Reaver blog 4-getting ahead.

With the main body done only 3 tasks remain.  Head, crew and weapons. The head and 4 ‘human’ crew were done together.

The head is in 2 parts. Top armour and the rest. The rest is in several parts assambled using super glue very little weight sits on this part so normal glue is fine.  I pinned the the neck joint for extra strength.


To keep the top armour in place I used 4 magnets. It only needed some help to stay in place, so it was easy to use small magnets. They are 3mm x2 mm  disk neodymium magnets.


The top armour was painted the same as the rest of the armour,  but I had found a nice image of true messengers titans with bisected head colour so I went blue and white for the head. The symmetrical pattern is a standard design on imperial titans so it’s a nod to the old classic design.

The head itself is single blocky part with 1 panel glued on. To this are 4 pipes and the crew. They 3 crew were treated as individual  models for painting. The rest of the head was easy to paint.

The ‘eyes’ (multiple lense clusters’) are awesome parts. I really enjoyed painting these. In the kit is a perspex sheet to make the covers.  I have never seen a reaver that has used these and I did not break a tradition.

Once painted the crew were glued in and then I jb welded the neck in place.

The head adds so much to the model, the extra time spent paining it added to over all look.


Once done it was on to the mighty techpreist.  This is a great model this is almost totally hidden. But I did it anyway! Build wise, the techpreist is really fiddly. The arms are very fine with a small joint. The are so thin they bend while being painted. He was painted in the colours of my skitarii force from forgeworld world Gantz, home of my titan legion. My aim is to build a small force of admec to support the titan and for an up coming campaign. 




Next up the weapons. 


Reaver blog 3-Outer torso

With the legs done, it’s on to the main torso.  Parts wise there aren’t many,  but they are huge. The are a mix of large single plates and the hull. My aim was to paint them in bits then assemble them. I kept the white/grey as the primary colour, with the blue as the accent.

The hull is made into 2 large sections that needed painting.  The front has the shoulders, forward hull and interior. The rear has a solid block of the rear armour and back of the interior.

Assambling the front section is a mere 4 parts. 2 Hull and 2 shoulders. The shoulders were pinned with same brass rod as the legs. The jb weld was used to bind these. On to this are 5 armour plates. 2 shoulder, 2 cowl parts and a massive top part. The top hull is not be glued into place. The rest, due to their size are jb welded into place.


The beauty of these parts is i could work on them individually. This allowed the build to be manageable.

In between the legs and torso is a 2 part waist and this has (more) pistons. This was treated as a separate part. For the waist armour, I went with the blue. This increase the colours nicely balancing the white.


The main ‘block’ of the front armour was done in the same way as the legs, with armour in blue. I did the interior at the same time, but I added extra details to this as well.

Speaking of which, the sides of the interior also got done. They are odd parts but suprisingly fun to paint. The include the arm gun sevitors. These poor wretched creatures are great fun. They remind my of the film the chronicals of Riddick. All twisted and pained.



One issue I found with the airbrushed paint is that it is very soft. To combat this I used Vallejo matt varnish applied via the airbrush. This allowed me to ‘build’ layers were needed.


The trim took an age to get rights, largely due to the scale of each part.


The big rear section was built in 8 parts. The main back part is in 3 parts, then 4 void sheilds and the engine cover.


The engine cover and sheild generators were easy to paint, the big back section is an odd part.


It is essentially 3 different parts of the titian. The back of the interior, the engine section and the rear armour.


I painted the engine and rear section together. Once finshed I varnished it, masked it off and did the blue of the armour.




I also maged up the sockets for the weapon pipes and the carapace weapon mounts.

Once all the parts were done,it was back to assambling. It was all stuck together with jb cold weld for the strong bond. Next task is the head and crew.

Once finshed I added some detailing with the titan decal sheet.

Project blog reaver #1

my last attempt to do a blog on big project didn’t really work. This time, I will be less ambitious. I will let you know how it’s going rather than a step by step. I will also share anything new I learn and any tips I get from other warmongers. 

I started on the legs and  I cleaned up all the legs parts. One lower leg section was miscast so fw sent me a replacement. The rest of the legs were ok. After smoothing them over, I washed them. Someone  had suggested using fairy power spray befor the traditional soak. This has worked wonders and you can feel difference. It’s great to be working with such massive parts again, but it does throw up challenges. 

I was pleased with the results and now on to sub assembly. I pinned the 2 hip parts using 2mm brass rod as a lot weight goes through the joins. For glue, I am moving away from super glue for the big joins, and using a 2 part epoxy resin. This will take longer to cure, but will form a much stronger bond. I have tried a few test pieces and the bond is incredible!  I used jb cold weld. It is very strong! Cost was around £5 from Amazon. 




The upper legs are set in slight stride to help balance and I wanted a more shooting pose so less leg action is better.  

On a quick I have found that my twin long ranged option is called ‘goth’ pattern, and it suits my idea very to have a cool name for the pattern. 

A big part of the legs are all the Pistons, and these will go on last. Everyone says this a nightmare, so not looking forward to this. Thankfully, none of the legs are magnatized, so that’s one task I don’t need to worry about. But there are a lot of them, the toe, ankle, knee, and hips all have Pistons. They need to be trimmed to fit the pose once the legs are set. 

I have made a start on the feet. Cleaning and prepping them. The 8 toes are all Sorted and I have done the toe Pistons. The process was difficult. As the leg position move the feet position, each piston is cut to length. I did these 1 at a time, gluing them into to, but not the ankle armour. This means each toe can be painted separately. The toes are all different. You get 4 ‘side’ toes, then a front left, front right, rear left, rear right. The ankle armour above the toes is also different, front, rear, inside and out. The larger leg Pistons on the to of the armour plates all move and are easy to position. This is areal godsend! Again the ankle armour is not yet attached for paintings. The hip and knee Pistons are easy to set, the hip ones needing more work. 

The leg painting schedule looks a lot of work, but actually should be easy. 

Parts list for painting-legs

Main legs

4 external leg armour plates

8 ankle plates

8 toes (inc 16 Pistons)

2 knees

Groin plate. 

The air brush will get through the these in a hurry, but the trim will be a pain. I want old look to the trim, so I will use a brass base, shaded with both nuln oil and earth shade. The new retributor gold and finish with necron compound. The test peice works really well. The metal areas will also get a antique looks, dry brushed necron compound over a black base, washed in earthshade and re dry brushed, then sepia wash and dry brushed. This gives an nice old metal look, that isn’t rusty. 

Project TWV-Tyrannic war vets

With the release of the new forge world kits for the ultramarine so, I am planning a project. I really like the tyrannic war vet models, but a squad of ten you end up with a lot of similar models. So I want to make up a unit of these models that is unique and varied, but also really challenges my skill.

The plan is simple, the delivery however will be complex and difficult.


To make these models I need to mix plastic and forgeworld. So here is my component list

  1. Head- mk4 preator upgrade
  2. Torso-mk4 preator upgrade
  3. Legs-sterngurd legs
  4. Arms-mixed sternguard and tactical squad
  5. Shoulder left-plain plastic basic pad (to take tyranid bits)
  6. Shoulder right-mk3 ultramarine from forgeworld
  7. Weapon-sternguard bolters
  8. Trim-Phobos bolt pistols and pouches
  9. Trophies-various tyranid bits
  10. Chains-1mm fine chain


My plan is to build them mixing FW ultramarine kits with plastic sternguard kits. The arms arms are mixed from sternguard and the plastic. A couple of the tactical arms are held in great firing pose and I wanted to use these.

To really ‘tyranid’ them up I want to add some trophies. This will be a mix of tyranid parts on the bases (32mm) and personal trophies on the shoulders/guns and backpacks. I want these to be subtle and not massive parts, so things like claws, armour plates and bio upgrades will be used. The sgt will have a larger part, maybe even a head?  To attach these parts I an using a fine (1mm) chain. I am not used to using this and it will be a challenge to accomplish this and I need to be careful not end up looking like a chaos marine. I need to keep them clean and use plenty of purity seals. They will be finished off I will use the veteran assault decals from the ultramarine legion transfers.


The bases will be 32mm with a built up cork base and use the ‘nid parts to dress them. I might try to use some hormagaunt claws as the beginnings of tyranid spore towers growing out of the base.


So thats my next big project. I have most of the bits now, some bought, some from the bits box. I am waiting for the forgeworld parts. This project is going to a great fun to build and I need to learn some new skill. The chain work will be great fun to learn. Making the trophies will also be a challenge to keep the clean.

Deredeo a review of the model

I have managed to get me a Deredeo class dread. It will most likely be to only big forgeworld purchase till HH book 5-tempest . I wish I could afford more, but this stuff is expensive and this a one off!


So what’s this new model like? 


You have to by this bad boy in 3 parts. The body, arms and missiles. In game you have to buy the missile system as an upgrade. In reality however, this. Is not an option, the mounting of the missile pod is a large round plug. You don’t get a blanking cap so with out the missiles, you are left with an incomplete kit.

The body is very similar to contemptor kit. Especially the legs. They all assemble in the same fashion with separate knee pads, feet and are just as possible.


The arm weapons come in a pack and we have already seen the plasma options coming soon. I’d expect a lot more weapons and new top weapons too. The kit lends its self to magnetising if you so wish. It is a simple kit with only the secondary weapon options. Instructions are as basic as you’d expect from fw.




On the whole it’s ok, as you’d expect from a new kit. I have found some areas of misalignment, one of which (on the cooling fin of the autocannons) is un repairable. It’s fairly hidden so I am not fussed.

Most is crisp and little cleaning was needed. The cleaning process was not a big task. The rear of one leg armour plate took some filling and I found 2 air bubbles. Anyone used to working with FW kits would not struggle with this kit. 



Now, this for me is the Achilles heel of the kit. The legs are very pose able, the waist joint is fairly good, but from the waist up, nothing! The nature of the arms and the big ammo feed and hopper mean you get very little without a lot of work. To realign the arms, you are going to want heat and bend the ammo feed. This will not be for the feint hearted. I think we will see a lot of the same pose with lots of different leg settings.

This lets the kit down after the flex ablity of the contemptor arms, but the pose for an aa unit is ok. The nature of kit and the ammo set up meant they had little option. Just don’t expect many conversions! 

I think this will become a marmite kit. Some will love it, some will gate it. Ultimately, it’s the on battlefield results that will make this a popular kit. It will never be as ubiquitous as the contemptor. The fact it’s a ‘relic’ mean most players will run them singular. And when faced with both the fire raptor or siciran relics, the decision to to take a Deredeo will ultimately fall down on the opponent. Vs lots of wave serpents, venom and fliers, I think it will be a popular choice. Vs marines the raptor wins hands down. Well I think that needs testing.

I like this kit, but I think it will ultimately become a painters kits over a regular gaming unit, but we will see.

Till then, I have some painting to do, see you across the battle field.

The best of the best of the best- 1st squad, 1st company.

I have been slowly building my ultramarine force of late,  I have been focusing on the 1st and 6th companies.  The bikes of the 6th will be the subject of a different post, so for now I want to talk about the glorious 1st.


Sgt for 2nd Squad.

Now my over ambitious plan is to eventually have the complete 1st company.  Currently I have 10 terms (basic) and 10 sternguard painted. So, around 20%. Unpainted I have 10 assault terminators and 5 more stern guard. Next on the list will be 10 vanguard w/jump pack, 10 without (made by combining sternguard and vanguard kits.) And 5 more sternguard (using regular marines and the bits left over from the sternguard kits) I did have some of the older metal sternguard, but they were sold to add some tanks.

That’s 60% of the company right there.  Add 5 man count as command squad in term armour (just because they will look so cool) and that’s a big force! But as with most of grand plans the Ideas often outstrips my ability to afford the parts. And forgeworld keeps releasing knights!

So where am I now?

Well, I am working on the glorious 1st squad, 1st company. I wanted something that really stood out. Something that said we are something special,  even for the ultramarines.  So I planned to make them really pop. My reason for this is simple. In the meritocracy of the ultramarines, who are always striving to be the best, someone has to be the best squad. I have always thought that the 1st squad each battle company would be the top units. So, the 1st squad , 1st company must be something pretty special? The sgt must have some honorific role, being the 1 st Sgt?

The unit started life as 2 boxes of deathwing knights and a box of assault terminators. My plan was to add 5 terms to the then 5 man aobr terminator squad. And 10 assault terminators.  Using a mix of the robed bodies and regular terminators.


1st squad, 1st Company Built!

The robed bodies have an arched ‘hood’ but the robes also have a lot of dark angels icons. These were easy to remove.  I made the decision to leave the knives and scrolling where needed as they look quite gothic,  but by swapping the heads to regular terminator heads, I avoided the whole masonic look. They now look different from the standard terminators but don’t look like dark angles!  A word of warning.  One of the head is moulded to the body and this took some time to remove.

The next task was to add the regular arms and shoulder pads. I opted for forge world  shoulder pads for 2 reason. 1 – extra blig. 2 – it actually worked out cheaper than buying standard terminator pads off eBay. The Dark angles one in the set are to dark angles to clean up.

Squad weapons options were easy. I had 5 thunderhammer and storm shields with 5 pairs of claws in the assault terminator box.  As i had 10 terminators this was easy. It also allows me to run 2 5 man squads mixed or same weapons. But also to run my stormeagle with all 10. The hammernators can protect the claws as they charge in. The idea of this really appeal to my views of them sweeping out of a storm eagle, a solid wall of shields charging in, then bursting open to revels the claw wielding behemoths.

I have decided that even the paint scheme should make them pop. So I have reversed the shoulder pads. These are now white, with the ultramarine icon in gold, again, a nod to their special place in the chapter. This meant they really stand out. I enjoyed this switch and it works, so the command squad will now have gold shoulders.



I took the opportunity to add as much gold as I gold, but the heavy cloth look of the robes helps to keep them grounded. They don’t look over the top, but they really pop. I need to add a squad of regular assault terminators to show the difference, but that can wait.

Finished 1st Sgt

Finished 1st Sgt


So, the hammer wielding combat squad is done. I am taking a short break to add some tanks, then the claw squad gets done. I hope you get my reasoning for the squad and I look forward to adding the 2nd half. Look out the combat squad in a battle rep soon. They have

Combat Squad done!

Combat Squad done!

to kill!


Till then, see you across the battle field.

Sunday review

Well, here is a thing! its been months since my last Sunday review. So, what’s changed? I am trying to get the blog back to a regular thing, and 3 in the last 3 days is a good start. 

So what have been up to and and what’s next?


Well, I have been plugging away with the 13th legion and I can now field over 8,000 pts (And by Just over, i am 2 points over!)

20140830_165045 20140830_165030 20140830_165018 20140823_092548 20140824_195549

Just finished is a Captain on a bike. done more for fun than any other reason, i got the idea stuck in my head for a convesion, so I went for it. I enjoyed the task and i really like him. I have decided to use him to represent Captain Epagus of the 6th Company as denoted by his orange markings. Might have to add some more bike in the future. 


Also finished, at long last are the 10 sternguard. boy these became a chore. I was never happy with the white on the shoulder trim and if am i am not happy, then i tend to put it off. i finally caved in and did something about it. the end result is much better and reflects their status. 



while various projects have been going on, I have been slowly adding hatch options for the 2 Land raiders. now finished are 3 closed and 1 open hatch (as in no option taken), 2 hatches with Stormbolters (one open, one closed) and a Hunter killer. the final option with a Multi-melta is still a WIP.


Taking of WIP, the new Terminator unit started this week. if all works out, then next Sunday, you’ll get to see the finished 5 man Thunder hammer squad. 

20140907_183248 20140904_164044


I have also done scenery of late, and heres some photos of the work. 

20140820_233502 20140820_233451 20140820_233443 20140818_145735 20140818_145728 20140818_205117


well, I played the 1st game of my League ‘group’ stage. The rules for our league are easy. you win, you move up. here is the report from the game 

Next week will see my in a development game against another young league player. I am training him up to improve his game craft, the following week will see me in full game Vs his ‘Nids. 


It’s war, a civil war!

It’s our clubs group stage in the annual league and I get my first group game this week. As I finished in the top 3 I am the ‘seeded’ player in the 3 rd group. The winner of each of the 3 groups and a wild card player all fight in the quarter finals in November. The top 2 get to fight it out for the much converted trophy.


So what can can I expect from this week? My opponent is Ben, a younger spacemarine player. His ecleptic force is challenge to plan for and this can make a coherent plan difficult. It’s also easy to think its easy as he’s young, however as it’s a league match, I can be complacent.


So what my plan? I am sticking with my core, Cato sicarius and 2 tactical squads. My additional force will be my airborne task force. A single raven, armed with assault cannons and a typhoon missile pod. It will carry a full sternguard squad a fed an ironclad dreadnought. This will enable some fire power to kill power armour and any landraider that I know he loves.
Added to this is my gun totting fireraptor. The fearsome avenger cannon is the bane of all power armoured forces. I just love it. The 2 twin auto cannons will deal with his beloved land speeders.

Finished Fireraptor

Finished Fireraptor

The plan is to dissect his force. Eliminating his treats one at a time. I have a range of weapons to meet his varied threats and I have a coherent strategy in my head to eliminate his forces. 


Well, that’s the plan anyway! lets see what happens, 


watch twitter @ozrax for a batrep! 

till next time, see you all across the Battlefield!


Project Gladius blog 9 armed to the teeth

Next on this long list of tasks was the supporting weapons.


Forward heavy bolters.
These were fairly simple, just clean and assemble. I have decided to attach the mounting kits, but not the weapons or the cowling. The allows for some easier painting. The main ‘spindle’ of the guns was a critical part. You need to cut the core to fit, so be carefull, you make it shorter but not longer!

These guns will be able to pivot and the top scanner in free to move.


Rear heavy bolters
Again these are simple case of clean and assemble. I have not glued them to spindle, so the can be raised or lowered. The assembled units will be attached to wings once painted.


Hellfire missiles
These presented a small challenge. The moulding process leaves the excess resin tag running from the 4 jets. These leaves you with square block on the back of the jets. I have used my multi tool to round up the jets and put a small ‘dimple’ in the centre. This was done on all 6 missiles and I luckily had the right sized bit for process. The end result looks so much better.


The mounting of these is quite clever and they don’t need any magnets or glue to hold them in place. This allows be the chance to remove each missile in game to remind me of how many I have left.

20140420_130119 20140420_130107

The weapon systems took me a while to clean and assemble, but it’s fairly simple stuff.


Project Gladius blog 8 hull assembly and gap filling

This is short blog for a painfully long task!

The process of assailing the hull should be easy as I have spent a long time mocking up the hull and shaping it where needed. I used the thick gamesworkshop superglue to assemble the main hull. While expensive, I know from past projects that it’s good gluing heavy resin parts.

Once assembled the main hull, tail and wings all had gaps that needed to be filled. For the larger gaps, mainly on the wings and were the nose meets the fuselage, I used green stuff. I have packed out the gaps to fill them and the the top layer is done with liquid green as the is easier to smooth over. For the rest, I just used the liquid green, mainly where the tail meets the fuselage. This has been a painstaking Process but it’s worth committing the time to get it right.

20140311_162007 20140311_162013 20140311_162018 20140311_191616 20140311_205851 20140311_203445