Arise, sir deredeo

Forge world has released the much taunted and even more anticipated deredeo class dread and, to me at least, it doesn’t disapoint. I thought I share my views. The full pics and rules are here


OK, let’s not beat about the bush; this model has a lot of similarities to other large mechs out there. The mech warrior madcat and rifleman being the most obvious,  but if you look past these this model has some nice design work.


Let’s face it, any mech with twin autocannons is always gonna look like a rifleman, But look deeper and you can see a little of the contemptor. The legs; head housing and the feet all nod towards the now famous contemptor.

The subtle size change is hidden by the new Base.  This thing is huge and I think best comparison is the ork megadread.  The 80mm Base is the 3rd new Base since the centurions  (50mm) I think we will be seeing on it’s way to more models soon. Both from fw and gw.

The scale and solidity of this model really sets the feeling of this great piece. 


As you’d expect by now the rules for this comes as pdf for now, but once a book with rules comes out this will get pulled.  The rules for this are fairly simple, but the devil is in the details.

Stats wise it’s similar to a contemptor.  You loose 1 off WS but gain 1BS. It also drops 1 attack. Despite the massive bulk it’s still has 3 HP. Weighing in at 185pts basic, that’s a meger 10pt more than a contemptor.  You still get all the same sheilds but loose fleet.

The main weapons are the anvilus auto cannons which are S8. Twin linked as you’d expect,  but also get sunder. (Reroll to pen). Fired at BS5 that’s hitting on 2s with reroll to hit. Then rerolling to pen. That’s a lot chances to kill stuff.

The new missile system is a heavy 3 s6 missile pod.  It gets independent targeting as a usr.  this allows you target a different unit (similar to split fire) but also can choose to hits on side armour. (Insert arguments about knights shields here)it also say that you can ignore Los blocking scenery when targeting units in the open.  Not sure how read this just yet?

You also get either twinlinked heavy bolter or twinlinked heavy flamer. 

The other thing you get is helical targeting like the contemptor mortis. If stationary you get sky fire and interceptor. This basically trumps the stalker and hunter, Straight away.

The funny thing is that you only get sky fire and interceptor on the 2 main weapons, not the extra weapons. This means that you can still fire the heavy bolter/flamer. Meaning that your not defenceless after firing using interceptor.


I think this dread will sell, by the bucket load. The classic look, enough daka to make a mekboy green with envy and is a great AA platform will mean soon this be everywhere.  Fully kitted out this cost a huge 220 pts, putting it up there with the fireraptor, both of which are relics.  As you can only take 1 relic this a choice that I’d struggle with!

I’m sure that in the future new options will be added, twin linked Las destroyers anyone? Plasma exuctioners? Anything is possible.

I know I will be adding one soon, but it costs a whooping £72.00 Inc postage. I think it will be a staple part of my list. Doubling up with my contemptor mortis I will be having some shooty fun. Another one for the I want pile I think!

And I will leave you with this. The “orginal” dreads had 3 variants. We have seen 2. One more to go……..


Till then, see you across the battle field!


Sunday review

Well, that was a week!

It was the final of the outlanders open and I got to help a new player with a game. I even fitted in some painting

Paint competition
I had 2 models that had won their categories and that meant that I had 2 entries in the final. This is a simple vote off. The entry with the most votes of the 4 get the prise, a trophy and a battleforce/battalion. (No more than £70 in value) which is quite a prize for a small club. My Inq corteze and bugman models both won the catagory. Along side borders ‘hordes’ model and Ellis’s aracnork. The voting was strong with a good turn out

We had our vote, but agonisingly next week will be the prize giving!

I managed to get my latest sternguard finished and I have based up the 1st 6. They got used this week and I am quite pleased with the results. I have made a start on the next model, an ironclad dreadnought. It was fun to build and I am hoping to use this in conjunction with the centurions. Next week it’s back to painting green skins for a while. I have a few to finish off and send to a friend.



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I also spent some time on the Ironclad dreadnought. its still got a way to go, but its looking ok so far. this is quite a odd model for me. The dread is not a Favourite of mine and I am yet to see one survive a battle. However, the Cent/Ironclad/Raven mix might just do it. I also need 3 for a full battle company, so this the 2nd and the 3rd will be Ven Dred. I do like the Forgeword dreads and I migh have to add both a Chaplin dread (count as a Ven dread) and the Ultramarine Ven dread.


Big thanks to young Dylan for our game. It was my first game against the new tyranid codex and it was fun game. It was his first competitive game, so I was deliberately soft. The new codex is ok. In the right hands it would be cool. The list for the game is on previous blog. The centurions did well. They all died, after being charged the tyrant. Man that’s a still a bugger in combat. However, they did a serious damage into his horde. I killed 6 gene stealers, 6 warriors, 12 gaunts. Not bad for 4 turns. The fire out put they produced was outstanding. The sternguard did a bang up job. Not only did the 6 man squad take the left flank, but they took no casualties in and the other squad helped to hold the center.

My casualties were light in the face of such a huge hord. The right flank was crumbling on my side, however, my airpower was still up and he had nothing that could hurt them. The end result was an easy win, but that was not the point. The game was a training session and I hope the was ok for him. He learnt the basics and he is now a league member. Following our game he challenged Norbert, our resident dark eldar player ( and boy, can he play dark eldar!) that’s. Brave move for our young player!

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Well, as I said, that was quite a week. I am of for a lay down and till next week, see you across the battle table.