Bring out the Great Green Steamroller!

It’s league game time again, and  I am facing the might of the imperial guard. Controlled by Matt. This is a reasonable army, but he is currently 12th in the league. He deserves to higher as he is good opponent. We have meet recently, but it was my necrons that defeated him. This time around he has challenged my Orks. This is a new challenge for me as I have not used them in a smaller game for over 8 months!

I have not blogged about my Orks much, but while they are an older army, they are still a great force to game with. They are a speed freak army based a rouge group of evilsuns. The whole force is mounted on one form of transport or another. I don’t use walkers, or big gunz. The core of the army are my bikes. 7 warbikes and 6 nob bikers, led by the red Barun, a warboss on a bike. I have around 4,000 points with 4 trukks and 2 battlewagons. One of the big things missing from the force are flyers. I have a plan for a dakkajet, but like many of my projects, it may never happen. I hope that I will get one soon, but the necrons are my current force and I have forgeworld units coming soon, so I think this might take awhile.

My plan.

I only know one way to play Orks. Fast and brutal! I set up as close to the front line as possible. Turn one is flat out, that should put me 6″ from the opponents deployment zone, as long as they survive the shooting in return, turn 2, declare a waargh, then it is everyone out of the transports and now the whole army is now in the opponents deployment zone and blasting/charging away. The warbikes, will be charging and if possible so will the boys. Any surviving vehicles then support with big shootas. It is not a subtle plan, but effective. I forgo all shots in turn one and this can be hard for me as the necron force is all about shooting.

My list for this game is as follows.

Da Broken Clutch V1 (Orks) – 1,502 points

Warboss (115) WS5·BS2·S5·T5·W3·I4·A4·Ld9·Sv6+
warbike; attack squig; stikkbombz. Independent Character; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

Warboss (95) WS5·BS2·S5·T5·W3·I4·A4·Ld9·Sv6+
power klaw; twin-linked shoota; ‘eavy armour; stikkbombz. Independent Character; Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!

6 Big Boss’s Nobz (350) WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
3× choppa; 2× big choppa; power klaw; 6× slugga; Waaagh! banner; warbikes. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!
Painboy WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
dok’s tools; ‘urty syringe.

12 Ork Boyz (127) WS4·BS2·S3·T4·W1·I2·A2·Ld7·Sv6+
shootas; big shoota. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!.
Nob WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
slugga; big choppa.
• Trukk BS2·FA10·SA10·RA10·HP3
big shoota. Vehicle (fast, open-topped); Transport Capacity: 12 models, models in mega armour count as 2 models; Ramshackle.

Da Foot Nobz (10 Big Boss’s Nobz) (470) WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
6× choppa; big choppa; 3× power klaw; 10× slugga; Waaagh! banner. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Waaagh!.
Painboy WS4·BS2·S4·T4·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv6+
dok’s tools; ‘urty syringe.
• Battlewagon BS2·FA14·SA12·RA10·HP4 lobba; 3× big shoota; red paint job; deff rolla. Vehicle (tank, open-topped); Transport Capacity: 20 models, models in mega armour count as 2 models.

Fast Attack
7 Warbikers (210) WS4·BS2·S3·T4(5)·W1·I2·A2·Ld7·Sv4+
sluggas; choppas; warbikes; twin-linked dakkaguns. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Exhaust Cloud.
Nob WS4·BS2·S4·T4(5)·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv4+
power klaw; slugga; warbike; twin-linked dakkagun.

3 Deffkoptas (135) WS4·BS2·S4·T4(5)·W2·I3·A3·Ld7·Sv4+ 3× twin-linked rokkit launcha; choppas; deffkoptas. Furious Charge; Mob Rule; Scouts; Hit and Run.

I have gone heavy on the nobs this time out and I am running 2 warbosses. This is not my normal list, but I hope to scare the b’jesus out of him. These will kill any of his many tanks. I know he likes his leman Russ tank squadrons, so these are my answer to that. The nob bikers are always great, but I using my 10 nobs in a battle wagon. It’s deffrolla will make a mess of any tanks and I hope to ram this unit straight into his lines. With 3 power klaws they will be my can openers, but will crush any puny ‘umans. It also allows me to have both squads as troop choices. This gives me 3 scoring units. My core worry is his Valkyrie. I have little that can kill it. I need to get my bikes behind it. The S5 assault 3 twin linked should make a real mess of it. My 3 defkoptta should help and that why I took the rokkit lunchas. The twin linked will help, but it could mess up my whole plan. If it drops a troop choice and takes an objective in my deployment zone, that’s 4 vp. A hard thing to solve. My bikes might sort it, but by turn 3 they will have taken some major casualties.

His army
Matt brought a whole new list. Still tank heavy, but using new units and a different plan. As far as I know, this was the core of his list.


Company Command Squad (115) WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld7·Sv5+
vox-caster; carapace armour; lasguns or laspistols; close combat weapons; frag grenades.
Company Commander WS4·BS4·S3·T3·W3·I3·A3·Ld9·Sv5+
laspistol; close combat weapon; refractor field; frag grenades; krak grenades. Senior Officer.
Master of Ordnance WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld7·Sv5+
laspistol; close combat weapon; frag grenades. Artillery Bombardment.
Veteran Weapons Team WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W2·I3·A2·Ld7·Sv5+
autocannon; lasgun; frag grenades.

Primaris Psyker (70) WS4·BS4·S3·T3·W2·I3·A3·Ld9·Sv5+ Lightning Arc; Nightshroud; flak armour; laspistol; force weapon; frag grenades; refractor field. Independent Character; Psyker (Mastery Level 1); It’s For Your Own Good.

Guardsman Marbo (65) WS5·BS5·S3·T3·W2·I5·A4·Ld7·Sv5+
flak armour; ripper pistol; envenomed blade; frag grenades; melta bombs; demolition charge. Fearless; Stealth; Move Through Cover; Hit and Run; Fleet; Loner; He’s Behind You.

9 Sanctioned Psykers (110) WS2·BS3·S2·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld9·Sv5+ Weaken Resolve; Soulstorm; laspistols; close combat weapons; flak armour. Psyker; Psychic Choir; Ultimate Sanction.
Overseer WS3·BS3·S3·T3·W1·I3·A2·Ld9·Sv5+

Veteran Squad (165) WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld7·Sv5+
2× meltagun; heavy flamer; lasguns or shotguns; close combat weapons; frag grenades; krak grenades; flak armour.
Veteran Sergeant WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A2·Ld8·Sv5+
laspistol; close combat weapon; frag grenades; krak grenades.
• Chimera BS3·FA12·SA10·RA10·HP3
heavy bolter; heavy bolter; searchlight; smoke launchers. Vehicle (tank); Transport Capacity: 12 models; Amphibious; Mobile Command Vehicle.

Veteran Squad (150) WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A1·Ld7·Sv5+
plasma gun; lasguns or shotguns; close combat weapons; frag grenades; krak grenades; flak armour.
Veteran Sergeant WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W1·I3·A2·Ld8·Sv5+
laspistol; close combat weapon; frag grenades; krak grenades.
Veteran Weapons Team WS3·BS4·S3·T3·W2·I3·A2·Ld7·Sv5+
autocannon; lasgun; frag grenades; krak grenades.
• Chimera BS3·FA12·SA10·RA10·HP3 heavy bolter; heavy bolter; searchlight; smoke launchers. Vehicle (tank); Transport Capacity: 12 models; Amphibious; Mobile Command Vehicle.

Fast Attack
1 Scout Sentinel (60) WS3·BS3·S5·FA10·SA10·RA10·I3·A1·HP2
lascannon; hunter-killer missile. Vehicle (walker, open-topped); Scouts; Move Through Cover.

1 Valkyrie Assault Carrier (155) BS3·FA12·SA12·RA10·HP3 lascannon; 2 multiple rocket pods; sponson heavy bolters; searchlights; extra armour. Vehicle (flyer, hover); Deep Strike; Scout; Grav Chute Insertion.

Heavy Support
1 Leman Russ Squadron (435).
• Leman Russ Exterminator BS3·FA14·SA13·RA10·HP3
Exterminator autocannon; heavy bolter; sponson heavy bolters; searchlights; smoke launchers. Vehicle (tank); Lumbering Behemoth.
Commander Pask BS4 Leman Russ Tank Ace; Crack Shot.
• Leman Russ Demolisher BS3·FA14·SA13·RA11·HP3
Demolisher siege cannon; heavy bolter; sponson heavy bolters; hunter-killer missile; searchlights; smoke launchers. Vehicle (tank); Lumbering Behemoth.

1 Hydra Flak Tank (75) BS3·FA12·SA10·RA10·HP3 2 twin-linked Hydra autocannons; searchlights; smoke launchers; auto-targeting systems; heavy bolter. Vehicle (tank).

As is often the case, I did not see his core plan in the list, but it’s variety and width suggested a great game was going to happen.

Mission and set up
We rolled for game and set up. Playing purge the alien over a dawn of war set up. Rolling for warlords, I got master of the vanguard and Matt got Conquer of cities. I got the first turn and set up first.

Sticking to my plan, the 3 defkopttas set up on the hill to left. Then the bikes, battle wagon, nob bikes with the warboss and trukk boys.

Matt caslted up on his right. Deploying the hydra, executioner, 1 unit of vet and the comm squad. the other vet squad in the chimera set up in the foreground of this block. In the center of the table he set out the demolisher and the psykers. On the far left he set up sentinel. Matt stole the first turn and we moved the scout units. The defkopttas raced ahead using the fortress for cover. The sentinel milled about, but stayed on the hill over looking the center of the table.

set up for the Imperial Guard vs Orks

set up for the Imperial Guard vs Orks

First turn
Matt went first and the central block advanced and then he opened up. He ‘cast’ weaken resolve on the deffkopttas. This was followed by him Basting away he killed 2 defkopttas. With ld 2, the last one fled. First blood to Matt! The rest of my army resisted his shooting. I got very worried when the Demolisher hit the battle wagon. But he failed to harm it.

Turn 1 orks vs Guard

Turn 1 orks vs Guard

In return I declared a waargh. The Orks raced ahead, with the battlewagon nobs jumping out. This left them 8″ away from the psykers chimera. The bikes ended 9″ away. The nob bikes and the trukk rushed full speed.

Shooting was brief. I killed 1 guardsman with my battle wagon. I then charged in. The nobs got 9″ on the charge, the bike got 4 and re rolled 5″!

Combat saw the chimera getting wrecked, but not exploding.

Turn 2

Turn 2 and marbo arrived! Placed near the heart of my army, his plan was clear. With little movement, Matt headed on the shooting phase. Again I braced my self for a torrent of imperial fire. Matt did not disappoint. The sentinel killed the trukk, it’s boys bailing out toward the walker, his tanks to right killed several nobs with both warbosses taking a wound. The psykers used weaken resolve on the nob bikes, leaving them with an ld of 2. He the used soul flayer. This cause 3d6-ld wounds on the target unit.. This could wipe the whole unit! No amour or cover saves, but FNP is still ok. I rolled ‘deny the witch’ and passed! Saving my 400+ unit! They were so gonna die in my next turn! he unloaded all his guns and it should have made a mess! I lost 7 of the Nobz, and I was lucky to hang in. The cover from the Fortress did protect the army.

Marbo Pops up!

Marbo Pops up!

In return I contiued to advance. The Warboss left the Nob Bikers, he headed towards the Psykers. The Nob bikers headed around them lining up on the command squad. The warbikes headed for the Demolisher the Warboss on Foot headed towards Marbo. On the right, the Boys headed up towards the lone sentinel. on to the shooting and i started by killing 2 Psykers, the Nob Bikers unloaded on the Command Squad, killing all but the Master of the Ordnance. The death of the company commander gave me ‘slay the warlord’. The Boys then shot at at and took a glancing hit on the sentinel. The Nobz killed Marbo. but not until he had killed one more of the ork Brutes. The Warboss on the Bike charged the Psykers, their overwatch causing a single wound. In combat he challenge the Primus Psyker. Striking first, the Psyker failed to harm the Warboss, but was smashed in return.  The Warbikes killed the Demolisher, the blast taking out more of the poor psykers. tHowever the brave psykers then rolled double 1 on the break test!

Turn 3

In some games the Dice gods smile at you,  in other they don’t. I would have to say that in turn 3 of this game, they sold their souls hook, line and sinker to me. Not just letting him down, but abandoning him wholesale! It was brutal and hash and didn’t think you can be that unlucky!

His Valk turned up and headed for the Boys. The last Chimera advanced and the Vet squad within disembarked. They lined up to shoot the Warbikes and the sentinel moved away from the rushing boyz.

The sentinel Vs the Boyz

The sentinel Vs the Boyz

Matt’s shooting in summary was as followed.


6 Lasguns-No effect

2 plasma-1 hit, no wounds

6 Heavy bolters shots-3 hits, 1 wound, 1 saved.

Vets on the hill-

Master of the Ordance-Missed with the Barrage shot.

Autocannon-1 hit, no wounds.

Pask in the LMR-9 Heavy bolters shots, 4 Autocannon shoots, lots of hits, lots of saves, 1 wound!

Hydra-2 hits, 2 wounds (both on the Warbiker Nob) 2 saves!

Valk-2 rocket pods ‘hit’ 8 covered, 6 Wounds.

6 heavy bolter shots-All miss! (5 x 3’s and 1 x 2)

sentinel- Lascannon Missed.

The total casualty list was 1 warbiker and 6 Boyz!

Close combat saw the Psykers try to harm the Warboss, causing a wound and taking him to 1!, but 3 were killed in return and after a very brave attempt, they finally tried to flee. the Warboss caught and killed them.

Turn 3 from the Last of the Guard

Turn 3 from the Last of the Guard

The orks continued to push the advantage. moving towards the imperial troops, they wiped out both vet squads with shooting. the Nob squad hitting 11 out 18 shoots (needing 5+) to hit! the Battlewagon caused a glancing hit on the Valk and the Boyz wiped out the sentinel. with no targets to charge, the turn ended with out any orks in combat and the game ended. time was running out the result was fairly clear.

The end score was 11-3 to the orks.

My thoughts?

Matt, as always, was great opponent. His list was different and challenging and he loves to experiment.  This good example of this and it makes planning for his army difficult. Some things worked and other did not. Once he dials his plans in, he will wipe the floor with us all! I think he should focus on either long range blasting, or the mech’ advance, the split allowed me to dissect the central element of his force, then line up his tanks on the hill. This divided army lack the cohesion of the orks and my plan to steamroller him was helped by this approach.

His combined psykers where awesome, but needed a bubble wrap unit. The warboss just slaughtered them as a result.

My hopeless use of the Deffkoptta needs to improve. The deployment was poor and they got wiped out as a result, throwing away 2 VP early on. The game was good and I think that I had all the luck. Matt was unfortunate in the extreme in the 3rd turn of shooting, while I rolled high on all my saves. he should have killed a lot more and in Purge the alien, each unit kill is worth VP, he should have had got a better score.

Key learning points

-his Psykers are nasty as hell

-I need to learn to use the Deffkopttas!

-Deny the witch saved my Nob Bikers!

The Gravity Well

Now, I need to apologize to Matt Again! He had his Valk and his reserves on a chair next to the Table. While he went for a smoke, I went to see how the big game was getting on. I clipped the the chair with my heel and the result is shown below

this is damaged to Matts Valk when it fell off the chair

this is damaged to Matts Valk when it fell off the chair

I have never damaged a fellow gamer model before, being very careful with them, but I feel so bad that this happened! Once again Sorry Matt.

So, that’s it. I am still in the lead on the League, but the pressure is mounting. Next up? who knows, till then, see you across the battle table!


1500pts Necron Vs Tyranids-The closest of mIsses!

I fought my friend Adam Crooke today at Shadow Games. It was a League game and I think. the First away game for the league. we did this way as my work has really got in the way recently.

I don’t have his full list but it was something like this.

Winged Tyrant

Trygon Prime


The Doom of M’aakli (in Spore pod)

3 Warriors

6 Genestealers with broodlord

6 Ymgarl Genestealer

2*10 Termagants

Carnifax (in Spore pod)

I may have got some bits wrong, but that’s the main thrust. my list is here.

It was 1500pts game and we rolled to play ‘Purge the Alien’ with a Hammer and Anvil. We rolled for warlord traits. and Promptly forgot both. (we did not need them.) his was ‘move through Ruin’ but the whole army has move through cover. I got immoveable object, which in hindsight would have helped!

He got the first turn and choose to deploy first. he only deployed the Tyrant, termagants, Zoanthrope and the 3 warriors.

I lined up  with 1 unit of Warriors, my Destroyers, the C’tan,  the A-Barge lined across the board. I then used the Grand illusion and pulled the 2 flyers out of reserve and add them to my left flank.


I stole the 1st turn and the game was on. My main attack is the killer blow in the first turn and kill as much as possible. the Fliers do this well, but he had packed them in as you can see in the Picture. this was going to messy.

The flyer surged to the left, with the rest of the army advancing. shooting was the a brutal affair and when the green smoke cleared, only the Tyrant stood amongst the broken bodies. below is a pic of the dead at the end of turn one. it was around 33% of his entire army!


His highlight was 5 wounds rolling 5 6 saves! Epic


His First turn was less effective with his flying Tyrant causing 1 glancing hit to the Nightscythe. turn 2 was as close as you can get to a 1 turn tabling as its possible to get. I blasted away with everything at the Tyrant. the 2 flyers zoomed off the board and despite the blasting, the damn thing did not die.

Then he rolled for reserves. the lot turned up and man, it was brutal. with stealers on both flanks, the Ymgarl Genestealer in Chrage range of the Destroyers, the Doom in the center of my forces and the Trygon off to the Left. the shooting killed a hand full of Warrior. he charged in with the Ymgarl Genestealer and the Tyrant killing more of the Necrons. I also brought on my Deathmarks and I marked the Trygon for death.


The fight had truly started!


turn 3 was massive fight. The Flyers returned killing  a little but wounding the Carnifex and Trygon and the a-barge finally in range, causing another wound. the C’tan charge the Doom and the Lord charged the Tyrant. at the end of all the the Doom was down to 2 wound and the Tyrant died. By now I have both First blood and Slay the warlord.



Now his turn 3 was another building turn, he inflicted some serious damage. his shooting was limiting, but he made up with some fearsome combat. he charged his Trygon in the A-Barge. the massive creature tore the little skimmer to bits. This was the first time this had died and he killed it in style. He moved it away from the  Deathmarks and theYmgarl Genestealer wiped out the Destroyers. The other Genestealers and the Carnifex charged in to the overlord and warriors. Combat was a draw.  All in all the game was very close.


Turn  4 continued in the same vain. death and destruction. I fried the Trygon, with the Deathray failing to wound,  but the Teslas, scoring 10 hits killing it. the Doom was finally killed and one of the pods died. The  Ymgarl Genestealer took a casualty, and combat continued for the overlord.

His turn saw the Overlord die, and the last of his warrior unit. and the remaining pod shot at the fliers. Sadly he failed to harm them. he also killed the C’tan, its death taking a Genestealer with it.


turn 5 saw the flyers out of position and the deathmarks the only squad now in a possition fire. they caused a single wound on the ‘fex and in combat the newly reurected lord killed the last Ymgarl Genestealer. the barrelled the fex into the Deathmarks, killing 4. They ran and the game ended.

Final score was 12vp (necron) to either 6 or 7vp (tyranids) Why the 6 or 7 you ask? Well the Overlord died. (slay the Warlord?) but got back up (Didn’t slay the Warlord?) it did not make a difference in the end. the game was a Necron win, but I had to fight for it!

It was a great game and I really enjoyed the challenge  Adam is a great player. the game was technical, but not rules driven. his interpenetration of the rules is well balanced and it is good to fight a game were the game is central  but flexible in the use of rules. we both made rules errors, but we allowed them to fixed and if we could not sort it, the, the dice decided  I can’t wait to play him again and know it will be closer still. Shadow Games did us proud again and the coffee was OK.

So what did my first game against the Bugs teach me?

  1. Avoid them in Combat! (like I did not already know that!) he did a great job in maximising his list and getting the combat units in to combat. he did not waste time, he just charged on in with a single minded purpose. his Table craft was very high in this regard. 
  2. The Doom of M’aakli is a Pain. its 3++ save and its spirit Leach is a total bitch.  I need to think about how to handle it.
  3. Trygon vs A-barge is always going to be a bad Necron outcome.

I did ponder the use of the overlord and I think I should have stuck with my gut instinct and swapped the Overlord and Cryptek with a destroyer lord. I think I will do the next time, or add a command barge instead?  The rest of the force did well. I could drop a squad of Warriors for the Tougher immortals, but I don’t think it would make a huge difference. The flyers did ok, the A-barge did not, but I think it was an off day. It still has a place in all my lists.

So that was today’s game.  next up could be a big one, 4500pts in a 3 on 3 game with my Orks.

Till then, see you across the Table.

‘Cron vs ‘nid the first fight.

On Thursday I am facing a tyranid force,1500 pts with Necron. its the first time I have fought the bugs for a loooooong time and its the first time with the necron. I really don’t know what to expect, so I need to rely on what I can control.

So I will dip into my favourite list and tweak it out for the ‘Nids. Here is my list for the game.

Necron Vs Nids (Necrons) – 1,501 points

Necron Overlord (200)
warscythe; mindshackle scarabs; sempiternal weave; resurrection orb. Ever-living; Independent Character; Reanimation Protocols.
1 Cryptek
Harbinger of the Storm (voltaic staff; ether crystal). Ever-living; Reanimation Protocols.

10 Deathmarks (190)
synaptic disintegrators. Deep Strike; Ethereal Interception; Hunters from Hyperspace; Reanimation Protocols.

C’tan Shard (240)
necrodermis; Pyreshards; Grand Illusion. Monstrous Creature; Fearless; Eternal Warrior; Immune to Natural Law.

11 Necron Warriors (243)
gauss flayers. Reanimation Protocols.
Night Scythe
twin-linked tesla destructor. Vehicle (Flyer); Transport (15 models); Deep Strike; Invasion Beams; Living Metal; Supersonic.

11 Necron Warriors (143)
gauss flayers. Reanimation Protocols.

Fast Attack
5 Necron Destroyers (220) WS4·BS4·S4·T5·W1·I2·A1·Ld10·Sv3+
4× gauss cannon; heavy gauss cannon. Jump Infantry; Preferred Enemy (Everything!); Reanimation Protocols.

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge (90)
quantum shielding; twin-linked tesla destructor; gauss cannon. Vehicle (Open-topped, Skimmer); Living Metal.

Doomsday Ark (175)
doomsday cannon; 2 gauss flayer arcs; quantum shielding. Vehicle (Open-topped, Skimmer); Living Metal.

I have removed the scarabs and tweaked the C’tan. I then dropped a few warriors and 2 destroyers, This saved enough for a 10 man unit of deathmarks.

I love the deathmarks kit and nothing scares more than a big sniper unit. The hunters from hyperspace rule (HfH) is a nice one vs Nids. 1 enemy unit is nominated as the target, This marked squad is wounded on 2+ with any shots from a Deathmarks squad. This includes any characters that join them.

The poisoned hits will help me take down the big beasts and with destroyers, I should be able kill the big threats early one. The 3 twin linked tesla destructors will be used to maul the horde units. The C’tan will be used protect the gun line.

My worries?

I have 3 units that i know he used that I am worried about.

The flying hive tyrant- it’s flying slash Attack is nasty and I worry about my a-barge. My barge has a huge target on its back.
The doom of mala’tai- I have never fought this and I know he likes it.
Genestealers- Now this is a historic fear. My old ‘Nid opponent used lots of these and I lots so many games due to them. These will get just out of spite.

His weakness

He lacks any real anti aircraft defences while I have 2 flyers
I have a death ray (see previous blog)
He has little experience against the necrons, and has never met a C’tan

So that’s my plan and following previous games, I am confident. Adam is a good player and this will be good game. I am hoping to kill the big stuff first and dominate early one. I really don’t know how this will go. All I know is this will be a great game. Played at shadow games, Rugby, against a great opponent, we can be sure of a memorable game. As always I will try to tweet out in games reports and follow up with a post game debrief.

Until then, see you across the table.

Post battle report 1500pts Necrons vs Spacemarines

Last night I fought a game at our gaming club, Rugby outlanders. The game was against Adam Smith and was a league game. Our league is a challenge league. The winner of each game moves 1 place ahead of the defeated foe, unless they are already placed higher. Adam was sitting in 11th place with me as the league leader. A win for him would see him rocket up the table, for me a win was expected.

I posted my ideas and list yesterday, but the core if my list was an expensive C’tan shard. In return he went troop heavy. From memory, his list was

Marine captain w/Art armour, Power weapon, Bolter
6 regular terms, Inc. Assault Cannon
5 assault terms with l/c
10 sternguard
5 scouts w/bolters
5 scouts w/sniper and cameo
10 devastators
1 Stormtalon with las cannons.

I found it hard to bottom out his strategy and the deployment did little to help me out.

Pre rolls
We both rolled personalty traits for the warlords and while I got tenacity, it was of little use. It meant I had feel no pain and then my regn rolls, but only while holding an objective.

We rolled for mission and end up with crusade, fought over the vanguard set up. Not a bad set up for either of us as both only had 2 troop choices. He had 10 scouts, with me having 24 warriors. We deployed 4 primary objectives and we had 3 secondary objectives. I must say I love the 6th missions and they do add a lot to the game.

He deployed the army in a long “I want to meet a deathray” line along the deployment Zone, On his far right he placed the devs, then the terms in the centre. He then had the sternguard with the sniper scouts behind them in cover. To his left the assault terms. To the back, on an objective the 5 regular scouts took up position. My deployment was in 2 parts as normal. To my left the 6 destroyers and to the right the rest. The C’tan and scarabs took the right flank nearest to the assault terms and I knew that Adam had read my blog on the stargod, so he knew what was coming. At least he would not run the assault terms at fallen god?

He got the first turn with me failing to steal it from him. My C’tan used the grand illusion and allowed me to bring the doomscythe into on the first turn. The game was on!

Set up Necron Vs Spacemarie

Turn one

He advanced along the lines and threw some considerable fire power my way, but in the end I lost 2 warriors and the quantum shields and the gauss cannon on the A-barge. Not to bad for the first turn. It was then my turn and this was when Adam discovered why this army is feared. I advanced on the right and lined the doomscythe up on the regular terminators in the centre. The shooting phase was harsh. The scythe claimed 5 terminator scalps, with the death ray killing 4. The warriors took out the last one. The a barge took out 4 sternguard and the 6 destroyers killed 8 devs. Turn Oneida culled nearly half his army and his right wing was already gone. The sternguard fled and the whole army looked shocked. The grand illusion had paid off and the 40 pts cost had been repaid 5 times over by the scythe. This battle was already leaning my way, but with marines you never know what to expect and they are tough little sods at times.

These are the 1st turn Casualties. nearly 33% of his force!

These are the 1st turn Casualties. nearly 33% of his force!

Turn two

The talon arrive to help swing this back inn the marines favour. Unsurprisingly, it lined up on the doomscythe and the twin las cannons looked like its death. The assault terms ran towards the C’tan, and the sternguard return to advancing on the Necrons  They shot at and wounded the C’tan, and the scouts killed a single warrior. The devs blasted the doomscythe, missing with both a las cannon and a missile launcher. The talon hit and penetrated the alien flier, stunning the crew. As this was the first ever penning hit on the hated scythe, Adam took this as a moral victory. He also seemed to forget my Blog and marched his Assault Terms straight at my waiting C’tan. they failed the charge, needing 10″ to get to combat.

In return the Necrons continued their ranged assault. The night scythe arrived and promptly dump 12 warriors, cryptek and The Lord below the talon. The destroyers joined this group giving my left flank a solid block of troops. The doomscythe headed away from the talon to line up on the sternguard after it past its living metal role. The shooting phase left off were turn on ended. The newly arrived warriors scored 3 hits on the talon, with Adam passing 2 jink saves. The cryptek hit with his staff, causing the final glancing hit. Again it jinked, so the 3 strong destroyer squad shot it down. Crashing to the left missing the very tight block in the centre. The other 3 destroyers killed the last devs and the marines lost the left side of the table to alien menace. The shooting from then right flank killed the sternguard with only the captain surviving. The C’tan charged the terms supported by the scarabs. Combat was about equal with 2 scarab bases dying and 2 terms. The fearless Necrons held and the GAZE OF DEATH did little.

By now the marines were is disarray, but still had 1 objective. With the first blood and holding an objective, I only had 4vp over his 3vp, so it was for now closer than it looked.

Necron 2nd Turn

Turn Three

By now Adam was going for moral victories. A the Necron have no morals, this was harder than it appeared. Little of the army was left now. he managed to achieve nothing this turn and combat saw the death of More Terminators. he did move the Captain back towards the C’tan, a second big bash was in the offing. In return, the Necron just obliterated the scouts and moved towards the Combat. the Overlord and his squad got back into the Night Scythe and headed towards the C’tan. I should mention the Bravery of the Poor Sniper scouts. taking a drubbing this turn, the last 2 ran for it. next turn they would face around 750 pts worth of Necron Fire Power, alone and in the Open, yet still they fired away in the hoping to kill the Doomscythe.

C'tan Shard vs Assault Terms

The combat Between the C’tan and the Terms finally ended with death of the terms. only 2 Scarabs survived, but hey, they had killed and assault term in Combat!  By now only 2 scouts and the Lord were left.

Turn four

The remaining Scouts composed themselves  and Fired at the Nightscythe. The Doom Scythe having Zoomed off in turn 3. Sadly nothing happened.

Gripping his Power sword, the Captain charged the Star God. Slamming into the Shard, he had no effect, but in return, fallen god did little, causing wound with the Iron Halo saving the Erstwhile Capitan.

A deathray and 3 Tesla Destructor hits Later and he Still  stands

A Deathray and 3 Tesla Destructor hits Later and he Still stands

It was time for the Annihilation of the Scouts.  The returning Doomscythe hit both, but one survived. the Tesla hit the survivor with 3 hits, and he past 3 saves!

So the 6 Destroyers had ago! 10 gauss cannon and a heavy Gauss Cannon saw the end of the Scouts. The Captain saw the off the C’tan, with no wounds either side. Into turn 5 and Adam was over the moon for lasting that far!

And the End is Nigh!

And the End is Nigh!

Turn five

The only real happening was the death of the Captain and the end of the game.

Surrounded by the alien Horde, the last marine, Fittingly the Captain dies.

Surrounded by the Alien Horde, the last marine, Fittingly the Captain dies.

End Game

The Game end with an 8-0 Necron win. the Marines tabled and the League position secured for another week or so. the Most shocking statistic was the Death rate! with 1500 pts of Deam marine against 83 (ish) pts of Necron.  That’s around a 6% loss!

What lead to this Wercking ball? Well the I think it all comes down to the C’tan Shard and the Grand Illusion. while had flagged my plan to Adam via Twitter, and he still walked in to the trap. the Early arrival of the Doomscythe, that killed nearly 200 points in the first turn, while it would normal still be languishing in reserves. The shock also threw out any plan he had. he made some errors and failed to use his force to its full potential. I laid out a trap for his Flier which he duly flew straight into. Assaulting the C’tan with the Terms was never going to end well. The C’tan did what it was supposed to do. I think I will drop the Gaze of Death for a ranged power. this will bring the cost down and free up some points for the Destroyers.

The army did well, but if your not ready for it, then your gonna lose heavily. you need to focus your attack and try to play your own game, not react to Necron Fire power. For me I would have tried to Focus on one Flank and Teleport the Assault terms well away from the C’tan, try to focus on the Destroyer. using the Lightning Claws he would shred the Skimmers. the Unsupported Dev Squad, left in the open were cannon fodder.

All in all, it was fun game, but I don’t enjoy one sided games that much.  Adam is great gamer and its always good to game against him.

Next week,  I am taking on the Beast from the Galactic East, the Tyranids! I have not fought these since 3rd ed! Really excited for this one, and my opponent is  a great gamer.

Till then, See you across the Battle Table.

1500pts necrons vs marines

So today I face an army of codex space marines. This is a leauge game and I am defending my top spot. My opponent is adam smith, who is a good gamer. He plays many games and is a ww2 buff.

Today’s game will be brought to you by the letter C and the colour green.  I am using my C’tan shard.  I have choosen 2 expensive options,  but with a clear plan in mind.


The grand illusion is my opening salvo. This power allows you to change the deployment of D3 units after deployment is finished. It can be used to to put squads into reserve and to pull the out of reserve.  To be very cheesy,  I intend to pull my flyers out of reserve.  If they can kill more than 40pts in the first turn, then the power has paid for its self. With the death ray and 2 Tesla destructors this is relatively easy.

Second power is the infamous gaze of death. I know Adam loves his terminators. This power is used after close combat. Placing a large blast template after combat has been resolved it causes 1 s3 AP1 wound on every model touched.  Every wound caused regenerates a wound on the c’tan shard. At 50 points its the most expensive power, but can kill a lot of heavily armored troops. One trick to note with the C’tan is that as well as being a monstrous creature,  they are also a character so can be challenged.   The plan is to get him into combat with the terminators,  challenge the squad leader. Killing him will be easy with a s7 mc with 4 attacks I4, and then decimate the squad with the GoD.  By challenging they rest of the squad cant attack him!

So that’s the plan for the C’tan.  At a whooping 275 pts he is very pricey, but comes with some serious cheese. Here is the full army list that I am Taking.

Necron Overlord: Phaeron; warscythe; mindshackle scarabs; sempiternal weave; resurrection orb. 215
• 1 Cryptek: Harbinger of the Storm (lightning field).

C’tan Shard: Grand Illusion; Gaze of Death. 275

12 Necron Warriors 256
• Night Scythe
12 Necron Warriors 156

3 Necron Destroyers: heavy gauss cannon140
3 Necron Destroyers 120
5 Canoptek Scarabs 75

Annihilation Barge: gauss cannon. 90
Doom Scythe 175

1,502 points

I will post a battle report later, until then, see you across the table.