Deredeo a review of the model

I have managed to get me a Deredeo class dread. It will most likely be to only big forgeworld purchase till HH book 5-tempest . I wish I could afford more, but this stuff is expensive and this a one off!


So what’s this new model like? 


You have to by this bad boy in 3 parts. The body, arms and missiles. In game you have to buy the missile system as an upgrade. In reality however, this. Is not an option, the mounting of the missile pod is a large round plug. You don’t get a blanking cap so with out the missiles, you are left with an incomplete kit.

The body is very similar to contemptor kit. Especially the legs. They all assemble in the same fashion with separate knee pads, feet and are just as possible.


The arm weapons come in a pack and we have already seen the plasma options coming soon. I’d expect a lot more weapons and new top weapons too. The kit lends its self to magnetising if you so wish. It is a simple kit with only the secondary weapon options. Instructions are as basic as you’d expect from fw.




On the whole it’s ok, as you’d expect from a new kit. I have found some areas of misalignment, one of which (on the cooling fin of the autocannons) is un repairable. It’s fairly hidden so I am not fussed.

Most is crisp and little cleaning was needed. The cleaning process was not a big task. The rear of one leg armour plate took some filling and I found 2 air bubbles. Anyone used to working with FW kits would not struggle with this kit. 



Now, this for me is the Achilles heel of the kit. The legs are very pose able, the waist joint is fairly good, but from the waist up, nothing! The nature of the arms and the big ammo feed and hopper mean you get very little without a lot of work. To realign the arms, you are going to want heat and bend the ammo feed. This will not be for the feint hearted. I think we will see a lot of the same pose with lots of different leg settings.

This lets the kit down after the flex ablity of the contemptor arms, but the pose for an aa unit is ok. The nature of kit and the ammo set up meant they had little option. Just don’t expect many conversions! 

I think this will become a marmite kit. Some will love it, some will gate it. Ultimately, it’s the on battlefield results that will make this a popular kit. It will never be as ubiquitous as the contemptor. The fact it’s a ‘relic’ mean most players will run them singular. And when faced with both the fire raptor or siciran relics, the decision to to take a Deredeo will ultimately fall down on the opponent. Vs lots of wave serpents, venom and fliers, I think it will be a popular choice. Vs marines the raptor wins hands down. Well I think that needs testing.

I like this kit, but I think it will ultimately become a painters kits over a regular gaming unit, but we will see.

Till then, I have some painting to do, see you across the battle field.


Arise, sir deredeo

Forge world has released the much taunted and even more anticipated deredeo class dread and, to me at least, it doesn’t disapoint. I thought I share my views. The full pics and rules are here


OK, let’s not beat about the bush; this model has a lot of similarities to other large mechs out there. The mech warrior madcat and rifleman being the most obvious,  but if you look past these this model has some nice design work.


Let’s face it, any mech with twin autocannons is always gonna look like a rifleman, But look deeper and you can see a little of the contemptor. The legs; head housing and the feet all nod towards the now famous contemptor.

The subtle size change is hidden by the new Base.  This thing is huge and I think best comparison is the ork megadread.  The 80mm Base is the 3rd new Base since the centurions  (50mm) I think we will be seeing on it’s way to more models soon. Both from fw and gw.

The scale and solidity of this model really sets the feeling of this great piece. 


As you’d expect by now the rules for this comes as pdf for now, but once a book with rules comes out this will get pulled.  The rules for this are fairly simple, but the devil is in the details.

Stats wise it’s similar to a contemptor.  You loose 1 off WS but gain 1BS. It also drops 1 attack. Despite the massive bulk it’s still has 3 HP. Weighing in at 185pts basic, that’s a meger 10pt more than a contemptor.  You still get all the same sheilds but loose fleet.

The main weapons are the anvilus auto cannons which are S8. Twin linked as you’d expect,  but also get sunder. (Reroll to pen). Fired at BS5 that’s hitting on 2s with reroll to hit. Then rerolling to pen. That’s a lot chances to kill stuff.

The new missile system is a heavy 3 s6 missile pod.  It gets independent targeting as a usr.  this allows you target a different unit (similar to split fire) but also can choose to hits on side armour. (Insert arguments about knights shields here)it also say that you can ignore Los blocking scenery when targeting units in the open.  Not sure how read this just yet?

You also get either twinlinked heavy bolter or twinlinked heavy flamer. 

The other thing you get is helical targeting like the contemptor mortis. If stationary you get sky fire and interceptor. This basically trumps the stalker and hunter, Straight away.

The funny thing is that you only get sky fire and interceptor on the 2 main weapons, not the extra weapons. This means that you can still fire the heavy bolter/flamer. Meaning that your not defenceless after firing using interceptor.


I think this dread will sell, by the bucket load. The classic look, enough daka to make a mekboy green with envy and is a great AA platform will mean soon this be everywhere.  Fully kitted out this cost a huge 220 pts, putting it up there with the fireraptor, both of which are relics.  As you can only take 1 relic this a choice that I’d struggle with!

I’m sure that in the future new options will be added, twin linked Las destroyers anyone? Plasma exuctioners? Anything is possible.

I know I will be adding one soon, but it costs a whooping £72.00 Inc postage. I think it will be a staple part of my list. Doubling up with my contemptor mortis I will be having some shooty fun. Another one for the I want pile I think!

And I will leave you with this. The “orginal” dreads had 3 variants. We have seen 2. One more to go……..


Till then, see you across the battle field!