plan.

-only buy what I want to paint. not competitive collecting.

-No Competitive games, just for fun.

-No allies, just focus on 1 army.

-try to find my enjoyment in the hobby again.

I have found that the Prodos games stuff is stunning and I have started to get some batman stuff, but the 2 big GW releases for me are the new FW stuff and the command tanks. I really don’t think I can resist them!

lets see how this goes?

Ultramarines-Invictarii-1b Ultramarines-Praetorian-1b Vindicator-laser-1 Warhammer-World-Tank

Warzone resurection 1st thoughts. 

It’s been over 3 week since I went into wargaming rehab and I thought I’d share my thoughts on my chosen replacement war game.  As I said I wanted to give warzone ressurection (wzr) a go and so far I am really impressed. I have made some mistakes, but they are due to my old thinking, not the product. 

So what is WZR? The game is a table top wargame at 32mm scale. Played with both miniatures and a deck of cards, it recreates the battles in 27th century. There are 7 factions (5 mega corporations, the holy brotherhood and the dark legion) all fighting in a grimdark future. The games are fought out from small clashes up to large scale battles, but is primearaly a squad based game. To give the game it’s full title its ‘the mutant chronical-warzone ressurection’ which is a bit of a mouthful, so it’s reffered to as warzone. The long title is however important. The game is based in the mutant chronical universe from the 90’s and truly was ressurected by a kickstarter. The company, prodos games, have kept some of the old units and characters who have been updated. They are small organisation producing a high quality product. 


Ok, these models are insane. They have really tried to cram so much detail at a realistic level it’s untrue. (Fingers! No really fingers, not fists, actual fingers)  They are all resin sold at Basic unit level (between 1-5 models) larger packs for bigger models, such as walker are available. Each comes with all the cards you need to use that particular unit and the most basic assembly instructions. (These really need to better!) You can get started box sets to. These have the basic troops, some support and characters. They also come with the cards and 2 d20. The few clam packs I have bought have slip of paper naming the individual who has checked packing. Nice touch! 

They have very limited posablity and are not the easiest to construct. This has been a problem and they are not for the faint hearted, however, the end result are some on the most characterful models I have ever seen. I’ll talk about building them in another blog, but for now I will just say that these are not your mass produced easy assemble kits that I have gotten soft building. These take time but are worth the effort. 

The level of detail is amazing, but in some cases I think they over stretched and the result are some very thin casting. They are easily the quality of forgeworld, but are a fraction of the cost. This biggest walker, standing taller than a contemptor is around £30. The largest kits are around £60, but basic squads retail around £12-£15 mark. Characters are around £10.

As I said, the construction options are limited, but you get all the options for your squads in the box for most units. Upgrade packs are available for those options not in the pack. 


  The brb is a thing of beauty. It is one of the most visually stunning books I have seen. It has a silky cover and is full colour. The art work is a mix of the old ’90s art work, new art and models. Some of the images are line drawings that add a nice touch. The background section is well written, concise but gives a great introduction to the universe. The rules that follow are well laid out. The book comes with a mission section with over 30 mission variables. The book finishes off with all the background and rules for all 7 factions.  This means no codex or army book is needed. Any new units have all the stuff you need to play them in the box. The only real expansions sets are the templates, markers and each faction has a mega card pack to expand your deck. 

The art work through out is stunning and the attention to detail is high. It feels very weighty and is well made. The only issue is my copy has a dusty feel to some of the pages, this appears to be from the manufacturing process. 


The game is set on a grimdark future where 5 mega corporations run the planet. The 4 oldest are based around stereotypical old earth armies. But these are just superficial. Each has its own history , character and look. They are Imperial (British empire), Capitol (USA), Bauhaus (Germany) and Mishima (Japan)

In the distance past technology was corrupted  and used to destroy theuniversity. The 5th is a new corp based on advanced robotics call cybertronic. They use technonolgy more freely than the older corps, ignoring the lessons of the past. 

The final 2 armies are the classic good vs bad forces. The force for good in the galaxy are a religious order known as the brotherhood and are technology and spiritually better than the rest. Their mission is to destroy the dark legion, a force of pure evil. Using both dark arts and even darker technology the ear legion are out to destroy all life. 

The various forces allow you to fight an endless mix of combinations. You can recreate the corp wars or the epic struggle light vs dark. The brotherhood can take the holy fight to the corp or ally with them to fight the legion. This allows for a mix of play that can encapsulate most combinations. 


I am still new to this game, but my first thoughts are quite positive. The company, prodos, seem a great bunch of people. They have taken an old classic and truly ressurected it. If you look for some of the named characters on eBay, you see the old metals and the new resin version. They have answered tweets and quite friendly. They have an active fB page too. My only real grip is the website is a bit clunky, but buying online is done through PayPal. A happenstance is that they are based around 10 miles away from were I live. I love to blag a visit to the factory! 

Going cold turkey

My name is Paul and I am an addict. My drug of choice is grey plastic/resin and I have been addicted to this for over 25 years. The money spent over the years is ridiculous. The last 5 or 6 years it has even dominated my Christmas presents. No one asks what I want for Christmas any more. I just get GW vouchers and the long suffering wife, Jo, get me a big forgeworld kit. Life has been good, but I need to change. 

It’s easy to say it’s me and not you when you end a relationship, but this time, that’s a lie. I know what has gone wrong in the relation ship and it my addiction that has hidden the flaws from me. Now, I could go into a long tirade about an abusive relationship or a dominate market place. But I am going to take a different approach. My issue has been to blindly follow games workshop for years now, just hope it will get better. But it’s not, if anything, it’s getting a lot worse and the dizzying changes is too much for me now.  For years now, the logical and cinematic nature of wargaming has been lost behind poorly conceived, easily abused and down right daft ideas. For me i think the true start of the slope was the release of the imperial Knights. Since that point the game has slowly started to die for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the imperial Knights kit, it’s awesome, but they have come to prove the mentality of GW. Each new release has pushed the envelope a bit more, then a bit more, then a bit more. To the point now that you create mind boggling death stars that alpha strike you off the table. Seeing baneblades killed by single unit in a turn is now almost normal. This is a total disjoint to the fluff. The humble terminator, in the best armour in the in the galaxy is easier to kill that an eldar jetbike. The abuse of the 2+ reroll is now endemic. The longer it goes, the more the rules abuse creeps in. Now I am not complaining at gamers. It’s not them. It’s the writers that are abusing the rules. 

Case in point-haywire. Until recently, haywire was really rare and only HQ could shoot it. Now units are blasting it off at upto 6 shoots a turn, not elites, basic troops. The mighty land raider is now wrapped in useless armour. A tau transport has better survaviblity than a baneblade.

It’s creep like this that annoyed me and why I want to change. I want to play wargames. I like to recreate battles and I want my heroes to to fight tooth and nail for the objective. I don’t want the outcome predetermined when the list was written. I must say however, I love the back ground. The fluff from GW is great and I will be left struggling without this deep understanding of the universe of my wargaming. This will be hard for me, and I know learning a new history will be very difficult for me. 

Rather than just complain, I think it’s better to just go sort it, so I have made a decisicion that a lot of gamers have made recently.  I am leaving my love of games workshop to one side and leaving my comfort zone. I am gonna take this opportunity to find out what’s out their. I have never spent to much time on other games and I have never really appreciated the scope of the smaller companies. I am also going to take the opportunity to change my painting style. My ultramarines, while nice, tend to be clean. I want to paint a more realistic style, more weathered and aged. This is a new challenge. My current speed of painting is fast. I get a unit done a week, but I think if I slow down, I can make them better. I want to revolutionise my wargaming. For me, this will be hard and like with addicts, I need to go cold turkey. 

To this end I have pulled out of my local league, stepped away from my local club and gone hunting. I hope people will enjoy seeing me struggle. I hope to carry on with posting for miniature Monday and any advice is greatly appreciated. 

I have a plan and I am setting my self some challenges.

1-no new GW for 6mths (ok, paint is not included)*

2-sell all that stuff that is not used.

3-reinvest the money to learn a new game/s

4-develope a new painting technique every month

*obviusly black library is excluded from this! 

I am very fortunate to have great local games store, shadow games, in rugby. They have a treasure trove of games and advice on hand to help me out. Cheers Neil! 

My first foray in the wider world is going to be warzone resurrection. It’s not a huge steep for me. The 32mm resign kits are still very grimdark. Each one like a forgeworld model to work on, but it introduces me to gaming with cards. The book and A starter box set is cheaper than a unit of centurions, so cost is good. 

I’ll pop up some reviews as I go and I want this to be a positive experience. I want to challenge my self and walk a path less trodden. 

So that’s me. A recovering addict. Taking each miniature a day at a time and getting lost outside of my comfort zone. Till then, see you across a newer battlefield.